Traits of a Good Man: What Attracts Women

Men’s approach to choosing women they like is fairly simple. Their companion should be attractive, cheerful, and that’s pretty much all. If all these conditions are met, a man starts to look closer at his partner, trying to find some minor qualities he likes most. Women approach the choice of the companion much more seriously, relying not only on cute faces but also on the character traits they prefer.

So, what do girls find attractive in men? In general, almost every woman has a list of the basic male traits she’s looking for in a life partner. Sometimes it can be simple fidelity and sincerity, and sometimes ladies want intelligence, manners, and the ability to make decisions. Anyway, there are some qualities that attract absolutely all women. If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to meet the following requirements.

traits of a man

What women find attractive in men

Care and attention

A woman will always prefer someone, who gives her a lot of attention and is ready for everything just to make her happy. Not all representatives of the stronger sex have this character trait. Some men were brought up in a family where showing emotions and devoting free time to loved ones wasn’t a common thing. That's why a man, brought up in such conditions, believes that his companion is just another sphere of his life which isn’t worth spending a lot of time on. A woman, in turn, wants to receive a lot of attention, love, and care, so she’ll prefer a man who can provide it.

Sense of humor

Among other traits of a good man, this one is also important for a woman. She’ll always choose a partner who knows how to joke subtly and attracts attention with his positive attitude. A sense of humor is always relevant even if your woman is phlegmatic. Funny people usually make others want to communicate with them, get to know them better and get a bit of their positive attitude towards life. It’s much easier to overcome life's difficulties when there’s a cheerful person by your side, so women will gladly start a relationship with a positive-minded guy.


A lot of men believe that women only care about their money and status, but in fact, these traits of a man aren’t always primary. Most women pay attention to what a man wants and how actively he moves towards his desires. A person who works hard day by day to realize his dream and achieve his goals will always attract females’ attention and have their respect. It’s worth mentioning that women are always looking for men who are absolutely confident in their abilities and capabilities. Sometimes this self-confidence is unjustified, but the way a man sees himself is important to all women.

Decent appearance

Of course, girls aren’t as obsessed with physical attractiveness as men, but they also pay attention to how their potential partner looks like. The only thing that’s important for a woman is to be sure her loved one takes good care of himself, wears clean clothes that suit him well, and watches his figure. There’s nothing complicated in this, but many men don’t follow even these simple rules. And then they start wondering why women don’t care about them.

most attractive traits in a manPassion

Almost all women are very emotional, so passion is really one of the attractive traits in a man for them. This means that you should never forget about compliments and be faithful and loyal. These simple rules can become a guarantee of a happy family life because the lack of romance between two people always pushes them away from each other. Passionate men conquer women's minds and hearts. Romantic dates, beautiful words, and passionate nights of love – all this makes women go crazy.


No matter how smart a woman is, she always wants to see a worthy companion, who can keep any conversation going or even teach her something. This makes intelligence one of the most important traits in a man. Of course, if a woman isn’t very smart, she won’t pay much attention to her companion’s IQ level, but most ladies look for intelligence in a man. But try not to seem too smart. You never know what words can hurt a woman because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s no match for the person next to her. If you constantly brag about your intelligence, sooner or later your partner may find someone who’s less well-read but cherishes her more than you do.


Just like a man, a woman will never choose a companion who suffers from complexes and is not sure of his words or actions. That’s why self-confidence is one of the key traits of a good man. To make a woman admire you and attract her attention, you must be totally confident in yourself and make a pleasant impression on others. No matter how strong and independent a woman is, she needs to know that she can rely on her partner. A man may not have all the positive qualities women like so much, but if he truly believes that he’s the best, he will always be much more attractive than other guys.

Social skills

A man who wants to attract women’s attention should be an interesting communicator, easy-going, and able to keep a conversation going. If he spends all the time at a party sitting alone at a table with a glass of whiskey, it’s unlikely that he’ll attract women’s attention.

A cheerful, self-confident guy, who’s in the center of attention and entertains others, will make any girl interested in him. For this, you don’t need to know how to juggle with oranges or dance like Michael Jackson. You just need to stay active and evoke positive emotions in people around you.

Traits of a good man

Here are the most attractive traits in a man that make him a worthy candidate for the role of a partner.


Instead of just pretending that you’re leading an exciting life, try to show that you really live it. Let your companion know that life with you will resemble a roller coaster. Change your house and your wardrobe; change your car and all that is part of you. Let all these things become a part of your personality. If you want to appear a sporty and cheerful person, don’t drive Toyota Prius. Don’t confuse this tip with mercantilism; that’s not what we’re talking about. A mercantile man buys things he doesn’t really need. And we’re talking about buying things that reflect your true ‘I.’


This is one of the best traits in a man. It shows how well you are fit for relationships. Don’t confuse the concepts of ‘real man’ and ‘scumbag.’ Never treat women with disrespect and never raise your hand against them, at least unless your girlfriend isn’t the heavyweight boxing champion.

Love of cooking

The man becomes ten times sexier once he puts on the apron. Any woman secretly dreams of her partner cooking a romantic and delicious dinner for her. However, the ability to cook a simple omelet also counts.

important traits in a manEmotionality

Many women claim that they want to meet a sensitive, emotional guy, who’s in harmony with himself. Forget about it; this is nonsense for Twilight fans. Of course, you shouldn’t be insensitive, as the ability to experience emotions is one of the traits of a good man. Nevertheless, you also have to remain sober and be able to give a helping hand to those who need it. All you basically need here is love for your partner. There’s no need to feel sorry for yourself or cry like a little girl every time you watch a drama.


No, you won’t make a woman fall in love with you by fighting with her every single day, especially if you don’t have the reason for a fight. But a little bit of jealousy in the relationship only spices it up.


One of the main character traits of a good man is his reliability. It provides confidence in the future and peace in the family which are simply vital for the normal development of a relationship. Lack of reliability becomes the factor that allows a man to do only what he likes, not taking his loved one’s interests into account. In this case, he can’t become a real protector. Such man will never be able to give a sense of security. He can’t even be reproached for this, as he just doesn’t understand what he’s criticized for.

Listening skills

An equally important quality of a good man is his ability to listen. It’s especially important if you’re going to build a family because, without it, it’s impossible to achieve mutual understanding. The family itself requires the solution of a large number of very different issues, from simple ones to very serious troubles. And when people don’t hear each other, they can’t solve problems. To find out if you have this quality, pay attention to whether you’re listening to your partner’s personal experiences and problems or not.


The sincerity of a man will become the basis of a strong and happy family. This quality is among the main traits of a real man, as well. Your girlfriend won’t be happy to live with a mysterious guy. She’ll start having suspicions, thinking that you hide something. Sometimes carelessness can lead to very serious problems. And even if nothing irreparable happens, you won’t be able to go hand in hand with a person after learning that your views on the world and the joint future are completely different. Sincerity builds trust, without which, it’s impossible to create a strong and happy relationship.


Despite the growing independence of women, the man must take an active position in everything that concerns the relationship. This doesn’t mean that a woman should immediately become passive. This means that a man should take an active part in discussing future joint plans, be interested in emerging problems in his loved one’s life, and try to solve them. Having such man by her side, a woman always knows that she can count on his help no matter what happens.

If a man takes a passive position, making his partner solve all the issues on her own, he won’t be able to maintain a relationship for long, as all the problems of the future family, including financial ones, will be put on fragile female shoulders. But the worst thing is that such man’s partner automatically becomes guilty of all mistakes both companions make. Passive men are perfect only for women who deliberately seek to become the head of the family and guide its development on their own, counting only on themselves.

Bottom line

These were all the good traits in a man that attract women’s attention. Look around and see whom the prettiest and smartest women date. They choose their men not because they are incredibly handsome or intelligent, but mostly because they live their lives how they want and aren’t afraid to express their own ‘I.’ Don’t believe all that nonsense women say when they tell about what they like about men. Make sure that you know what they want watching your surroundings. Become a man who’s able to satisfy their true desires. Try to be a man able to make a woman happy for the rest of her life and try not to become the next ‘bad guy who cheated on me and ran away.’

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