How To Date Eastern European (Slavic) Women & Girls: All-In-One Guide For Your Success

Dating eastern European ladies is a choice more and more Western gents make after quite a bit of shopping around. No wonder, Ukrainian ladies are topping the charts of the sexiest specimen on Planet Earth. A Slovenian lady is THE lady for a reason too, right?

If you are contemplating on how to meet European women best – see our full guide below, that we compiled after talking to a few dozen western men, who have been there and done that.

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Why Men Prefer an Eastern European Lady

There are 3 major reasons for trying to find a girlfriend or a wife in Eastern Europe:

  • Western ladies are too emancipated and not too feminine, while you are in the conservative spectrum and prefer a lady to remain a lady. You need somebody to look after the house, kids, and yourself. In the hindsight, you love borsch too.
  • You are looking for a somebody white, being quite unexotic in your personal tastes. You may also think, that a white girl will fit better in your neighborhood. So you dismiss the Latin American ladies and Asian order mail brides, even though they, too, are pretty and feminine.
  • You hear the majority of Eastern European ladies are pretty pretty (tautology intended), with many of them being drop-dead gorgeous; which is a bonus you don’t mind at all.

Eastern European Women: What Are They Like?

OK, we are in the globalization curve of human evolution, so it's not all that it used to be a decade ago. Eastern European ladies have been keeping the track with the rest of the world: they have seen Breaking Bad, Desperate housewives, and know that espresso has not X to it.

Evolution and globalization aside, the level of emancipation has not yet reached the Western levels for sure, where ladies don’t use make up much in everyday life and hardly ever cook.

You can safely assume an eastern European woman to have the following qualities:

  • Accept the dominance of a man in the family in terms of providing for the family and taking care of conservatively male duties.
  • Cook pretty delish food pretty regularly. Tasty food. Like real tasty stuff, you can't get enough of time after time again. Like grandma-style home cooking.
  • Be naughty & resourceful in bed. We will leave that without much comment, apart from the fact, that it’s a quote from one of our respondents.
  • Be a hyper parent. As in obsessive. Relentless. Too much sometimes.

Most outdated Stereotypes about Slavic girls

Without much ado, let’s review the most popular stereotypes about Eastern European brides.

They are humble. Not so much, ha? Did you see how Melania takes her hand off her husband in front of the cameras? This is lots of character. You get what you ask for. When treated nicely, Slavic girls will reciprocate. But if something feels wrong, she will let you know.

They don’t speak English. Many do speak decent or passable English. With globalization expanding its reach to the furthest corners, it's more and more so.

eastern european girlsThey are too material. This one is an adage coming from the litany of ladies in the dating industry, who are addicted to the process. There is a certain segment of ladies who are there for fun, gifts, and fancy dinners. May this not discourage you from the search for a genuine loving creature out there. They are many. They are more than gold diggers.

Many Slavic Women Look For Love Abroad. Why?

Their reasons are multiple, below are the key ones:

  • They are looking for gentlemanliness in men: good manners, respect for women, occasional help around the house.
  • They live in the province, where men stat drinking early and take bad care of their families. Couples don’t travel and live unexciting lives.
  • They want to have access to opportunities western citizens have – making a career that actually pays off, have a chance to work for an international company, get access to medical care when needed.

Is It Easy To Attract an Eastern European Lady?

It takes extra effort to get in touch and stat chatting for one reason: you speak different languages, or her English might not be as perfect.

If this hindrance is out of the way, then, the short answer is:

  • If a lady is single and is open to marrying a foreigner, then you have a huge advantage just by having been born in the UK, USA or Italy. You have a head start of 50-70%, compared to a local guy with the same affluence and demographic parameters.
  • If a lady has never considered marrying outside of the country and has not registered on any dating website or so, then you have some work to do in terms of opening her up to the idea and seeing how tight her anchors in her home country are: career, family, real state and such.

Overall, love knows no borders, so apart from the overall openness in the Eastern European mentality to marriages in mid and late-20s, as compared to the western norm of 30-s, getting a Slavic lady may take just slightly less effort, then getting a western lady.

Where to get acquainted with eastern European girls?

If you tasked yourself with a mission to meet eastern European women, consider, in the order of likelihood, the following places:

Dating websites. You know she is up for it. You know she has been learning some English. You can see her. You can chat with her. If anything – this is a great way to polish your pick up skills.

Dating apps. The best method is to use Tinder and similar dating apps when you are already abroad. Swipe and start chatting right away.

Try and check in with the mate, who is married to a Slavic girl already in your neighborhood: the wife may have friends & relatives and attend diaspora meetings.

Which countries do I visit to meet Eastern European Girls?

This is our top 3 countries to find Eastern European women for marriage:

  • Ukraine: Odesa, Kyiv, Lviv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Mykolayiv, Kherson
  • Belarus: Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel
  • Russia: St. Pete, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Volgograd [you want to stay away from Moscow, the competition is too high and the price tag is through the roof].

The Dating Tips, Rules & best practices from insiders

An Alpha-Male? Way To Go!

Oh, yes, in this part of the world, chicks love a confident guy. This is our top tip on how to date a Slavic girl for a reason. Not only being an alpha male will help you get a girl, keeping a girl is impossible without being confident. It is highly recommended that you come into a relationship with all wounds healed and your head high up. Have confidence in what you are and believe with every cell of yours, that you deserve to be loved.

Be A True Gentleman

Even though you might think, it overrides the first advice of ours – and you are pretty much right too – this is the expectation.

Slavic ladies like it rough on the outside and soft and tender inside. They want their man to face the world with the fearless demeanor but want to be cuddled up now and then – like in the broad daylight out of nowhere, when she cooks something for you.

Don’t Rush To Move In Together

Keep the distance for a bit. Stretch out the romantic part of the relationship for a few months at least. This way, you both get to know each other perfectly, and she gets all the sentimental attention she is looking to find without having to scrub dishes for you right away.

Try To Master The Lingo

When you date European women, you may have a gap in communication. Some of it you will never manage to bridge: it’s cultural. But if you plan to marry a girl and have kids with her, try and start learning some basic vocabulary and the ABC. With all the free YouTube videos, language apps, and Preply tutor finding apps. Learning a language is just a matter of persistence.

Espouse The Local Culinary Scene & Cultural Particulars

If you want her to cook for you, you'd better not be fussy about what you eat. But then, again, not to get too stereotypical, quite a lot of younger ladies nowadays get into a vegetarian spectrum. The 30+ generations don't have that as much.

If we are talking about the rule of thumb trends, the further away from the capital, the more likely it is, that a lady will cook awesome grandma-style foods, that might be on the slightly unhealthy yet divinely delicious side.

Travel Her Home Country Together

This tip is for quite an advanced stage, let's say half a year plus. If you feel you guys are damn serious and are considering marriage in your private corners, go and explore her home country. This is a chance to bond even more and to narrow the cultural differences gap.

girls from eastern europeShow Genuine Interest In Her Family

If anything, do it out of your selfish interest. By knowing her family you will find out the ways of daily routines, holidays, that your chosen lady is used to. You will know where she comes from, her starting point, her values, her comfort zone.

But establishing good contact with her family you also make things easier for yourself: you always have an accomplice when it comes to organizing a surprise Birthday Party for her or selecting an engagement ring for her.

Consider Presenting Her A Gift From Time To Time

Once you decide to find an eastern European woman, you have to be ready to exhibit your feelings in some material or sentimental investments. Better a combo of both.

Romance matters a lot in Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Slovene cultures. And one of the ways to be romantic is to present your lady with a bouquet of roses or get her a bag she'd been eyeing on your stroll in the shopping area. The key thing is to do it out of the blue, for no obvious reason, without a big occasion like a birthday or something. Send her a box of exquisite lingerie with a satin ribbon or get her the paint for her artistic hobby.

Such a token of your love doesn't have to be crazily expensive. But if you keep them going every couple of months – this will be a good bonding material.

Top tip To Meet Eastern European Women: Be Yourself

This is one advice we swear by. Don’t pretend to be somebody else, somebody better. The earlier you come naked emotionally, the better. If what you are scares her off – you are no longer wasting your time. Reveal your inner self rather early. By pretending to be better than you are, nobody wins.

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