How to make my girlfriend love me again: tips from experts and psychologists

Table of contents:

  1. The Perfect Man, or Work on Yourself
  2. How to make a girl fall in love again, and is it worth apologizing?
  3. Ways to get in touch with your ex
  4. Principles of action depending on the situation
  5. Conclusion to Remember

Love is a tremendous beautiful feeling that can lift you to the seventh heaven of happiness. But, sometimes, you must fall painfully, repeatedly hitting the ground. A painful disappointment in yourself, your partner, and life emerges. And the higher the feelings, the scarier it is to trust them again, lest you get burned and bruised. Sound familiar? If a man has once loved, but the situation was not in favor of a happy marriage, and the girl made it clear that she no longer loves, is it possible to return to the old relationship?

how to make my girlfriend love me again

Theoretically, you can enter the river more than once. So how should you earn your ex's love, and should you? Perhaps she has a new beau or her feelings have cooled for another good reason. A guy in this situation must look outside the past relationship and transform the new one, adding zest, drive, trust, and tenderness. In general, build on what has been missing for complete harmony.

The Perfect Man, or Work on Yourself

First, you must find out what ladies value most in a partner; the relevant literature will develop your intelligence in this direction. The chances of winning increase a hundredfold if you have confidence in your abilities, prefer self-development to relaxing on the couch and try to be friends with sports. Girls are crazy about charismatic men who are accountable for their actions and do not throw words to the wind. They also appreciate a sense of humor. In this case, they will be more accessible in their expressions and not worry that they can inadvertently offend their partner. 

Work on yourself. Speak in your mind all your possible shortcomings and pluses. Write down these traits on paper and compare the lists; which is more? Ask your relatives if you do not see yourself as a negative person. Such work on yourself can be helpful, and in ordinary life, do not necessarily for this to separate from your beloved and delve into yourself to reunite.

You may be intemperate and emotional, which is not bad, but not for family life. That is why every young person is already considering how effective her chosen one will be when there are children. If all issues are decided based on temper and emotions, then a husband and father are hardly worthy of trust and true love. If one of the opposing sides is too demanding and suspicious, perhaps you awaken the makings of jealousy. Psychologists compare this feeling with poison, with which you poison yourself every day and give a poisonous decoction drink to your girlfriend

So, what about freedom? First, you can not keep the girl on a short leash (by the way, the same recommendations are given to young ladies on the line of conduct with the boyfriend). She needs time to herself, which she can spend on meetings with friends, shopping, beauty salons, etc. Yes, it will also be helpful for you to be a little alone. Do not deny yourself a soccer game or cards with friends. What about control? It is also necessary when the chosen one is very much self-indulgent.

There are two reasons for falling in love: novelty and the instinctive urge for healthy offspring. Man is a rather exciting creature, and he is always attracted and drawn to himself like a magnet by everything unexplored. Each new object he meets on his way seems to him to be unique.

If the second reason arises, the brain's deep structures decide that this partner is genetically suited to you, and feelings arise. Both resources are given for free, sometimes even against human will, and the sense of falling in love is complicated to control. 

When the question of how to make an ex-girlfriend fall in love with you arises, these two powerful resources stop working. The fact is that the effect of the novelty will not work anymore because you already know each other, moreover, were a couple. However, we have a few tips, thanks to which you can get the lady of your heart again.

How to make a girl fall in love again, and is it worth apologizing?

In a long-term relationship, love fades if the lovers systematically violate a certain balance of each other's importance. Two people are two separate worlds with their concepts, opinions, and needs. If you overestimate the possibilities and direct them toward a common goal, putting your own in last place, nothing good will come. Neither will be controlling, demanding, and putting yourself first. A balance is needed everywhere.

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It is usually challenging to come to a common denominator when you are young; you don't yet have the wisdom to think through a decision before you cut it off. That's why marriages or relationships fall apart.

What are the best steps to take? First, do not apologize, and do not beg your ex to come back. By and large, by apologizing, you are trying to make contact and forget about the quarrels and misunderstandings, and this is normal. But it works if you've done a lot of wrongs. If you've been dumped, apologizing and pleading for forgiveness will not beautify you in her eyes. When girls decide to leave, they'll do it.

If the girl said she fell in love, what is the point of making a tearful scene and humiliating yourself because she realizes she wants nothing more with you? It should be understood that she probably already has a boyfriend, so the apology now does not mean anything.

Ways to get in touch with your ex

Try to turn everything upside down completely; remember that the ideal man is confident, doesn't complain about the past, and knows his strengths. But, unfortunately, such a man attracts hundreds of stares from strangers and will lure in more than just his ex-girlfriend as a magnet.

Bring some newness back into the relationship. First, you must change your style, which will only briefly keep a girl's attention. If the young person remains the same as before if he also communicates and acts, the relationship will not work out. Try to serve based on her zodiacal constellation characteristics or other character traits that the ex-boyfriend knows firsthand.

How to fall in love again? Do things that you have yet to do before. It is the only way you can attract her. How can you know if the goal is reached? Your family and friends will stop recognizing you, and your lifestyle will significantly differ from the standard one. She is calling or answering the phone more often, not ignoring you, greeting you in a friendly way, talking about something, and letting you woo her. You may notice that she looks away less, and her eyes are more radiant. All these signs indicate that you are on the right path.

Principles of action depending on the situation

Does your ex-girlfriend have a new boyfriend? So, it would be best if you thought twice about whether you need a lot of problems or want to break up their union. But if there is hope for the restoration of your couple, and you see flaws in their relationship, it is worth making a detailed plan for "taking the Bastille."

Your observation is the essential trump card here. Please look closer at how often they are together and how satisfied the girl is. Perhaps she is often alone and lacks understanding, male warmth, and care. Then boldly go up and talk to her, do not push, and do not ask unnecessary questions. Remember, you are an ex and have no right to pry into her personal life. Prepare yourself that it just won't happen. But don't give up on her. 

It is important not to get into trouble. Otherwise, your communication can go in a different direction. You will have to listen to many unpleasant things, which will cause anger and frustration and will not bring you any closer to your goal because you will remain the woman's only friend, who, if necessary, will put up a shirt to cry and give practical advice.

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If your beloved has no one, just her feelings have cooled down at a certain point, there is every chance to rekindle the fire of love in her. To do this, many methods work if you change entirely internally. For example, it will happen if a man changes his attitude towards life; the little things become more severe and tolerant. But, of course, it will not help you return to the past. Instead, it will open your future to a new interpretation. With just a little effort, romance in the relationship will return, and your beloved will look at you with different eyes.

When you fully capture her attention, remember the pickup technique: try to approach, then sharply away. During this period, you should disappear for a while and not appear on social networks for several days. It will make her think of you in principle. The technique was popular with the female sex, but no one has done away with the male pickup. When she asks, tell her you had to leave for a specific reason, you were helping your grandmother or your parents, or there was a force majeure at work.

Conclusion to Remember

So, making a girl fall in love again is worth the candle only if she is entirely free from the current relationship. Think, well, does love make you renew the lost connection? Maybe it is instinct and sexual attraction because, after the breakup, the girl transforms and becomes even more beautiful. If you are sure of your feelings and think about her not a couple of hours a day but all day long, it is worth trying to bring back "the train that has already left." Perhaps the girl is secretly waiting for her ex-boyfriend to change and start life with a new leaf. Help her believe it and feel that you love and appreciate her.

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