Top 20 Relationship Deal Breakers

When it comes to dating and building a healthy relationship, there are things you simply can't look past. Those things are relationship red flags and deal breakers. While the first ones often serve as warning signs and, in the majority of cases, can be seen at the beginning of a relationship, relationship deal breakers may appear at any point in a relationship. Most frequently, they appear after a certain period when both partners begin to feel more comfortable together.

relationship deal breakers

What Is the Meaning of "Deal Breaker"?

So, what are deal breakers in a relationship? To begin with, it is crucial to understand that there are only two types of deal breakers in relationships. The first type covers hateful or potentially dangerous behavior. The second type is all about fundamental differences in views, desires, and opinions. Most frequently, dating deal breakers can be seen in various habits or physical traits. It is obvious that every person may have different deal breakers. Also, they may change with time since our needs and desires are constantly developing, and deal breakers are the best their representation.

Can Deal Breakers Be Overcome in a Relationship?

Sadly, experts claim that it is almost impossible to deal with deal breakers in a relationship. Their opinion is based on the fact that, in the majority of cases, deal breakers are something that people can never except. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to adjust to deal breakers or compromise on them. In fact, often, people don't want to accept certain things in their partners, even for the sake of love and relationship. So, you may try to overcome some marriage deal breakers, but there is no guarantee that this will work.

First Date Deal Breakers for Women

At this moment, it should be clear that deal breakers for guys and deal breakers for women not only can but will be different. Thus, what may not seem serious to you will be a serious deal breaker in your girlfriend's eyes. Things get even worse because women are much more serious about their deal breakers than men. Hence, she may not even try to build something with you after your first date. To help you prevent this situation or, at least, understand why she turned her back on you, we are going to share the most important deal breakers for women.

1. Hate speech

It is clear that no one likes toxic people. And what is the easiest way to understand whether this or that person is toxic? Right, you listen to what he or she says. For example, women hate racist jokes. Hence, no matter who you are, you should avoid racist jokes.

2. Abusive behavior

Remember, emotional or physical abuse should never be tolerated or accepted. You will never be able to build a healthy relationship with the abuser. Every woman understands this fact. Thus, they will never agree to date someone who seems to be an abuser. To some extent, we all, sometimes, act pretty abusive, but this behavior should never become an accepted norm.

3. Being indifferent of her interests

No, we are not saying that you should be obsessed with everything she likes. Yet, it is crucial to show interest and involvement, at least in some things she likes. As you know, for a woman, it is very important to feel respected and receive attention from her man. Thus, by showing interest in something she likes, you show her that you are reliable and open to new things potential partners.

Top 20 Deal Breakers in a Relationship

Now, when you know what women pay the first attention to, you probably eager to find out, "What are some relationship deal breakers?" Then, without further ado, let us show you our list of the top 20 relationship deal breakers.

1. A selfish behavior

If you see a person who is only concerned about themselves, then it is better to avoid dating him or her. In healthy relationships, when people love each other, they see their partners' needs at least just as important as their own, and sometimes even more important.

2. They don’t want to introduce you to their family or even friends

This one is huge. You see, no one can live alone in this world. Thus, we all have friends and relatives, and often those people are serious parts of our lives. Normally, we want to share with them all the good news to let them be happy together with us. No, you shouldn't expect an invitation to a family dinner, at least, not at the beginning of a relationship. But you must understand that it is not okay if your new partner tries to avoid every opportunity to introduce you to his or her friends and relatives.

3. They never come when you need them

Sometimes even the strongest people need help. And who else but a significant other should always be there to help you? However, if you don't see your partner around you in the time of need, then you have a serious matter to think about. After all, this also means that chances are that they won't come to help you in the future too.relationship deal breakers list

4. They don’t care about your opinion

How can you possibly plan to have something serious with a person who doesn't care about your opinion? No, you may not be the leader in a relationship, but still, you are a person. And this means that your opinion should matter, especially to your significant other. If he or she proves otherwise, then you definitely should quit this relationship because it will bring only pain.

5. They can’t handle their anger

This is not about his or her anger issue, but about their readiness to work on it. You see, both of you may have some flaws. After all, we are all humans, and no one is perfect. However, the most important fact is that you should be ready to work on those issues. If this is not the case with your partner, then you probably need to run away. Real love never comes together with intimidation and fear.

6. They “forget” to take care of themselves

It is not okay if you demand your partner to wear makeup or spend days in a local gym. This approach is not healthy and should never be tolerated. Here, we are talking about the basic levels of cleanliness. How can you be with someone who neglects standard person hygiene and neglects his or her appearance?

7. They take care of themselves too much

This one is another side of the previous deal breaker. Thus, it is not okay if your partner doesn't do anything else except for worrying about his or her excess weight or body hair. This life is not only about looks, and if they don't understand it, then they may not understand everything else.

8. A long-distance relationship is perfect for them

It is a well-known fact that online dating allows people from different countries to build relatively healthy relationships. However, it is crucial to understand that the main purpose of online dating is to help people find partners and then transfer everything into the real world. Thus, it is not okay if they are comfortable with things as they are.

9. You are not close physically

Sex is crucial for healthy relationships. If two partners don't feel sexually attracted, this indicates serious problems in their relationship. This stems from the fact that sex serves as a binding force that reinforces relationships. The lack of sex or constant dissatisfaction is a serious deal breaker.

10. You have differences when it comes to religion

Surely, some couples don't suffer from problems caused by different religious views. But it is clear that this may become a problem. If you see that your partner has strong religious beliefs, this may lead to undesired tension between you two. So, why take chances?

11. You sacrifice your career

Serious relationships are always about compromises, but those compromises should never involve sacrifices. In healthy relationships, partners work as a team, and they support each other when it comes to building careers. So, as you can see, it is not okay if you need to sacrifice your career for the sake of your partner because, with time, this will lead to resentment.

12. They are too windy

Some say that men always remain kids. This is true, and not only about men. But the situation gets totally out of control when adults always behave like kids. Needless to say that it is impossible to have a good relationship with such a person.

13. They are not polite

The level of politeness is a great indicator of adequacy and self-confidence. Adequate and self-confident people are always polite with others. You should be proud of having this partner, and not be embarrassed by his or her deal breakers

14. They are permanently unemployed

Yes, everyone can fall, but it is a very bad sign if a person falls and doesn't want even try to get up again. People remain permanently unemployed because of serious reasons, and you don't want to face those reasons, believe me.

15. They are obsessed with their career

Immediately say NO to those who are ready to sacrifice their love for the sake of their careers. Those people, simply, are not ready to have committed relationships because you will never be a priority for them.

16. They are always negative

From time to time, we all tend to be rather pessimistic and even negative. But this is definitely a deal breaker if your partner is always negative.

17. They have no interests or hobbies

There is a whole world around us, and it is very strange when people simply have no interests at all. In most cases, this indicates that a person has serious issues. So, give them a number of your psychologist, and this should be the end of your relationship.

18. Differences in views when it comes to children

It is not a secret that women are very serious about the question of whether they want to have children. Some women believe that there is nothing more important in this world than kids. On the other hand, there are those women who don't want to have kids at all. As you have guessed, your views on this matter must match, or you will never be happy together.

19. Different approaches to financial matters

This one is not about how much money you make. It is all about ways how you both feel about money. There are two types of people: spenders and savers. As you have already guessed, different types of people have a hard time living together.

20. They have cheated before

This one is serious because it means that they are not ready to resolve problems in their relationships and prefer the easier way. Note, you will inevitably have problems in your relationship because this is a normal process of life. But are you sure that this person will be ready to work on them together with you?

Listen to Your Heart

Yes, just like this. You see, even the biggest relationship deal breakers exist solely in your mind. Thus, only you can create your own 100% true relationship deal breakers list. Also, it is only up to you to decide how to act when you face one of those deal breakers. After all, if you truly love each other, then you have all chances to overcome even the worst deal breakers.

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