9 Tips to Date Hot Geeky Women

Usually, beautiful girls are ambitious, respect themselves, and feel confident in any place and with other people. If ladies understand that they are attractive, they don’t feel awkward or shy with men. But if you are falling in love at first sight with a geeky woman who is quiet, modest and feels insecure, it can be quite difficult to get close to her. However, some tips may help you.

hot geeky women

Why nerdy girls are the hottest

What makes a woman more attractive? No, this is not makeup or manicure. This is not even a newfangled haircut or hairstyle. There are things that can make any woman incredibly attractive. So, dating a British girl (or any other lady) who is a geek, you will understand why they are so hot:

1. They are smart and feminine

These girls constantly increase their vocabulary and get rid of bad habits. Just take a look at nerd girls pics. They know how to look feminine. Geeky women remain real ladies and not boys in jeans with a backpack and a short haircut.

2. They love life

They make it better every day. The world gives them pleasure and brings surprises.

3. They are charismatic

If you ask women what the true strength of the weaker sex is, many will answer – a pretty face. Cute nerd girls don’t agree with this. They know that men are attracted to charm, intelligence, and charisma, and not at all an ideal appearance. Inner strength, intelligence, and sense of humor are at the core of their sexuality.

4. They are mysterious

Geeky girls are more silent, thereby, they push men to look for a riddle in them. Everyone wants to know more about the girl and solve this mystery.

5. They are silent

Many men don’t like talkative girls. Guys like to be listened to. So, even geeky gamer girls will not bother you with excessive talkativeness about video games and other trifles.

6. They understand men

Active, emotional girls are like an open book. It is easy for a man to see their attitude towards him. Hot nerd girls are calm and always can support and understand their men.

7. They control themselves

Men love to lead in relationships. If a girl is a nerd, she allows this, thereby attracting the attention of men.

8. They are weak

Men love to feel like protectors. With hot geeky women, they behave more confidently, decisively, thereby, increasing their self-esteem.

geeky gamer girls9. They are inexperienced

Men love geeky girls for “inexperience”. Then a man begins to show all his skills: he teaches and dominates. Everything, of course, depends on the preferences of the man but with a geeky girl, even intimate life becomes special.

9 tips to date geeky girls

Modern girls are liberated and vulgar but nerd girls are different. So, how to date such girls?

1. Don’t try to change them

For some unknown reason, it seems to men that under the guise of a shy girl, a passionate tigress is hiding, who is just waiting for an opportunity to break out of her cage. They think that they will be the very trainers who will free the tigress. Well, this myth lives on because men have a big ego. Most likely, she will remain shy and don’t try to do something with it.

2. Be kind

Yes, all men are alpha males and want to demonstrate this to a woman when they meet. However, a geeky girl will not appreciate such an impulse. The man will not impress her and maybe scare her away. She will build the wall around herself. And it will be even more difficult for a man to pick up a key to her tender heart. A man, on the contrary, needs to be kind to her.

3. Spice up the conversation with humor and don’t let it stop

Don’t put too much pressure on her to open up: don’t ask a lot of questions, on the contrary, make the conversation easier by adding humor to it. Everyone likes to laugh. However, you must be careful to not offend the cute nerd girl because the sense of humor is subjective and depends on the personality of each person.

4. Be interesting

Most likely, a lady is interested and well-versed in music, architecture, art, literature and a man should provide her with such conversations. You need to learn more about her hobbies and start a conversation in the right direction. Let her feel in her atmosphere. Give her the opportunity to talk, express herself. And of course, you can’t keep up and just listen. The girl will be waiting for participation in the conversation. Therefore, you should show genuine interest, fully engage in dialogue, and express your opinion.

5. Don’t rush things

The geek woman will not allow either herself or the man to quickly get close. She needs time to look at the situation from all sides, weaken her protective walls and open up more to him. During a joint walk, she will not take your hand and you have to be ready for this. You shouldn’t also allow yourself impulses of passion, as suddenly hugging her waist or kissing her lips.

6. Meet in a quiet place

Crowded bars and nightclubs only scare her because she is simply not used to such an atmosphere. A geeky girl rarely comes out and has fun. Therefore, go to the café. Maybe that’s how she feels more comfortable and begins to react more vividly when she sits in a cafe, drinks her latte and sees you. If she is constantly worried about people around her and is forced to scream in your ear, don’t expect good results. Also, come up with gifts for geeky girls in advance. You can’t go on a date without a gift.

7. Try to catch her wave

If you really like some party and you are closely connected with this event, and she sees that you are very active, it may seem to her that your bright personality suppresses it. Turning to her, say something like: “I hate all this”. This will make her understand that you relate to the event the same way she does.

8. Show that you can be trusted

When a woman is confident in the person she is currently together and thinks she can trust him, then she relaxes and opens up to this person. She should see in you a man who trusts her almost completely and reveals details about himself and his personal life.

9. Be nice to her

Also, it is worth remembering that hot geeky girls love the same guys. If you want to be with such a woman, then you should constantly develop and be an interesting person. It is worth remembering that there are very few worthy girls and all men want them to be their wives. So, the competition is very high.

Bottom line

There is an opinion that a geeky girl will be a perfect wife. She will not provoke outbreaks of jealousy in her man and something like that. Also, it is believed that geeky women prefer leisurely evenings at home with reading a book and baking a pie instead of hiking and noisy parties until the morning. Aren’t they perfect women for men focused on serious relationships?

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