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How to Have a Great Chat with Girls Online

Today we will talk about the art of online dating, we will discuss quite a few topics related to dating services and how to make it work. We will talk about Romance Compass, why it is the best video chat hot girls service, its features, and how to use it.

First off, let’s talk about Romancecompass, and how to make the most of video chat with hot girls.

Our Single Girls

Do you want to have a video call with hot girls today? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Romancecompass is a great service that allows you to meet the hottest single females and do so by using the latest online dating technologies.

There are thousands of women to choose from, thousands of online beauties that are waiting for you to start an online chat with them.

They come in all ages, sizes, shapes, and they are all beautiful, smart, and open to communication.

You can browse these hot women even without getting registered, yet if you want to do that, you can create an account on by either using your e-mail and password or by using your Facebook account. You can also check out the Search feature, our blog that is stacked with great content, hundreds of high-quality articles, and contact our support service if you wish. You are just a step away from a hot girls video call.

Romancecompass gives you the opportunity to enjoy live videochat experience with the hottest Ukrainian ladies, so stop wasting your time and start meeting women to find the love of your life.

Now that you know why you should use Romancecompass to have a video call with sexy girls, let’s find out how to start a chat with hot girls.

How to Start a Chat with a Girl

So, if you want to enjoy some quality video call with sexy girls, you should create a nice profile. First of all, bring your page and profile in full order - add photos (your own, that is), write more about hobbies. Girls will not want to get acquainted with a young man who hasn't provided personal photographs.

Carefully study the profile of a pretty stranger. A more detailed analysis of the profile will allow you to find common ground - hobbies, favorite books and movies, a place of rest, or your preferred sport. This will help start a more productive conversation.

Drop common phrases for dating. Originality is the key to success and the guarantee of normal communication. The girl will probably want to get to know the guy who does not use the standard phrases like, "How are you?" However, one should not get carried away with too complex starters, phrases, and such, otherwise, there is a risk that they will not understand you.

If the girl seems to be interested, start from neutral topics - literature, cinema, work, or study. Be sure to insert some humor, it will alleviate some awkwardness of the situation. Diversify the conversation with funny life stories.

Do not give away all of the information about yourself, leave some sense of mystery. Also, do not drag the "blanket" of the conversation onto yourself, show your interest in the girl. Ask about her favorite things but avoid questions about her personal life.

Here’s a thing that you should know! Where to start meeting a pretty girl on a dating service or a social network? Certainly not with a lie. Do not upload photos of brutal handsome men, do not ascribe to yourself unusual character traits, and do not impersonate the son of a millionaire. Such deception will negate the possibility of further meetings in the real world.

How to Start a Conversation Online? 

Once again we repeat - down with boring formulations since they cause persistent antipathy in girls. Well, it is quite likely that you won’t encounter much enthusiasm on the part of a girl you have just started communicating with, why should she tell you everything about her day and the state of her affairs? The first thing that you are going to text her should have something to cling to, something that will turn into a dialogue on this or that topic. For example, “Greetings. I've noticed that you love the “enter band name here” and since I am also a big fan of this band I’m quite excited to hear your experience with the band.” Yes, not too original of an introduction, but your politeness will not allow the girl to be rude in return.

Common interests. The reason for dating maybe her hobbies, indicated in the profile of a girl, “Hello! I see you like horror movies, can you recommend me some exciting movie in this genre?” The advantage of this method is that you immediately proceed to the discussion, and the conversation can be continued even in person.

A request for help. Young ladies love to come to the rescue and give recommendations. Take advantage of this, “Greetings! My little sister is going to have a birthday soon, but I don’t know what to do. Can you give me a hint?” This topic can be further developed by learning what she likes and what gifts she prefers.

A romantic start. You can start communication on dating service with romantic phrases. Some girls prefer phrases like the following, “Do you believe that dreams come true? Today in a dream I saw a girl like you, and suddenly I end up encountering you here ..."

The described methods can be used to start off a conversation with any girl that you don’t know.

Common Mistakes in Online Dating Communication

So, you ended up liking each other, you came up with a cool first message to get her attention, you know what you want to say, but first, before you send it, give yourself some time to read the following common mistakes.

1. Do not rush it

We understand your desire to quickly move from the letters on the smartphone screen to looking into her beautiful eyes in real life, but the very beginning of communication, as a rule, is not the right time for a quick transition to a new stage.

Do not regret spending at least half an hour to see what she is like, see what works and what doesn’t. After about a dozen messages, it will be already clear how best to act: ask her out to have a date on the same day (or on the weekend), a transition to a more convenient messenger, or ... stop talking. The latter option is also quite possible: the fact that you like each other doesn’t guarantee you to start a relationship right there. Anyway, both of you are free to stop communicating at any time.

2. Avoid monosyllabic phrases

"How are you?" - A good phrase, but still it is better to use it when you text to a friend, and not to an unfamiliar girl. Why? Because the rules of decency require answering this question by saying either, “I’m fine” or “I’m good.” Let’s agree on something, it’s kind of embarrassing to tell a stranger about your problems or to brag to them about your successes. And after a polite, but by and large an empty answer, she will also ask you about your life, and you, as a well-mannered guy, will answer in the same way. That’s it, the dialogue is dead. The same goes for any other question that can be answered with a monosyllabic answer “yes,” “no,” “I don’t know” and so on.

3. Avoid questions that are too personal

There is a common thing that some of us experience that you should remember. It is easier for us to talk about our issues if we are talking to a stranger (especially on the Internet). But only on the condition that everything happens according to mutual desire, and both of you need it. It is too easy to make mistakes at the very beginning of online communication, and intimate questions are highly likely to be unwanted, they may cross a person’s boundaries. Regardless of whether you are looking for a one-night stand or something more serious and permanent, we advise you not to rush it with intimate communication from the very beginning.

How to Create a Great Dating Profile

How can you create a profile on a dating site that will help you stand out without feeling embarrassed?

This is something that many people stumble over because you can feel vulnerable by posting a profile on a dating site. Everyone feels a little unnatural, listing their positive aspects, and if you have any flaws (which everyone has), they are very easy to manifest in your presentation. Nevertheless, the nature of meeting with strangers suggests that you have something valuable that you can offer to a potential partner. You think meeting you will make someone happier, right? So, emphasize it!

This does not mean that you need to brag about how amazing you are, or to be condescending to people who do not recognize your obvious greatness. This means combing your hair or putting on a nice outfit before taking a picture. This means filling out your profile with traits that make you unique and interesting, rather than a long list of “requirements” that you make to a stranger. It means making some effort. Think about it, and imagine how you go for an interview and want to show your best skills. Do not lie, but do not belittle yourself.

It's completely normal to be nervous when posting your data on a dating site. Although, when turning to a specialist, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality profile without any stress involved. 

What to say in the “about me” section?

• “An IT Specialist. I am looking for an interesting girl of any appearance. I love jogging in the evenings and sports, my main weakness is delicious homemade food.”

• “My life is full of interesting events. The only thing I miss is a beloved girl. I would like to share this rich life with her, so I've decided to create a profile here. It’s much easier to meet an interesting person on the Internet.”

• “I do not like sports - instead, I spend time investing in the future, which I dream to share with you.”

Men's profile: rules and examples

What should the profile of a young man or a respectable man look like? It is usually more difficult for men to fill out a profile on a dating site because it is not enough for them to simply present themselves as women do. What do you need to write in the profile as a man? How to correctly compose a male profile to attract attention?

Rules for filling out a profile for a man

The correct profile should be prepared to take into account a number of simple rules.

• For a woman, a man’s name is important, but it should not be too simple and boring. Attractive male names. For example, Jon sounds too simple, but Johnathan can attract attention.

• It is important to not lie about yourself and be sincere. It is useful to write about your hobbies that will be not boring and interesting, for example, scuba diving.

• The column "requirements for the partner" should not contain information about what shortcomings annoy you in girls. If a girl falls in love, she will begin to get rid of her bad habits.

• Do not indicate a too specific image of your ideal partner. If you indicate that you like only brunettes, you may well miss the perfect blonde girl who, for the sake of her chosen one, could change her hair color.

• When it comes to your physique and appearance, it is better to indicate real parameters, otherwise, the first date will be unsuccessful since it will not live up to expectations.

• On the issue of financial wellbeing, you should not lie but rather present the best of facts about yourself. If you don’t earn that much, you can specify "financially secure." Any girl who does not even need money wants to see a man who can provide for the family. Therefore, if you are going to write, "I make ends meet” – you are going to turn off quite a few girls.

• You can write about your car or an apartment, but you should specify it without much fanaticism. Today, this is no longer considered a special luxury, so do not try to attract a girl with only the riches that you have.

Now you know what to write about yourself on a dating site, you know why you should use Romancecompass and attract women. These are simple phrases that you can indicate about yourself on a dating site. The key rule is a maximum of true information, a real photo, a little about your hobbies, and some humor will be great too.

How to Impress a Girl in Chat

To interest a girl means to have a continuation of your relationships. Women never stay with uninteresting men, so you should diversify your dialog with something. For example, it can be some intrigue or, conversely, a crushing truth that will not leave her indifferent.

1. Surprise her

Well, you have found single ladies to chat. Start the message unusually, don’t ask trivial questions, and try to avoid clichés. Come up with an ingenious compliment suitable only for her to show that you appreciate her personality. Surprise her with the commonality of your interests or your sense of humor.

2. Be a gentleman

Of course, over centuries, the manners of behavior have undergone very tangible changes and, perhaps, you shouldn’t start the message with the words, “Dear madam!” but it is desirable to show good manners. Even in correspondence on Romancecompass, when the speed of message delivery becomes a priority, there is no need to neglect such simple words as “thank you” and “please.”

3. Don’t be intrusive

Of course, it is worthwhile to show interest in the person you are writing to. But writing to her every ten minutes if you don’t receive an answer is not the best option. Be prepared to respond to her messages promptly. But when your three messages are left unanswered, think twice before writing the fourth and better have a live video call with sexy girls.

4. Be positive

No need to write about problems. Try to conduct a conversation positively, dilute messages with jokes. If you constantly make her sad, sooner or later the girl will try to get rid of you and say that she needs to run somewhere or that she is busy with some important things.

5. No need to praise yourself

It’s one thing to say that you are good at surfing, and it is another one to praise yourself and say that you are such a talented multi-faceted person. It is better to talk about your merits and achievements when the woman is interested in you. The fact that you have your own car and a country house with a pool will not add to your attractiveness, and the conversation will not make you more interesting.

6. Be erudite

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love men with whom they have something to talk about and are ready to discuss many topics and things. You know, even basic knowledge, which many don’t attach any importance to at all can help you. Share a few interesting facts with the girl about the life of birds, animals, about physical phenomena, and about other things (Do you know why the sky is blue? I’ll tell you).

7. Diversify messages with media

Well, for example, you want to wish a good morning to a girl. Open a browser, visit her profile, and start writing a message. You can simply write, “Good morning, how did you sleep?” or you can attach a funny picture with the sun into the message. In the picture itself, the wish of the good morning can be written, therefore, in this case, the text is optional. Your interlocutor will be very pleased to receive such a picture, and she will be happy to answer you. So, this diversity will only benefit you.

8. Don’t ask about her personal life

Asking a woman about a previous relationship is not a good idea. Perhaps she wants to forget an ex or doesn’t want to talk with a stranger about such personal topics. With such questions, you will only push her away.

What to Write in the First Message to Impress Her?

  • Hello! You look great in the profile picture, let’s get acquainted :) I’m Jack, I’m 34. I am a lawyer. I love surfing and snowboarding and dream of traveling at least three months a year. What are you dreaming about? In my opinion, dreams can say a lot about a person.
  • Hello! We don’t know each other, but it seems to me that we met somewhere. Maybe you came to me in dreams? I am Alex, and I want to get to know your better.
  • Hello, Julia. Do you want to brighten up this evening with a pleasant conversation?
  • Hey. I am the one who will make your day brighter. Are you ready for this?

How to Find a Girl for Marriage Online

Acquaintances on the network are of particular relevance for those who are looking for ways to find a wife because all the methods that work in reality have been tried for a long time. Today’s statistics show that most of the marriages began with online dating. The number of resources is quite large, but if you decide to find a bride for yourself, then you have to use Romancecompass Russian video chat because it is the best.

Online dating is both a quite easy and, at the same time, a difficult way in the issue of finding a girl for marriage. It is easy because you don’t need to go somewhere and start a dialog. It is especially nice if you are a shy and closed person. And it’s difficult because many people use this method of dating, and there is high competition. If you don’t want to waste time, then specify the purpose of dating “create a family” and look for girls with the same goal. This way, you will definitely find those who want to start a serious relationship, and not just spend free time. Also, when you visit Romancecompass, you can indicate a rather large list of parameters of interest, starting with the purpose of using the site and ending with features of appearance. The system allows everyone to chat with people with the same goals.

1. Make your profile attractive

Having chosen several girls, don’t write to them immediately. Make some preparations. First of all, fill out your profile in detail. The more you write in the columns, the higher the chances are that you will meet the one you are looking for. So, give honest and non-banal answers. Of course, you have to upload a photo. Girls will not answer your messages if your profile doesn’t contain pictures of yourself. When a girl is interested in a photo, she will want to look at you closely. Girls just have no desire to talk about topics of interest with every man who writes to them. So, the more details you indicate, the faster the girl will make a decision.

2. Carefully study the profile of the girl

Those women who give little information, hide real names, and upload a picture of celebrities instead of their photographs can’t be considered future wives. A woman initially hides something and doesn’t want to inform you about it. The main points that you should be interested in when you chat with Russian women are marital status, the purpose of dating, and attitude to children. The contradictions in at least one of these three points suggest that no common hobbies will help you create a good family. After that, you can view the entire profile and assess the degree of similarity in your life positions.

3. Don’t chat with those you don’t like

As soon as you find several candidates who can become your future spouse, you should stop chatting with women who don’t suit you. But how to understand that a particular woman is good for you? You might have heard about the list of personal traits and qualities. But actually, it doesn’t work. Because no matter how detailed this list is, it will never be 100% suitable for you. After all, there are many women who correspond to these qualities, but still, you will not be able to build relationships with them.

You just need to understand:

· How do you feel chatting with a particular woman?

· Does she make you feel confident?

· Do you see a real woman in her?

· Do you want to take care of her?

· Do you want to act/work/create after chatting with this woman?

When you chat with women online, and one of them doesn’t give you those important feelings, then she must be excluded from your life. And stopping communication with the part of such “unsuitable” women, it is necessary to get to know a few more instead of the ones you rejected. And do so until there are many women next to you, each of whom makes you happy. This is a prerequisite for the correct search for a future spouse. And the lack of a normal choice leads to the wrong decision-making.

4. Meet

If communication has started, and it’s easy and pleasant for you, then don’t delay it but move it into reality. The longer you chat on the network, the more your imagination will finish the image. Those who chat for more than a few months usually never meet in real life because the fear of change and leaving a secure Internet space is becoming quite large, and the necessary support and friendly participation come online.

5. Show serious intentions

When you are sure that mutual attraction has appeared between you and your new friend, proceed to action. Let her know that you are very serious. You can even start a discussion of future life together. This is a very thin line of relationships, by breaking which you will reach a new level. When the goals of both partners are clear, the dialogs may become more open.

How to Find a Perfect Match

It is the 21st century, which means that a certain part of the life of each of us is occupied by the Internet. On the Web, people find entertainment, do work, and also find loved ones. Despite the words of skeptics, on the Internet, you can really meet the perfect couple. The main thing is to adhere to some advice.

1. Fill out your profile correctly

A profile on a Romancecompass is the first thing a potential partner will pay attention to. Therefore, fill out your profile correctly if you want to have a single women video chat. For example, if a girl who is looking for a boyfriend sees photos from drunk parties or pictures on a nudist beach in her interlocutor’s profile, she is unlikely to want to continue chatting with him. And vice versa: if a woman publishes hundreds of pictures of cats instead of her face, then no matter how cute the fluffy lumps are, you are unlikely to want to get to know her more closely.

2. Don’t fall in love with the first woman who replies you

So, you log in, and you can begin to search for a girlfriend. But what if there are a lot of attractive candidates on the Ukrainian video chat? They are cute and kind, with similar interests – how not get confused? Scientists have an answer to this question. Surprisingly, mathematics will help in the selection of candidates for a first date. Psychologists spoke about the magic of number 37. This is the percentage of the first date candidates to be rejected. In a word, out of 100 profiles of potential partners for a first date, it is worthwhile to delete the first 37 without regret. Of the remaining people, you can choose the one who seems the most suitable for a date.

3. Test your feelings

When a woman has already been found, and a few charming evenings in a live video chat with women have passed, it is worth considering: what will happen next? After all, meeting in real life is not at all what is on the Internet and vice versa. To understand whether relations with a “network” partner will develop, it is worth considering whether you have feelings for this person. And then scientists will come to the rescue. Researchers come up with an interesting experiment. A person is placed in an MRI machine with a photograph of a loved one. Then scientists examine his brain. For example, with a strong love for a person in the photo, the respondent has an active ventral area of the brain that is responsible for pleasure. In “confusing” cases, the logical center is disabled, and this also means that people have fallen in love but still can admit it to themselves. So, you need to try to understand what your inner feelings tell you when you look at a particular woman.

4. Get rid of fears and worries

Many men and women are afraid of new acquaintances. The reason for this may be past failures and negative experiences. Women feel empty after a break. Men are afraid to meet the rejection when meeting. Fears accumulate, and people remain lonely. How to fix it? Those who are afraid to take the first step and get to know each other need to answer the following question, "What’s the worst thing that can happen? Rejection. But is it really that scary?"

5. Don’t disappear for a long time

After you have enough time in the chat with Ukrainian women, you should ask a girl to go out. And it is better not to delay it. Otherwise, long online communication will lead to exhaustion of topics. Therefore, it is better to do everything in time, and not delaying the meeting with a pleasant interlocutor.