Top 10 Coffee Date Tips and Outfits

Is Getting Coffee a Date?

The short answer is yes. But there are more nuances to it. First off, if we have to come up with some defining factors for the word “date,” what qualifies as one and what doesn’t, we would have to say that a date is any form of joint pastime/recreation that is shared by two individuals who are interested in developing their relationship. That being said, how does a coffee date fit into this mold? It fits quite well, as it seems, as according to a recent independent survey, 84% of all the participants of the survey believe that the perfect first date has to involve getting coffee together. And it is not that surprising, it is the perfect drink for a date, it is hot, it is tasty, it takes some time to finish it, and there are lots of different variations of it, and it fills people with energy to continue on talking with each other. Coffee date etiquette is quite casual, there are no certain serious rules that should be followed. Is coffee a good first date? Yes, it’s a very easy way to spend some quality time together.

But not everyone feels quite comfortable in such an environment, some people are not really sure what to do on a coffee date. If you are one of them, then you will probably find the next piece of information quite informative.

what to do on a coffee date

How to Ask for a Coffee Date?

A coffee date is probably the most casual form of a date, it is the least demanding of both partners, it doesn’t imply anything, and, in general, it is not as tiresome for the partners involved. Thus, there is no reason to be afraid to invite a person on such a date. It, of course, largely depends on a situation and a person that you want to invite on a date.

But here are some examples of how to invite someone on a coffee date. Be sincere, “I really enjoyed our last date, it was fun and I want to find out more things about you. Would you like to go out for some coffee with me later on?” Focus on your feelings, “Our last date was great, I think you are a very interesting person and I love spending time with you. Would you like to go out for some coffee?” That being said, what to do on a coffee date?

What to Do on a Coffee Date?

Here are some coffee date tips that you should consider.

Get prepared. First off, we would like to mention that not all coffee shops are that good, at least in our area, which is kinda sad. Each and every date is its own unique experience and all of the things that happen during a date get intertwined in the mind of a person, thus, if you want to leave a lasting positive impression, you have to make sure that all the aspects of it will be on lock. The same goes for the quality of coffee, experimenting with cafes and restaurants is great and interesting, but it doesn’t always bring positive results and experiences. First date coffee should bring positive emotions and memories.

Get a coffee that you actually like. This will be quite a recurring theme during this article. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but you should not take risks during a date, especially the first few ones. Sure, there may be some humor in ending up with a disgusting drink, but I wouldn’t recommend getting something that is unfamiliar to you.

Get something sweet. Coffee is quite a solid drink to enjoy by itself, but it won’t hurt to get something sweet to munch on. Your partner will probably find it to be a great idea as well.

Be casual. Here’s one of the most important first coffee date tips. There is no reason to turn a coffee date into something serious and more exhausting than it already is, so if you want to continue with a date, and you want to do something else after getting coffee – it is better to go for a light walk, go to a park, etc.

first coffee date tipsHow to end a first coffee date? The easiest and most logical way to end a date is to go to the nearest metro station and go your own separate paths if your partner would prefer to get a taxi – wait for it to arrive and wish them all the best.

Coffee Date Tips

1. Confidence is important

Insecure people tend to not attract other people that surround them. On the contrary, insecurity is the death of any sympathy that a person may feel towards you. Sure, there are some rare examples, we are all different, but, as a rule, you should look confident, not cocky, know your worth, having at least some sense of self-esteem.

2. Bring something for your partner

When it comes to men and bringing something for their female partners, flowers are the first thing that comes to mind, you should at least bring one neat flower, a ridiculous bouquet is not necessary. “I met with gentlemen from a dating site who came out on a date without flowers and in shabby clothes. I didn’t want to see them the second time,” that’s what my friend Jessica thinks about this issue. A woman might be more creative in this case, but men are less needy in terms of getting presents.

3. A cozy cafe is the best place for a meeting

This is important because there are so many cozy cafes in most cities, café and restaurant chains don’t always offer the same feeling of comfort and coziness as local and small establishments.

4. Paying for a date

In some European countries, people are used to sharing the bill during dates: everyone pays for themselves. But not all countries are fond of this tradition. If you are on a trip to some of the more traditional countries, like southern America, Eastern Europe, and etc., then a man should pay for a date himself. On the other hand, young ladies should not order the most expensive dishes from the menu. In general, coffee dates should not be expensive.

5. Do not forget about the compliments!

This advice is primarily addressed to the ladies. Many of them believe that it is the gentlemen who should shower them with compliments, and the lady should be the one to be flattered by such kind words. In fact, men also love to be praised. Pay attention to the well-chosen tie of your companion, praise his choice of profession, hobby, etc. You can always find a reason for a compliment if you really want to make them happy.

6. Do not brag about yourself!

“Recently, I invited Abby to a romantic date,” says Michael. “All the date was spent on discussing the things she did and things she does, she wasn’t interested in me as a person at all. She told me that she is great at cooking, about her childhood, her hard relationships with her parents, and it was interesting at first, but then it got really annoying."

7. Do not complain!

Braggers are annoying, and whiners are just as bad. Do not burden a person with stories about your problems or illnesses. It is better to have a casual conversation: about the weather, holidays, hobbies, travels, etc.

8. Avoid talking about political, religious, and national topics

Jacob, during his date with Maisie, told her that he was already tired of “watching religious sh*t on TV.” The young man did not know that the girl was, in fact, a religious person, and his comments insulted her. Despite Jacob's apologies, she didn't want to meet him anymore. A coffee date conversation should not be too taxing on the mind of a person, no controversial topics should be considered for a discussion.

9. Be friendly, but unobtrusive!

It used to be that a woman should not be the first to call or text a man. She, they say, should wait for a man to call her. The times have changed, and this is no longer the case. Each side can take the initiative. However, you do not need to be intrusive about it! A partner must know that you have your own life and your own career, you should not come off as being obsessive to your potential future partner.

10. Pay attention to your appearance

This is one of the most important things that you should know about coffee dates and dates in general. Sure, your partner should, ideally, accept you as you are, without you having to adapt to their preferences, but there are some important things to consider in picking a coffee date outfit. You should always look tidy, neat, have a sense of fashion, but most importantly – you should be comfortable on a date. This is just as important when it comes to picking an outfit for a date.

what to wear on a coffee date guysWhat to Wear on a Coffee Date?

Tips for Women

Organic combinations

What to wear to a coffee date? A silk blouse will probably be the best choice for a coffee date, if it is hot outside – bright colors can be quite fitting. You dark-colored skirt will be a perfect fit for a silk blouse. When choosing shoes, special attention should be paid to heels. Since only they will be able to emphasize all the beautiful aspects of a female body, making the woman slimmer and more feminine. And this whole image will look quite stylish and attractive. Purple is the color of the season, thus, of course, you should give preference to this mystical and alluring color. A cocktail dress won’t be a fitting option for a coffee date. Of course, fashion is quite important, knowing what is trending and what isn’t is a good thing to be aware of, but you should also know what fits you personally.


There are lots of different possible coffee date outfits to choose from, but accessories are just as important. The hit of this summer is accessories. Sufficient attention should be paid to your choice of shoes. High heels are great, everything else is somewhat subpart. When choosing an accessory for a coffee date, you should not focus your attention on handbags of large sizes. In 2019, on the contrary, the smaller the handbag is - the more stylish it is. The most ideal option would be just a small clutch, which should fit the color of your shoes.

When men ask themselves what to wear on a coffee date, they usually don’t spend that much time thinking about an outfit, but there are some important things that should be considered. Tips for Men


What to wear on a coffee date? If this is a date in a small, cozy restaurant located far from the city center, then in such a situation it is not necessary to wear a suit. Pants, a jumper, and a shirt or a turtleneck with a jacket would be a good option. If you want something more extraordinary, then you can wear bright suspenders without using a jacket. You can simply wear jeans and a jacket with a bright-colored shirt. For such dates, as a rule, there is no strict form of clothing that should be followed, so a man on a date at a coffee shop can experiment with colors and shapes. If it is hot outside, then you should not confine yourself to jackets, jumpers and etc. get a comfy T-shirt and some decent looking shorts.


Comfort is the most important part of picking any outfit, for any occasion, for any establishments that you plan on visiting. If you don't feel comfortable in your outfit – it will quite likely be noticeable to other people. Discomfort is the last thing you want to feel on a date, even if it is just a casual coffee date.

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