How to make girlfriend jealous without getting hurt

Table of contents:

  1. Jealousy means love
  2. Working ways to provoke jealousy
  3. How to understand if she's jealous
  4. Possible consequences of female jealousy
  5. And in conclusion

The well-known feeling called "jealousy" has many different definitions. But this is an emotional reaction. It originates in the subcortical basal ganglia of the gray matter of the brain. Yes, a simple physiology that takes us to the emotional level and affects our lives and interactions with others.

how to make girlfriend jealous without getting hurt

Jealousy is the very feeling that can fuel passion and take a relationship to the next level. But it is also a powerful mechanism for destroying many couples if jealousy goes beyond all bounds of decency and becomes pathological. And yet many men are pleased when a woman is jealous of them. And demonstrates it. So how to cause this feeling in the fair sex and direct it in the right direction to strengthen the union and experience the sharpness of sensations again? 

Jealousy means love

How many times have we heard this expression? But is it true? Is it about love, or is it just a feeling of possessiveness? It is my man; I found him, I "raised him" for me, and now I will not give him up. Such manifestations often occur in women when on the horizon appears another – a potential rival. A man can cause jealousy accidentally or intentionally. We will not consider an accident but a deliberately created situation when a partner should be jealous; let's talk in detail.

Causing light, touching the nerves, jealousy, according to experts, even helpful when life together has become gray and dull, want some change, a surge of emotion, the former admiration in the eyes of the other half. But the main thing is to stay moderate. Gently, unobtrusively, but so that she suspected something. An intelligent man knows what beloved buttons and levers to press. What she will miss, and what she will pay attention to. And so, how to make one's dear jealous? Let's look into it.

Working ways to provoke jealousy

Many things will make a lady nervous and anxious. You can try these options.

Agree with a colleague at work to call you every night and on weekends, and you pretend to be uncomfortable during the call. And try to go to another room and whisper. Be sure to change your password on your smartphone. Responding to your partner's questions about who called, answer in vague terms or make jokes. The reaction will be immediate.

Another effective way is to introduce new habits into your life. For example, start eating right, join a gym or a swimming pool, walk more, and buy an expensive vitamin complex. And declare that you take care of your health.

If you have a dog and you've never walked it, start walking it. And stay on the walk for half an hour longer. Then, come back in a cheerful mood, joke with your beloved woman, but don't tell her anything. Instead, on inquiries, smile enigmatically.

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Update your closet, start dressing up more thoroughly without going out to work or to the company of friends, and buy a new perfume. Get a new haircut or hairstyle, and grow or shave your beard. Start wearing stylish accessories. Change your appearance, clothing style, and image in general.

If you are a funny person, become more thoughtful. If you're silent, start making jokes and witticisms about everything. Start a personal journal (at least pretend to), but don't wait to show it to your lady.

Change your routine, and stay late at work. Then, if that is acceptable in your relationship, go away for a couple of days to an unknown destination. But it's important to feel the line here. You are trying to cause a feeling of jealousy, not the suffering of the loved one.

In the company of mutual friends, you can let go of a couple of unobtrusive compliments to familiar girls. Or whisper to your lady how good her friend looks. Praise one woman in the presence of another – an old but always a working technique to arouse jealousy and righteous indignation.

Periodically tell different stories about your working life and, as if in passing, mention your success with women colleagues, their attention, care, and admiration.

Start doing things you've never done before, but don't overstep your bounds. Use only one way, only some at a time. It would help if you had mild jealousy, not a storm of passion that destroys everything around you. Change and your woman will be immediately interested in this change. Even a little jealous scene is guaranteed.

How to understand if she's jealous

You can tell by a woman's behavior that she is jealous. Of course, the signs depend on the character and temperament of the woman, but to summarize, they are as follows.

A woman either closes herself off, shows utter indifference, or shows mood swings. It happens so abruptly that you may not understand what is happening. However, it is also possible to understand the inner state of the lady by her look. It will be very eloquent, and you will understand everything.

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In a fit of jealousy, some ladies turn to shout or vice versa and begin to speak in a low metallic voice. They may make angry jokes and tease you in all kinds of ways. 

The second sign may be an increased interest in your person and constant control of your every move. She will ask many questions, pick on your answers and catch you at some inconsistencies. She will also find out what happened to you.

Another sign of jealousy is an attempt to draw attention to herself. It will manifest in a change of closet, a lengthy choice of clothes to visit the movies or museum. You will hear a sea of questions like "How do I look in this dress?" "Should I wear these earrings or these?" "Does red lipstick look better on me than coral?" "Which purse should I bring to the event?" Another manifestation of jealousy can be trying to prove that she's better than others, such as in bed, as a cook, or as a businesswoman.

A jealous lady often does not want to be alone with her feelings and goes to share them with her sister, mother, or friend. Pay attention to the frequency and regularity of these meetings. If there are more of them, draw appropriate conclusions.

And, of course, if a woman is jealous, she will try to arouse feelings of jealousy in you. She will apply all possible and impossible tricks and stratagems to do this. The main thing is to refrain from playing this game or destroying your relationship.

In a fit of jealousy, one lady will make a scandal with the breaking of dishes and destruction of your home, and the other will be a tough nut and suffer in silence from the uncertainty, but sooner or later, she will explode. And then you are in trouble. So do not bring the heat of passion to the point of no return – be attentive to your woman. 

Possible consequences of female jealousy

What consequences can female jealousy have? Very different. It all depends on the lady, her temperament, education, and strength of feeling. One laughs, especially if she manages to expose you. And the others may pack their bags and leave you forever. Or start a quarrel and then constantly remind you of this little prank.

Another version of the consequences of jealousy is a backlash, when your partner will pay you the same coin, imitating the presence of another man in her life. Or will it not be an imitation? You won't know, but you'll experience many unpleasant moments. Do you need it?

Whatever the consequences, before you arouse feelings of jealousy in her, think ten times. So that later it would be alright. Especially beware of pathologically jealous ladies, who see in every tree a potential rival. They are ready to break up the counter girl for a carelessly cast glance, kill the neighbor for a modest compliment to your address, and fiercely hate your boss, constantly detaining you after work. Maybe it's not the boss at all.

Pathologically jealous women do not need to give a reason – they will find it. And they will do everything to make your life unbearable. Accusations, suspicions, scandals – all this can poison the life of even the most humble and decent man. You need to stay away from these women and build a relationship with a lady close to you in spirit, temperament, and worldview.

And in conclusion

And if you tried, did everything to make her jealous, but she remained cold and unperturbed? Then everything is sad – most likely, she does not care about it and you. So, it's time to dig deeper and discover the reason for this behavior. It is vital to unobtrusively call your partner for a frank conversation and talk honestly about everything.

There is another reason why a man seeks to cause jealousy in a woman: this woman is his former love. In this case, he wants to show the ex-lover who she has lost or trivialize revenge for a rough breakup, treason, or other ugly act.

To summarize: Jealousy is good when it stirs the blood and warms a relationship, but it is better not to joke with this feeling. Instead, care for your woman if you value her and treasure your union. And speak words of love with admiration. You'd better be jealous of your partner, realizing again and again how lucky you are with her!

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