Is Virgo compatible with other elements? All about a fantastic tandem with Pisces

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The unbelievable occurs immediately. The Earth is attracted to the dreaminess of the Water. The latter cannot get past the maturity and rationality of the object of their infatuation. The attraction is different from that encountered by both characters before. This attraction is likely to last only a short time, though. Eventually, they will realize they are on too different continents to build a future together. Firstly, it is worth emphasizing that the elements are on different poles, which affects their ideas about the union. According to research, water people prefer to go with the flow and blend in with their partners, while their allies are fickle, control-seeking, and want to put their loved ones in line.

Virgo and Pisces compatibility

A clash of elements is inevitable. The first are perfectionists, who love order, cleanliness, and orderliness. The latter has a relaxed attitude to chaos. They often have clothes scattered around the apartment, but they will always find what they need. On the other hand, Earth likes to pick on the little things, prone to criticism, significantly often to their closest ones. However, even with all the conflicts, there is a certain magic between them. Experts agree that such a union heals. The lovers dream and do their best to make the dreams come true.

The unusual attraction of Virgos or dissonance with Pisces in bed. All about their sexual compatibility

The tandem has every chance to experience a natural high and explosion of sexual energy, but it may take time. Both are used to serving their partner; they have similar obsessions and fantasies. For Earth, there are many taboos in bed, while Water loves giving pleasure and tends to equate sex with love. What they have in common is insecurity, which often makes them depressed. There would be no problems, and the awkwardness would go away if someone took the lead.

But that's the thing, neither of these couples likes to take the initiative and lead the other. As a result, both people often feel confused at first. However, when they get used to it and feel comfort, warmth, reliability, and support, sex becomes a pleasant practice that brings pleasure physically and emotionally. Dynamism and fickleness are characteristic of such persons. They can adapt to their partner's energy and know what to do with the help of intuition. Therefore, physical, as well as mental depth is a priority.

Why are compatibility and harmony so important to Virgos? How will she behave in friendship with Pisces?

Young people are attracted on a deep level, finding something intriguing about their partner. Experts are sure that this couple is ideal just in terms of mateship. Earthy balances Aquatic ones who need help to figure some things out. According to experts in this field, friendliness in such a situation is the most incredible thing that can happen only to both. Only using the right approach to a partner is a guarantee of maintaining an excellent union for many years.

Virgo and Pisces compatibility percentage

Virgo and Pisces compatibility percentage

Can opposites make a good match? Are pragmatic Virgos suitable for calm Pisces to be soulmates?

The representatives are usually on different wavelengths. And that can be a huge problem. But the fact that they intuitively sense each other is a plus. Representatives of the element of Water are the element of control of Neptune, causing fluctuations in their mood. For example, one day, they are cheerful, and the next day they are darker than clouds. Partner does not understand this because they are firmly grounded and governed by rationality and remain puzzled as to why Water is so inconsistent. The Earth quietly boils over during the caprices of the mate. It is unlikely that they will become true soul mates because they can love in their way and have a raspy notion of the profound.

What potential problems can a Virgo have in a relationship? Will her alliance with Pisces succeed?

These are diametrical opposites; it is advisable to know how to appreciate the differences between the other half. They must be flexible and be able to give in to their partner – these are the key indicators of a successful union. They are not stubborn, but if it comes to something meaningful to them, they will demonstrate it. While Earth sticks to a specific plan, Pisces is calm and often does not bother remembering the current date. The Water should learn to be more attentive to their partner and value their time, and the Earth should be less scrupulous.

Another problem is the opposition between reality and fiction. The earth element lives, in fact, and sees everything as it is, while the water element floats above the ground and fantasizes a lot, it often helps to hide from problems. It upsets them that their partner does not want to get out of the dream world, and they are unsatisfied with the "child's mindset." The Aquatic representative would say that the Earth should not focus too much on the details but let the situation go when required.

A binding marriage thread for Virgo. How great is their compatibility with Pisces?

The couple will create a great union if they manage to communicate. Earth is the leader of balancing and appeasement here. It will take some time, and the Water spouse will learn to appreciate it and be grateful to their other half.

In the end, they could be more suitable. The couple has different views on life and opinions on various issues. Moreover, this often leads to disagreements and conflicts. If each partner learns to benefit from this, they should try to be together. Earth will bring more stability to the life of Water, and they will be a source of inspiration, learn to dream and not be afraid of feelings. Of course, it will take a lot of work, but lovers will build something magical if halves seek a long, reliable, and harmonious union.

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