How possible is a relationship between volatile Virgo and stationary Aquarius? How compatible are they for creating a strong union?

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For them, astrologers predict an excellent union. If considering each sign as a person, they are complete opposites. However, it is a perfect tandem. The representative of the earth element shows themselves as a severe and restrained person. Their main strength is being organized in all matters and cold-blooded in emergency situations. The Air sign is more chaotic. They are unique personalities who can only play by their own rules and can go with the flow. Virgo is so used to serving their loved ones to make them feel good. Air and Earth make an excellent tandem together.

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility

However, the signs differ in some character traits and views on things. For example, Virgo is volatile, while Aquarius is stationary. The characters are relatively distant from each other on the sky map. This is usually normal, but if you study more about the representatives of these elements, you can see that they have a lot in common.

For example, they are great at problem solving. They love to look at things from different angles if they need to find out-of-the-box solutions. Virgo are characterized by logic, just like Aquarius. Both elements are curious and like to learn everything about what’s going on around them. They are never bored together because they have many topics to discuss and many interesting things to do. Even if they don’t work out in love, they can remain great buddies who will enjoy fascinating conversations and joint research.

How do conservative Virgo and inventive Aquarius behave in bed? Are they fully compatible in sexual aspects? 

The elements have completely unalike characters, but this positively affects the sensual aspect. According to astrologers, this is a very exotic sexual couple. They can start as friends and end up as passionate lovers. The earth element often needs more time to fully reveal its needs and wishes and show its abilities. For this to happen, Aquarius needs to prove their openness and loyalty. Moreover, they will not be able to resist the charm of Virgo.

The couple may wish to expand and invite someone to join them, as this connection evolves. The air element is characterized by everything unconventional, so they are ready to explore unexplored areas. Earth may oppose such events, but they will keep their motives a secret until the end. It is worth remembering that the partner’s happiness is essential for Virgo.

Can Virgo establish a long-lasting friendship with Aquarius? Can we talk about the compatibility of these elements? 

Speaking of comradeship, the alliance is entirely compatible. Astrologers see that these two have every chance of becoming best friends for the ages. The stars predict that these two can boast a profound mutual comprehension. Aquarius’ desire for progress and innovation delights Virgo, while the latter impresses with emotional sensitivity. Yes, they are complete opposites, but this does not prohibit them from working together effectively and strengthening the alliance. They have idle evenings or spend hours arguing about various topics. Astrologers claim that they both dispense excellent advice and often act as confidants. Aquarius is fickle, but Virgo is stable, guaranteeing loyalty and faithfulness to each other for years to come.

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility percentage

So, is Virgo an excellent match for Aquarius? Are they able to become real soulmates?

Both elements desire deep love and support. They can give it. Things are not easy in terms of romance, but if working hard, showing patience and fortitude, making compromises, there is a chance of becoming soul mates. It all depends on both partners. It is enough to persevere and work on all the difficulties that have arisen. 

Potential problems in the relationship of self-made personalities. Is Virgo able to live with Aquarius happily? 

Communication causes the most difficulties. Although signs must communicate openly, honestly, and open-mindedly, both tend to ignore some issues. It is typical for these people to rarely talk about their psychological state, which leads to resentment and misunderstanding. Trivialities are capable of accumulating until someone decides to act.

Do astrologists foresee emotional compatibility for mundane Virgo and airy Aquarius?

From time to time it’s difficult for them to connect on an emotional level. One is free-spirited, easy-going, airy, and likes to go on dates because of the fun they have there. They strive to understand where the boundaries of love are and what love is all about. On the other hand, the earth element, on the other hand, sees the point in dating for the future. Both signs prioritize security and stability in a partner, and wish for marriage and a strong union.

The Airman can quickly get bored, and they will arrange a drama to excite their behalf and get the necessary emotional discharge. Virgo seeks to serve. They may not find that in an airy partner who is both passionate and cold.

The Earth sign thinks everything through to the last detail; they always have a backup plan. And the Air floats in the clouds and does not like to think ahead. Moreover, they can forget to answer the text and leave without saying anything to their soulmate. Therefore, their attitude to the second half manifests colder than she expects. On the contrary, the earth would run through a brick wall so that the other half would not need anything and would be happy. If they see they do not receive the same return, they will decide that there is nothing to do.

It is vital for a couple to quickly solve problems, avoid unnecessary complications and get even closer. Overall, this is a good tandem which just needs to establish communication to ensure a long and lasting union. Like everyone else, it is important to trust each other. It is trust that is the key to a robust and reliable marriage.

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