How to Win Your Wife Back

If you are interested in this problem, then you have probably done something bad, and you want to get your partner back. But this is not impossible, you just need to know a few things about relationships to increase your chances of getting your partner back. However, you should remember that if you believe that your relationship is over and there is no future to it, then you should not drag it out, break up, and find a woman online.

That being said, let’s talk about some signs that you can win back your wife.

how to win back your ex wife

Signs You Can Win Your Wife Back Before a Divorce

Relations Specialist Samantha Burns says, “Having difficulties does not mean that you are destined to break up. Some problems are more difficult to overcome than others, but success or failure in the process of building relationships depends on how you deal with these problems." Below you will find some signs that you can still get over your problems and rebuild your relationship.

1. You are still a team

Regardless of who is to blame for a particular problem, happy couples overcome it together as a team. Burns gave us the following example, "Even if you bought a car without my approval, and it madly angered me, now we both have to decide how to pay the bills." It is this attitude that she calls, "the power of WE." Such couples can continue to look into the future with the realization that they love each other, even when one is unhappy with the decision of the other.

2. You are both responsible for what happened

Obviously, the fact that your partner is cheating on you is not your fault. In this situation (as in any other) it is important to consider the causes of what happened on both sides. Perhaps your partner is having difficulty making commitments or managing their desires. Maybe you were too emotionally distant.

Burns believes, “Often, the restoration of trust is impossible until both partners realize their role, active or passive, in the emergence of problems that led to infidelity. Accepting responsibility for the separation between you is the key to creating a new and stronger shared future.”

Whatever the cause of the incident was, it is very important to engage in introspection. If you are in a situation in which no one wants to admit that they were wrong, then the problems will recur one way or another.

3. You have not lost your sense of love

This is an important circumstance and the reason why many believe that love conquers everything. If you and your partner still love each other and can show this feeling, then your relationship is more likely to survive the most destructive misconduct. “In happy couples, partners are committed to understanding each other's manifestations of love. This makes it easier to resolve the conflict and reestablish your emotional connection.

You can use words, gifts, hanging out, caring, or physical contact to learn how to speak the language of love of your partner, especially if your couple is facing some difficulties. If nothing seems to work, then stop chasing the past and use one of those single ladies dating sites and find a new bride for yourself.

4. Do you have external support?

Nowadays, thanks to the popularity of social networks, we can easily communicate with other people and choose any partner we like. We are convinced that after any mistake or betrayal of a partner, we must move on and look for someone more worthy. After all, the choice is so great!

Burns believes that "Today, women, especially those who are proud of their independence and power, are ashamed to continue their relationship with a cheating man." If you are trying to solve a problem, it will be better to be surrounded by friends and family members who are more willing to listen to your experiences than with people who only make negative comments and encourage you to leave your partner.

how to win your ex wife back5. You both want to fix it

In the end, the relationship will not fix itself. Burns gave us the following advice, “If you tried to directly indicate to your partner their unwillingness to change anything or resist change, but they deny responsibility for their actions, refuse to change, invest energy in solving problems, they do not want to make an effort or visit a psychotherapist with you then perhaps it's time to end such a relationship.”

While any difficulties can be overcome under the circumstances mentioned above, it is important to remember that there is a problem that cannot be tolerated: any kind of physical or psychological violence must be stopped. Yes, people, in this case, can change, but it is not worth it to wait and hope that this is going to happen.

Main Mistakes to Avoid in Winning Your Wife Back

Have you made a mistake? It’s never too late to fix it. After reading the next part of the article, you will learn how to restore a relationship if you thoughtlessly broke it up, as well as what needs to be done if your partner initiated a breakdown due to a mistake you made. You will learn how to quickly solve problems and avoid repeating common mistakes.

You show your dissatisfaction with your relationship

Relations are impossible without mutual expectations. When entering into a love union, we always expect something: happiness, mutual success, prosperity, comfort. But if you have not felt anything in your romance for a long time except for total dissatisfaction, then this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. The inner work together, as well as the help of a psychologist, are very important here, but it often happens that partners are simply not able to find common ground at some point (especially when the initial stages of a relationship is long behind you). The worst thing that can happen for you after a breakup is that you fall into this pit of pain and regret, then you do your best to restore that relationship to find out that you don’t want to live with that partner anymore.

It is important to understand the following. In a healthy relationship, people may be angry at each other, but they should not experience fundamental resentment and discontent with everything that happens around. Otherwise, your relationship will be more like serving a sentence than a union of two loving hearts.

You don’t do anything to regain their trust

If you have made a mistake and now you want to rebuild your relationship that broke apart because of what you did in the past, then you have to become a different person, you have to learn from your mistakes. Otherwise, what’s the point of rebuilding something that you don’t truly care about?

You overcomplicate the healing process

If you broke apart because of some minor issue that has already been resolved, it had something to do with, let’s say, child’s education, or deciding to move to another city for one reason or another, then the issue has already been solved, someone decided to make a compromise, and there is no need to visit psychologists and spend all of that money on things you don’t need. You have to find the root of the problem and ask yourself, "Do you need professional help or both of you are willing to fix it yourself?" Now that we know the common mistakes that men do in the pursuit of their exes, let’s look into some ways how you can win back your ex-wife.

Guide to Win Back Your Ex-Wife

Let’s say that, after reading the information below, you want to fight for the love of your wife and you want to bring her back. How should you do it? What steps should you take to rebuild your broken relationships? Here are some ways to win your wife back.

Contact your partner

How to win your wife back? If you want to return your ex, your main task is to talk to them. Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do. Be sincere and act fast. However, do not show your despair and helplessness. If your partner initiated a breakup due to a mistake you made, allow them to cool down before attempting to take any action. Take your time, wait at least a day. Give your partner enough time to deal with emotions. If you’ve made a mistake, contact your partner as soon as possible to make them know that you understand what you did wrong. Call them as soon as possible and apologize.

How to win back your wife? If you are sending a text message, remember that it should be simple and short. It’s better to text a short message about what you think about a person than to try to express your deep feelings in a difficult and complicated way. Just do not overdo it, one or two messages will be enough. Think before you go to the person's house. It is better to avoid such behavior, as a person might think that you are pursuing them. Remember, if you were not invited, it is better not to come.

Admit your mistakes

How to win your wife back? Tell your ex that you understand what you did wrong. Talk about your fault, even if your partner was also not quite right. Now it is not the time to sort things out or behave rudely with your ex. If you want to return them, just say, "I was wrong, and I'm very sorry." If your partner made a mistake, tell them that you forgive them. Try to resolve this situation. Be a sincere and honest person. If you do not regret what happened, why are you trying to get your ex back? Do not waste your time.

I want my wife backShow that you are ready to change

How to win back your ex-wife? It’s not enough to know what your mistake was. Your ex should see your first steps towards positive change. Start taking the necessary steps now. Get ready to change. Unfortunately, some problems do not have simple solutions. Instead of focusing on the problems themselves, show that you are ready to change, working on what can be changed. If you are a heavy smoker and your ex hates this habit, try to give up smoking. Your ex should see this. Show them that you have changed.

Tell your partner that they are very important to you

How to win your wife back from another man? Tell her that she is important to you. Also, say that your life is getting better when this person is near you. Describe the depth of your feelings. Be honest and sincere, avoiding flattering words. Tell your partner how your relationship with them has changed you for the better. Tell them what you have learned and how you have become better thanks to your relationship. Do not show that you are driven to despair. If you are going to tell your ex that you cannot live without her, or that there are no women like her, your words are unlikely to be taken seriously, it will be more of a threat, rather than a commitment to change.

Focus on fond memories

How to win her back? Remind your ex about the positive things that were in your relationship. Of course, you cannot ignore the problems you are facing, but try to focus on pleasant memories. Discuss the positive aspects that were in your relationship. What were the best memories of your relationship? What do you think was the best thing in your joint life?

Do something romantic

How to win your wife back after separation? Friendly gestures on your part are what your partner needs. Your ex should see your concern. This is a simple way to show how much you care about this person and the seriousness of your intention to restore relationships. Send flowers or sweets or prepare the favorite dish of your ex-partner. Write a love message to them. Take a pen and express your deepest feelings on paper. A love letter written on a piece of paper will affect your partner’s heart much more than a message or an email.

Put partner needs above your own

How to win your ex-wife back? Remember that the needs and desires of your partner must be higher than your own. Be a sincere person. Spend some time to solve the problems of your ex. Your loved one should know that a relationship with them is very important to you. Listen when your ex speaks. Show your delight when they share the good news with you. Do not interrupt or attempt to change the subject of a conversation.

What are you thinking about now? Is it “I want my wife back”? If so, then we hope that you have learned a thing or two from this article and the tips above will increase your chances at reestablishing a relationship with a woman you love so much.

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