How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook

You can hardly imagine your life without the Internet nowadays. For most people, social networks are the first thing they check waking up in the morning. It has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world. However, on the other side, it increases the number of breakups because of cheating. It is an increasingly commonplace tendency already since it’s pretty easy to meet single female and have a crush on a beautiful and easy-going lady on the other side of the screen. Emotional cheating happens pretty often and leads to a physical one over time. Easy access to chat rooms and social networks can lead to the collapse of even long-term relationships. Thus, modern technologies have provoked new temptations for married couples who feel bored. Now, thanks to social networks, people meet and chat with the opposite sex, not even knowing each other.

how to catch cheating on facebook

Do Social Media Make Cheating Easier?

Many scientific studies show that the frequent use of social networks is harmful to romantic relationships. As we have already said, technology has made it easier to cheat on a partner. Social Science Computer Review journal has published a study on this topic. Scientists divided couples into two groups. One of them had serious intentions towards partners, and the second one had casual relationships.

According to the data from the questionnaires, it turned out that all participants were satisfied with their relationships about the same. However, people from the second group had possible replacements for a partner in social networks. When researchers asked if there was someone among online friends with whom a serious relationship is possible, and not just flirt, the results in both groups were almost equal. Scientists have concluded that social media can do more harm than good for any type of relationship.

The age of the potential cheaters does not matter, but the degree of addiction to social networks is important: the more time a person spends in social networks, the greater the likelihood to find a backup plan is.

Is Liking Other People's Pictures Considered Cheating?

British psychologists have explained that the influence of Internet approvals in the form of “likes” can ruin relationships with loved ones. It is all about the so-called micro-cheating through social networks.

Micro-cheating has become a part of the “gray zone” that lies between friendship and romantic relationships. It is when someone cheats on their partner, but only a little bit. It can be something amazingly simple, for example, you can regularly put likes under someone’s posts on Instagram, or commenting on someone’s Facebook page, dreaming about a younger woman dating. Browsing the pages of ex-lovers and looking at pics can also be attributed to cheating.

Attachment develops even when you don’t exchange numerous messages. The Internet provides rich opportunities for social comparison, for example, you can compare your spouse with other people, basing on photos and videos. When viewing digital photos, the exchange becomes one-sided, a viewer gets the opportunity to privatize their viewing experience, individualizing emotional and/ or sexual attachment.

Images on social networks can evoke pleasant feelings and contribute to the production of certain hormones that are responsible for emotional attachment. It happens on the subconscious level. Emotional and/ or sexual attachment to images posted online by a stranger can quickly contribute to the emotional and/or sexual alienation of the partners.

Which Activities Can Be Treated As Cheating on Facebooksigns of cheating on facebook

Many people believe that cheating is necessarily about physical contact when you are passionately kissing with your ex or having rough sex with a colleague at a company’s party. However, there is such a concept as emotional cheating that is sometimes even more harmful and complicated than sexual intercourse. The digital era has broadened horizons in many aspects, and cheating hasn’t become an exception. Nowadays, a person can start cheating on Facebook or any other social network. It is surprising that social media is blamed for about 43% of breakups. Well, sometimes people don’t realize that their activities can be considered to be the signs of cheating on Facebook. However, more often they just try to justify themselves and pretend that there is nothing special about that, and they don’t show any cheating on Facebook signs. So, what is considered cheating on Facebook?

1. Additional fake profile

Some people create fake accounts to bully and insult others since they don’t want to show their true faces, but there are a lot of those who create a secret additional account to communicate with lovers. If there is no secret behind creating a fake profile, then most likely your partner will tell you about it and the purpose of its creation. However, if you have found out or created yourself a fake account that must remain a secret for a beloved one, then it’s already about cheating.

2. Uploading flirty pics

If you have a partner, it means that you have already met someone to share your lonely nights with, and you are not interested in attracting other people of the opposite sex. However, if a person continues to upload flirty pics, then chances are high that they are gatsbing, and this “performance” is devoted to one person with whom they are cheating on you. If a person tries to attract or impress someone on the Internet, who is definitely not their significant other, then it’s about at least emotional cheating.

3. Checking someone's online status

Modern technologies allow us to spy on people in all possible ways, starting with their last online status and to geolocation. Of course, sometimes we all check someone’s online status, but it is hardly about our exes. And if a person is waiting for constant updates and a new portion of pics of the person who is not their beloved partner, then they are involved in emotional cheating. It is just one step away from infidelity. You cannot pretend to be indifferent when all your thoughts are occupied with a possible lover.

4. Following potential lovers

If you are following a person who seems attractive to you or even hot, so you would not mind hooking up with them if you got a chance, then it means a lot. When you are not single, your mind should be free from thoughts about potential sexual intercourse with a stranger. And if you start following them and try to get in touch in all possible ways, then you are emotionally cheating on your partner and ready to proceed to more active actions.

5. Paying compliments

It is one thing to write a comment under your aunt’s cake and say that it looks delicious, and she is a wonderful cooker, and it’s a completely another thing to write someone that they are looking hot. If you have a partner, you cannot leave such compliments under the pics of other people. It doesn’t matter how hot they look, but if you imagine them with you or want to attract their attention, then you are emotionally cheating on your partner. It is how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook.

6. Sharing your intimate thoughts

To have a relationship with someone means to have a strong connection that goes far beyond physical contacts. Your partner is a shoulder to lean on and share all your fears and dreams. However, if you are sharing your intimate thoughts with someone who is not your partner and looking for emotional support, then it is a huge red flag. Acting this way, a person builds a strong emotional connection with a stranger and let them in their inner world. It is already about emotional cheating since you have got close to that person.

7. Exchanging memories with an ex

Some people decide to stay friends with their ex-partners and continue to follow each other on different social networks. However, it is one thing to have your ex on the contact list, and it is completely another thing to communicate with them all the time and exchange memories of wonderful moments that you had back in days. If you cannot turn this page even though you have already started a new relationship, it means that you are cheating on your current partner.

8. Exchanging private picturesis my girlfriend cheating on facebook

It is one thing when you exchange cute pics of your fluffy cat or ask a friend to help you with choosing an outfit for the upcoming event, and it is another story when you send them your private pics especially of erotic content. Some people get an adrenaline rush from acting this way, but it is not a funny game or a jump with a parachute. You can hurt the feelings of a beloved person.

9. Using sexy emoticons

If you try to avoid direct talks about your sexual desires and use sexy emoticons and stickers instead, it doesn’t mean that you are an innocent and loyal partner. You are crossing the line, and you should realize that before it will be too late. Emoticons help add visual effects and turn on one’s fantasies not worse than dirty talks. So, if you have found that your girlfriend is exchanging some sexy emojis with a male friend, it may be one of the signs she is cheating on Facebook.

10. Deleting your search history

If a person feels the need to delete their search history every time they use a browser because they don’t want a partner to find out what they were doing there, then it is a red flag. It can be about trust issues or shame. If you do something forbidden and want to cover your tracks, then you have a guilty conscious. You are crossing the line and well aware of that.

11. Sharing private things about a partner

A union is about the agreement of two people to have each other’s back, support, and love. You can share your secrets only with a beloved person, but if you do that with someone else, then it is a problem. The situation becomes worse if you share private things about your partner, trying to make them look in a bad light. You undermine your union and just cheat on your significant other.

12. Coming up with plans for the real meeting

How to tell if someone is cheating on Facebook? If a person is already making up plans for a real meeting with a representative of the opposite sex, then it may mean that they are ready to move to another level in their cheating. If this meeting has an entertainment purpose, then you are an ordinary cheater who is looking for adventures.

Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Facebook? How to Find Out

You have noticed that your girlfriend’s behavior has changed for some reason. And you suspect that it is somehow connected with her social networks. Maybe she has a love affair, and you have become a backup plan if nothing works out with a lover. How to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook? Well, of course, you can hire a detective, but why should you waste your money if you can just watch her conduct to answer the question, “Is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?” Just become more attentive than usual.

1. She is constantly online

If she has never been a fan of Facebook before, then now she is online 24/7. Someone texts her at night, and she doesn’t go to sleep till she ends the talk. If it happens regularly, and none of her friends has got into an incident, and she doesn’t have problems at work, then she might have found an interesting interlocutor who makes her smile and have fun.

2. She changes her status

How to find out if your spouse is cheating on Facebook? If you notice that she has changed her relationship status without a reason or hidden it, then it can point to her love affair on the side. Even though many people believe that its stupid to pay attention to such things, women attach too big importance to such things. So, now you know how to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook.

3. She ignores your commentscheating on facebook signs

You tag your partner in a pic, and she doesn’t respond to it or even unmarks it for some reason as if she doesn’t want it to appear on her news feed. If a girl starts behaving as if you are not together, then maybe it is really so. If she didn’t mind your comments before, and now they become a problem, then it is a red flag.

4. One name pops up all the time

If you see that a man comments on all her pics, and his name pops up again and again, it may mean that it is not an accident. You should better talk about this situation to find out what happens. She may have started a love affair right in front of you.

5. She stops posting couple pics

Some people hate to share their personal lives on the Internet. However, if she did that earlier all the time, posting your cute couple pics, and now she is alone everywhere, then she might pretend to be single not to scare away her potential lower.

6. She doesn’t leave her phone

If she has signed out from her Facebook account on the common laptop and started protecting her phone as if it is her holy grail, then she might hide something. How to catch cheating on Facebook? Ask her directly about these changes and watch her reaction.

7. She has hidden her friends

If earlier her friend list was open to you, then now you see just your common friends or don’t see anyone. Such changes in combination with all the previous points may suggest that she tries hard to hide something from you.

If you have noticed that your partner’s behavior has changed dramatically for the last time, it’s better to make an investigation and find out everything right away. Turning a blind eye to this situation, you risk finding yourself with a broken heart, being left high and dry.

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