Dating a Vegan Girl: Why She's the Best

Who are vegans?

Each of us has at least one friend that is a vegan. Perhaps we have repeatedly asked them why they do not eat meat. The answers of different people could differ from each other because people choose vegetarianism for various reasons: ethical, medical, religious. But who are vegans? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term "vegan" is derived from the word vegetable, as if it wasn’t obvious before. The dictionary notes that the word became popular after the creation of the Vegetarian Society in Great Britain in 1847, but there are also earlier cases of this word being used. The vegetarian society, attributing the creation of the term “vegan” to itself, claims that it was formed from the Latin word “vegetus” (peppy, fresh, vibrant).

dating a vegan

One of the main reasons in favor of a vegan diet is considered to be an improvement of well-being and mood, so, perhaps, the Vegetarian Society has chosen the right name for itself. However, you can say: “I have been eating meat all my life and I feel great!” “And you could have been even better,” the vegans will say in response. Perhaps you have a very strong body or you always come across the meat of excellent quality. Scientists continue to explore the effect of food on our health, but here are the main reasons why people choose vegan diets:

  • “A vegan diet improves metabolism and helps to lose weight”
  • “Switching to a vegan diet can reverse diabetes”
  • “Vegans live longer”

Now, if you plan on dating hot vegan women, let’s talk about the things you should know about dating a vegan girl. Then we will discuss the issues of coexistence, how to find a date offline with a vegan woman, and list the best services for dating vegan women.

What you need to know about dating a vegan woman

When people just start to communicate, they try to comprehend each other's interests, habits, hobbies, and values. At the beginning of a relationship, when it is already known that a woman is a vegan, and a man cannot imagine his life without a good steak, it is easier for young people to resolve their differences: they are almost immediately determined whether they are ready to accept a polar point of view on food or not. Such a relationship can end without really starting, but it will be easier for people to cope with the consequences of a fleeting romance. Another thing is when in a family that existed for some time, a wife decides to completely change her taste habits and make a revolution in the refrigerator, while her husband is completely unprepared for radical changes. Whether such a family (a vegan dating a meat eater) can maintain a relationship is a very topical issue. This is especially important if you plan on dating foreign women, cultures differ, and so do culinary traditions.

We must first find out the reason why a woman decides to become a vegan before we identify the main rules of dating a vegan. For example, if a vegan woman likes Indian philosophy, changes will occur not only in her diet but also in the perception of the world as a whole. Perhaps this situation will be the most dangerous for the family, because the woman whom the man once married is now a different person, and if her new worldview is completely alien to her husband, there will be practically nothing in common between them, which sooner or later will lead to a breakup. In such a situation, when people still want to fight for their marriage but lose a common language, a good psychologist is required in order to solve their issues.

dating a vegan girlAnother thing is if vegetarianism is preferable due to the poor state of health of a woman. Today, there are many known reasons why meat consumption can cause health issues. So, the digestion of heavy meat products requires a lot of energy that a person can spend on something more useful, for example, on sports. The meat sold in the markets is crammed with harmful drugs. There is a hypothesis that meat-eaters are more prone to cancer. In response to such accusations, lovers of pork, beef, chicken say that no plant product will give so many amino acids and vitamins, unlike meat.

They say that there are no fewer pesticides in the same vegetables and fruits sold in supermarkets. Refusal of meat can turn into anemia and other diseases. Vegans often have bad skin conditions, as well as their hair and teeth. If immediately after giving up meat a person will feel lighter, then after a few months or even years, they will still begin to suffer from a lack of energy. It should be noted that in all arguments both vegans and meat-eaters are true, but often human bodies behave differently. Indeed, some vegans complain over time about their health problems, however, there are also some problems that are associated with hardcore meat-eaters.

This idea is extremely important for any family where there is a food conflict. In a mature couple, each side must accept and respect the principles of their partner. A wife who has decided to become a vegan should not insist that her husband should immediately follow her example. It was she who decided to abandon the meat, it is hard for her to perceive the killing of animals and cut a carcass into pieces, but her husband should not be forced to behave the same way.

A wise vegan wife calmly talks about the benefits of her new food preferences, prepares original dishes from vegetables, does not show her indignation when her husband gets a juicy kebab, and does not criticize him for his preferences. If a wife does not infringe on her husband’s interests, he may soon be interested in vegetarianism himself, and if he is not interested, such a right will remain with him for the rest of his life. Of course, a man also should not oppress his vegan wife. In addition, there is always a chance that the wife simply succumbed to the fashion trend and, over time, she will abandon her idea, and if she does not, she has the right to do so.

In a loving couple, harmony and understanding should reign above everything else. Changes in eating habits will, in any case, give rise to conflict, but the task of man and woman is to properly resolve them. It is not as hard as you might think, questions like “where to take a vegan on a date” are not that hard to answer, as every decent restaurant has plenty of vegan dishes to choose from. Both a vegan wife and a meat-eating husband should respect the choice of their partners and not impose a personal point of view on the people they love. In this case, the union of a vegan and a meat-eater will be strong and durable.

Vegan dating sites

Here are the best vegan online dating sites you can find on the internet.

  • – the best vegan dating app

Bottom line

Now that you know who vegans are, what the potential benefits and dangers of such a lifestyle are and the reasons why people choose to become vegan, how to date a vegan, it will be easier for you to coexist with a vegan woman. Tolerance and acceptance are the key aspects of a healthy relationship, and your culinary preferences should never stand in your way when it comes to following this rule. And, of course, having a few vegan dating sites in your bookmarks will only make it easier for you to find a hot vegan girl.

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Many men mistakenly think that when dating a vegan woman, they also need to stop eating meat. But it isn’t so. Being a vegan is a personal choice, and no one will force you to do this.
21.08.2020 11:33

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