Compatibility of a pair of two personalities in a relationship - fiery Sagittarius and unstable Libra

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Even though different elements rule the two lovers, they get on well together. They are freedom-loving, so they do not limit the independence of the other half. Respecting the personal boundaries of their partner, each expects the same from the other. The lovers in this union easily make concessions, achieving a comfortable existence together. Thanks to the poise of the representative of Air, his fiery reckless partner becomes more restrained. 

Sagittarius and Libra compatibility

On the other hand, Libra acquires a certain looseness and is not afraid to confide in the beloved. This alliance is like a good wine, as time only strengthens it. A comfortable tandem is the merit and reward of mutual effort. The couple knows how to reach compromise solutions without harming one another. Democracy reigns in their love, allowing everyone to remain themself. It is worth noting the mutual attraction that helps the partners find ways to interact.      

Sagittarius and Libra sexual compatibility in bed    

When they meet, they quickly come together, finding subtle similarities in interests and values. The driving force behind further courtship is the mutual attraction of the partners. They both want to ensure they are compatible in bed as soon as possible. It is extremely important for a couple to listen to their other half and look for ways to enjoy both of them. Incendiary and liberated Sagittarius captivates fickle Libra, and they both decide on daring experiments in bed. The temperament of the partners suits each other mainly because the Air element can adapt to the other half. It does not mean that he pretends to please the lover. 

On the contrary, he adopts his partner's inclinations and tries them on himself. The couple is satisfied with sexual activity and is not looking for additional entertainment on the side. Unstable Libra, in tandem with a passionate, fiery representative, forgets about the existence of others. The key to this harmony is the desire to swap roles, to fulfill the caprice of the other half, or to curiosity about the little-known sides of the intimate sphere. We cannot say they are connected only by the private side of life. Sex relatively harmoniously complements mutual understanding in other spheres and strengthens their union. 

Compatibility friendship of the two elements of the zodiac Sagittarius and Libra

Reliability and trust, tested by years, connect the representatives of Fire and Air by solid bonds. If their love story does not work out for some reason, we can talk about friendship with a high degree of probability. They do not cause hostility, not fighting for a place under the Sun in the circle of common acquaintances. And the lack of competition and similar values is an excellent basis for mutual understanding. This couple is also unique in that former lovers can maintain a relationship of trust for many years. They do not have to close themselves off in any way. It is entirely natural for former lovers to seek and accept help. The same kind of long-lasting friendship can one day grow into love. Based on warm feelings and supported by good sex, the love idyll will suit the partners. Moreover, none of them are bothered by such a development, and they perceive it as an evolution that takes place as self-evident.

Sagittarius and Libra compatibility percentage

Sagittarius and Libra compatibility percentage

Are Sagittarius and Libra a good match to be soulmates?

If the fire sign manages to cope with the indecision of the air partner and stop being annoyed by his windiness, then their chances of a successful union are very high. Being flexible, the fickle Libra is not delighted with the straightforwardness of the other half. They both could use learning tolerance. In other respects, they perfectly understand their beloved. The diplomatic skills of the Air representative are beneficial in mutual understanding because they are gently smooth over the sharp angles of the truth-telling Sagittarius. They do not mind having fun in great company because their communication skills distinguish them. The measured way of life is not to their taste, so the couple looks for entertainment outside the home. They will create a strong alliance and keep the house together when settling down. It's not about wordless understanding. But the partners can have a constructive dialogue on any topic, building a mutual strategy.

Potential problems in a Sagittarius and Libra relationship

No matter how close the lovers are, disagreements are possible on various occasions. The patronizing elements constantly interfere with the communication of the fire-air couple. The diplomacy of the second half may seem insincere to Sagittarius. And since he does not like deception, trust in the union can be hopelessly undermined. From time to time, suspicions tend to destroy the idyll. Not distinguished by loyalty, loving Libra turns into a devoted family man under the influence of solid mutual feelings. However, the crude directness of the incendiary partner can severely hurt the sensitive nature. 

Communication in a pair of fiery Sagittarius and changeable Libra

Emerging conflicts over time become difficult to resolve because the baggage of past offenses interferes with constructive dialogue. Nevertheless, disagreements in such a diverse couple are solvable because the partners are interested in preserving deep feelings for a long time. In any case, both individuals in a couple need to show care and support in any endeavor. This will help strengthen your union and become closer to each other.

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