Dating a Russian Girl: Romancecompasscom Review

There are so many beautiful women all across the world, and all men have their own preferences when it comes to beautiful ladies. I have my own preferences too, and it just so happens that I am very fond of Russian women, the way they look, the way they talk, their character, and just the way they live their lives. In this review, I would like to talk about my experiences in Russian women dating and doing that by using Romancecompass. If you want to meet girl online, then this is the site for you. It has a huge ladies gallery that no sane man can ignore.

best way to date a russian girl

Main Characteristics of a Russian Girl

To kick off this review I would like to first talk about the common characteristics of Russian girls that I adore, and these will serve as the main reasons why I chose to date them in the first place. After all, you have quite a lot of options to choose from on the Internet, you can date virtually any nationality of women online and do it for free, so what makes Russian girls so special to me?

High intelligence

Russian girls are very smart, and it is due to a lot of factors that have to do with the Russian culture and their education system. The older generation of parents that are now around 50 to 60 was very demanding of their children in terms of their achievements in school and higher education institutions. But the sudden change in the way people perceived life and job opportunities made Russian people that grew up during to 90s quite competitive. Sure, some are more competitive than the others, but one thing remains the same, the education system in Russia is quite strong.

Natural Beauty

What do Russian women look like? This one, I suppose, doesn’t have anything to do with the culture or any other factor that has to do with society, yet it is one of the biggest reasons to date a Russian girl. Why are Russian women so hot? It is all about genes, and Russian girls are blessed in this regard. There is a great deal of diversity when it comes to their looks, there are no real stereotypes or rules. However, if one thing is for certain, it is that Russian girls definitely inherit something that makes them beautiful, I am not a scientist, I am an ordinary man that likes gorgeous ladies. To be honest, I can’t really imagine my life right now without the joy of Russian girl dating.

Good sense of humor

The most common way of spending some quality time and relaxing after work is to hang out with your friends or family members. When you are in the company of the people you like, you feel quite a bit more comfortable, and thus, a great sense of humor is very much valued in the company of friends. And this is yet another thing that Russian girls have plenty of.

i want to date a russian girlHospitality

Russian women display all the most important qualities of Russian culture. Hospitality is certainly one of such qualities. Sure, some of the old-timers may not trust Russian people all that much, but, in reality, Russian culture is quite vivid, wholesome, and they love meeting guests at their homes.


If you are still not sure whether you should meet Russian women, then here’s yet another important thing to remember. Family plays a large role in the lives of Russian people. Giving birth to a child is considered to be the greatest happiness a woman can experience in her entire life. Cheating is also very much rare in Russia, so as long as you keep your wife happy and don’t give her any clear reasons to find happiness on the side, she will be very loyal to you and your family in general.

How to Find a Russian Girl: 10 Main Tips

I hope that you now understand why I am so obsessed with these women, but how should you meet them? What should be done to win over the heart of a Russian woman?

1. Where to start the search for the perfect Russian girl?

First, a young man should decide what he wants to get from a Russian woman. If he plans to date a Russian lady for a one-night relationship, then he should not count on their further continuation. Communication with a potential companion should not turn into sex on the first or second date. At least, you should not rush things on purpose, especially if the girl is not ready for intimate relationships. It is important to immediately separate two possible options: you either look for a woman for a serious relationship or just a sexual partner. It is important to note that a man should only meet with one female representative. You do not need to date several Russian ladies at once to determine the choice of a woman as soon as possible. This attitude to finding a permanent girl will not lead to anything good.

2. Where to find a Russian Girl?

After you have decided to find a Russian woman and that you need a serious relationship, you can proceed to the second stage - choosing a place to meet. If you want to find a good, loyal, modest girl who plans to start a family, then you need to look for her in some appropriate places. If a guy likes to spend time in the company of friends, lead an active social life, and is looking for a companion, then he should not go where the chance to meet such a woman is extremely small. There are some places that are quite great if you want to meet and start dating a Russian girl.

3. In those places that you find interesting

If a young man is passionate about some activity and has a hobby that occupies a significant part of his life, then it is recommended to look for a partner in places that are associated with such a hobby or an interest. That is, if a guy is passionate about science, music, painting or studying foreign languages, he can get acquainted with an interesting Russian lady in the place that is associated with their common hobby. It can be cultural events, theme stores, meetings of people with common interests and the like. Like we’ve said, Russian women are very smart, and it is quite likely that you will meet at least one there.

4. During meetings with mutual friends

If the guy does not quite understand what kind of woman he would like to meet, or he has no ideas where to go, then he can try to get acquainted with the girl through friends. The advantage of this way of dating is that a man can get more information about a woman through their mutual friends. Moreover, if two people are united by a third person close to both of them, then the likelihood of finding a common language increases. A man should try to take a closer look at the invited female representatives present at any event, arranged by a common acquaintance. Or you can look at the profiles of different girls on social networks, and then find out about them from friends.

5. On the Internet

Here’s the best way to date a Russian girl. On dating sites, a man can indicate information about himself and his wishes about what his potential female companion should be. The advantage of such services is that a woman is also interested in finding a young man. Romancecompass is one of the best dating sites on the Internet that a man can find. Speaking from experience, it took me only a few days to start communicating with a gorgeous lady from Moscow. But not all men find it easy to text women online. You should not raise questions about money, the further development of relations, the past of the girl. Such topics may seem inappropriate at the beginning of communication and alienate a woman.

Another thing that should be mentioned if you want to date a Russian girl online is just how convenient dating online is. You can be sitting at home, working, visiting your parents, but it doesn’t mean that you stop texting with a girl you like. And while real-life dating still has its place, the modern pace of life requires modern solutions.

6. What to do after a date?

After you meet a girl that you find interesting, you should think about whether she is suitable for you to create long-term relationships. It is recommended to weigh all the pros and cons, as well as pay attention to the desires and aspirations of the woman herself. If a young man sees that he has little in common with a potential partner and communication with her does not cause him much interest, then he definitely does not need to create an alliance with a such a lady, no matter how beautiful she is. While Russian ladies can be quite stunning and unforgettable, having common interests and plans is very important to have a fruitful relationship. thick russian girl datingIt is very important that the partner feels the same way. In this case, you can ask a direct question, especially if you are sure that the feelings are mutual. Sometimes you should take a closer look at a person and not rush things. It is impossible to take into account only the appearance and interests of women. It is important that the principles, plans, and opinions of young people coincide. Otherwise, the union will not last long.

Other Dating a Russian Girl Tips

Even when two young individuals call themselves a couple, the goal is not achieved just yet. And at this stage, you need to think about whether the current partner is suitable for creating a family. To make a final decision, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points.

7. Family and environment of a woman

I want to date a Russian girl, what should I know? You should get to know the people that surround her. Friends and relatives do not characterize a person, but it’s still important to understand the type of people you are dealing with. At the same time, it is imperative to get acquainted with the family of a woman you like because, in the future, you will often have to interact with these people. Of course, you may love your Russian lady a lot, but her parents may be very different, they come from a different culture and not all of them like foreigners. However, it is quite likely that, if they respect their daughter, they will respect you as well.

8. Her habits in everyday life

The couple should spend as much time as possible together. It is advisable to live in the same apartment for a while to ensure total compatibility. If this is not possible, then you need to at least sometimes stay with each other: on weekends or during the holidays.

9. Aspirations and plans

It seems to many that this is an insignificant thing when it comes to choosing a companion for a serious relationship. But still, it is important to start talking about the desires and dreams of the partner in advance. It is possible that the plans of two people radically diverge, and in the future, it will be difficult for them to combine these interests. For example, a girl wants to move, and a man is pleased with his place of residence.

10. Character and behavior

It will be difficult for young people to maintain relationships if they constantly disagree because of the smallest of issues. If both a woman and a man are hot-tempered, people with such temperaments are unlikely to get along with each other. Therefore, partners need to be emotionally compatible.

Now let’s end this review by drawing some conclusions. Russian women are quite special, they are beautiful, smart, reliable, honest, and very unique. There are quite a few things a man should remember about dating these beauties. But the most important thing that you should remember is that online dating is the most convenient way to do it, and Romancecompass is one of the best dating services to do so.

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