Marrying a Russian Woman: How to Find Russian Girls for Marriage and Avoid Scam

People nowadays make new friends through the Internet because dating sites have become an integral part of our lives. You can get acquainted with a lot of interesting people from other countries and cities there, meet girl online and find true love. But if it is about getting to know a Russian woman on the network, then men are often lost. Not everyone knows how to get acquainted on the Internet and avoid scammers.

Therefore, it is worth revising several useful tips on the topic of how to get to know and chat with Russian girls from a ladies gallery on dating sites so that you always feel confident and free. These skills would certainly come in handy for those who have never tried online dating.

why marry Russian women

How to Find a Russian Girl: 5 Main Steps

Online dating is quite popular. This is due to the fact that both girls and guys feel more confident and protected when communicating on dating sites. Therefore, it is very important to know how to find a Russian girl on the Internet because it is much easier than in real life.

Change yourself for the better

Do it at least on the Internet. Your account should look exemplary. You should pay attention to everything. Even a small thing can cause failure. Therefore, start analyzing every element of your page. Try several sites/applications at once, including world-famous and poorly developed startups. The wider you spread the network, the more likely you will find the perfect platform for yourself, and the higher the chance of a response (pure mathematics) will be. And then start with yourself – review all your photos first. Perhaps, among them, there are not the most successful ones that are worth deleting. Add actual photos. Take them in some unusual places. You shouldn’t upload photos with alcohol, cigarettes or from clubs and with ex-girlfriends. Let it all remain somewhere far away in the archives. The same goes for videos. Remember the main rule – your profile should show and scream that you live a beautiful and vibrant life!

Decide what you want

Be sure to indicate for what purpose you are looking for a woman. Feel free to write “for a serious relationship and creating a family.” Be sure to describe your future partner in detail. To make it easier for a girl to start a conversation with you, indicate as fully as possible your vision of your relationship with her. But if appearance is really very important, and you imagine your future woman looks like Angelina Jolie or some famous model, then there is no need to write a restriction on weight, height. Besides, you should neither dwell on the color of her hair nor the cut of her eyes nor rush to limit the age of your future girlfriend. Just indicate that you love sports, have a good body shape, and want to find a woman who will match you. That is, first of all, indicate your religion, interests, hobbies in free time, and so on.

Show imagination and interest

If you want to find Russian women to marry, then don’t be banal. “Hello, how are you, you’re pretty” – every Russian girl receives dozens of such messages. A lot of guys write to a beautiful girl on a dating site. A simple hello will not work. She will ignore it, and you will look for another girl. Find a more original way to start a conversation. After you revise your profile, you can go directly to communication. How to become interesting and original for Russian girls? The answer lies in their pages. Open it and read the contents. Here you will see girls’ preferences in music, photographs, perhaps books that you have already read. And here again, try to be original, choose something that is not intended for everyone. It can be a rare film, music that few people listen to, any book, and so on. This is what is worth writing about. Find out a woman’s opinion, share yours, and the dialogue will start by itself.

how to avoid scam onlineAnswer inconvenient questions

It often happens that dating Russian women, they ask very uncomfortable questions. This is often about money. In this case, you shouldn’t look confused. If the material part is not going smoothly for you, then focus on the spiritual component. In practice, it looks something like this, “How much do you earn?” “And are you interested only in the wallet of a man?” “Do you have a car?” “I am saving up, I don’t want to buy cheap or used ones.” Your every answer should present you in a better light. And no girl should drive you into a corner with questions, the answer to which doesn’t represent you in a favorable light. You will always have the opportunity to get out of the situation. It is also recommended sometimes ignoring some questions that you don’t want to answer. Just pretend you didn’t notice this message.

Don’t rush things

How to marry a Russian woman? If you are still looking for options to get to know a girl on the Internet in originally, here is a good tip: don’t rush things, don’t offend her, and don’t be jealous. Until you met in person and your romance started, don’t write about things that hint at intimacy. Vulgar questions like, “What turns you on the most?”, an invitation to spend the night together, hints about who you are in bed should be on the list of forbidden phrases and actions. The first days of communication should be careful because both partners should feel the character and temperament of each other. If you say awkward things from the very beginning, seem strange or frank, then this can also scare away a Russian woman. Such phrases can be said at the maximum level of trust when you have already met and begun to share secret details from life with each other.

Main Signs to Spot an Online Scammer

You have surely faced with various forms of scam on the Internet, namely on dating sites. How to spot scammers at the very beginning of communication?

The main goal of such women is to get your money, passwords from bank cards or accounts on social networks. There are even such vile schemes when a beautiful young lady of 18-25 years old seduces a man (usually with low self-esteem), interests him, gets what she wants, and then blackmails him for money. This is not the most pleasant situation. To not become the next victim of Russian scammers, it is worth noticing online dating scam warning signs.

Look at the profile

How to avoid online romance scam? Oddly enough, all the scammers on the network have something in common. A female scammer is usually over 20, she is beautiful and can make you be interested. There is a selfie in tight clothing that emphasizes all the charms of her body. If your new acquaintance fits this description and in general, she is not credible, be careful. According to a survey, only 20% of users of dating sites regularly check information about their new friends. If a woman is not registered anywhere except a dating site, then you should carefully check such a candidate. Perhaps she is not the one who claims to be or hides something.

Your match professes love early on

Carefully read the messages that a woman sends you. There you can notice one of the most obvious signs of a scam. As a rule, if you are sent messages without addressing by name, replacing it with “Honey,” “Dear” and other pleasant nicknames, most likely, not only you've received this text. Pay attention to the details, inconsistencies and logical flaws in the information that you receive from the woman. Her task is to make you fall in love with her, never having met her. Each of scammers has their own methods, but all of them have a lot in common. Their letters can often be about nothing, but they will certainly be abundantly flavored with compliments and confessions in the most tender feelings. In communication, they use standard sets of phrases about love, loyalty, and seriousness of a relationship.

They want to meet you, but something always comes up

Ask for a meeting. If these are international dating sites, then start with Skype; if the dating is local, then meet in a public place. If you can’t meet your potential partner, then most likely, she simply doesn’t exist. When Russian women want to marry, they try to meet as soon as possible. Competition is a strong force. But scammers often say that they had already allegedly gone to a meeting, but unexpected circumstances arose along the way, so the date had to be postponed. For example, a woman wanted to go on a date so much, but she got in some accident, so she couldn’t come yesterday. In general, they will come up with a lot of reasons to avoid a date.

They avoid video chat completely

Every second victim of a female scammer has never seen her face. Such women often call, write in chat but avoid video communication sessions. The reason may be different: the webcam has broken, a video connection is prohibited at work and others. Her phone number may correspond to the country from which she allegedly calls. But technology has gone so far that a woman can be in a nearby staircase, and you will think that she is calling from Russia. Typically, people who want to get to know each other don’t hide from the webcam and are ready to come to a personal meeting. To do this, they need from a week to two months.

They request money from you

They are Russian women with a difficult fate (raising a child alone, etc.) and a great desire to get to know you. After a passionate correspondence with love confessions, the scammer offers to go on a real date and come to the country of the victim. At this moment, “small difficulties with money” begin, so they can’t get a visa, they don’t have money for air travel, and so on. Accordingly, they need financial assistance. Each letter is supported by a description of your future happy life together. Most scammers are very good psychologists, they can deceive anyone. So, don’t send money to strangers under any pretext – having received what they want, they simply disappear from your life forever. Such requests are scam warning signs.

Useful Tips to Avoid Scammers

Online dating is the most popular way of communication today. It is so convenient to find the best girl without leaving your home. But everything is not so simple. The virtual world provides great opportunities not only for communication but also for deception.

dating Russian womenAs a rule, it’s easier for scammers to work on the Web, especially if the victim is not experienced. So, how to avoid a scam?

Ask specific questions and check if you receive answers on these questions

Ask leading questions and carefully review all the answers. Scammers try to talk about themselves as little as possible so that they are not taken by surprise. Sometimes, instead of a living person, a bot program that is programmed for a specific conversation can chat with you. This is usually easy to understand from the general answers without any reference to the course of the correspondence. It will circumvent your direct questions, ignore them, referring to lack of time and other nonsense. So, pay attention to how you are answered. This is how to avoid scam online easily. Scammers usually use template letters with sensual declarations of love, ignoring the questions of the interlocutor.

Always show your honesty to her

If you think that they will believe you easily, then you are mistaken. You should be honest in what a scammer is asking but don’t talk too much about yourself. For example, don’t mention that you are going on vacation in a week, and the apartment will be empty for several days because it can lead to many problems. You should also keep your salary and passport details in secret. If she asks you for a phone number, don’t rush to give it. To get started, try to get to know a new friend better. But most importantly, avoid meeting with those women you still don’t know very well. Any other information like hobbies, free time, interest, traveling, and so on, can be discussed. There is no need to lie about it.

Don’t get paranoid

Excessive suspicion makes people paranoid. Unfortunately, our society is fertile ground for the growth of “diseases” of this kind. All the failures that invariably occur in the path of everyone are magnified by the prism of public opinion and begin to destructively affect the mind. A suspicious man is wholly in the grip of his mind. He will look for the slightest signs of confirmation of his paranoia, ignoring rational arguments. Conclusions are made once and for all. So, try not to pay so much attention to such trifles like scammers on dating sites. If you meet them once, it doesn’t meet that all Russian girls want to deceive you.

In general, why marry Russian women if there are many other girls? Everyone will answer you that these ladies are the best. But dating Russian girls on special sites is a great but not always safe way to establish a personal life. Always keep a cold mind despite beautiful photos and pleasant communication. Many scammers are good psychologists who know how to establish communication with a specific man in such a way as to lure him into the trap and manipulate him.

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