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The first time I heard about was when one nice girl invited me to its community on Facebook where I saw a lot of stunning photos of very good quality. I was shocked in good sense. Ukrainian ladies were so beautiful and elegant! No one could resist. I registered and then I faced the fact that I need to buy credits to communicate with women, write letters or start a live video chat. As I understood later it's a usual thing for such type of sites. Prices were not high so I decided to try. I was immediately attacked with invitations to start live video chat and received a few letters from different ladies. It appeared to me at least strange because I wasn't so popular in my city. I began to correspond with several girls and asked why they decided to write to me. From their answers I found out that life in Ukraine was very difficult and men treated Ukrainian women not very well. So it wasn't strange that many Russian and Ukrainian girls wanted to find men abroad. I understood that a lot of girls in Ukraine really looked like models so the competition was huge and that's why they needed to be very active to find a boyfriend. So, that was OK. Also to increase their chances girls could have profiles on different Eastern European dating sites. Honestly, do you have only one profile on one dating site only? I am sure that your answer would be "No". I've had profiles on almost all dating sites which I could only find in the Internet. And it's not a crime, I just wanted to find a life partner and be happy. Girls want that as well.

Then, what can I say about the letters? They are a little bit form, yeah, but it's also understandable because majority of girls has difficulties with English language and marriage agencies translators translate letters using sometimes very similar phrases which can't open and show girls' personalities. There are several things you should pay attention to after you got a letter from a girl on a dating site. If a girl reads your letters, answers all your questions, asks you about different aspects of your life, talks not only about her problems, explains why she is looking for a man abroad and why she can't find a man in her country then it means she is real.

But it's not the best way to know each other, actually. I'll explain why. If you really want to know your new friend better, use live video chat. This way you will see her face, her real emotions when she looks at you and writes to you. You will be able to understand if she really feels what she writes and wants to have relationship with you. It's very simple.

Another side of the question is the issue with scammers. I know, I was cheated for 2 times and still feel stupid because I couldn't recognize “red markers” of scam in their letters and our communication in general. Now, after 2 years of thorough studying different dating sites and communication with different women I can do it in a moment. Ask more questions, read her answers carefully, use live video chat, register on reputable dating sites only and you will never become a victim of fraud. Romancecompass carefully checks each girl's profile before it approves it. Also as far as I know Romancecompass doesn't have an open online registration for ladies that is another evidence of it's legitimacy. So, I think it's more that enough to ensure you that Romancecompass is not a fraudulent dating service and you may use it without a fear to be cheated. And if you still have any hesitations, here is my love story with a girl from I hope that it will be helpful for somebody.

Tatiana has found me first and has written me her nice letter. I had a lot of unread letters in my inbox so I didn't see it. But, thanks God, eventually I saw her letter and started to write my answer immediately. She was so beautiful, feminine and tender that I fell in love with her at the first sight, I swear! We started corresponding and chatting. We had live video chats almost every day and everything as well and it was just amazing! I requested her contact information on the site and received her phone number, address and last name. Since that day our communication became really exciting. I called her every day and we'd been talking for hours. I sent her flowers and small pleasant surprises through the Romancecompass gift delivery. After 6 months of such communication we decided to meet in reality. Of course I came to Ukraine because travelling abroad for a usual Ukrainian girl was very expensive. So I came to Kiev and she met me in the airport. I can not describe my emotions and feelings at that moment but, guys, true love is really worth waiting for such a lot time! No other girl treated me like Tatiana did. All what you read about Ukrainian girls is true. She is smart and cheerful, gentle and very caring. And I still feel that incredible taste of her borshch, the most delicious meal I've ever tasted! Tatiana is my best friend and my biggest love and I am so happy that I didn't stop my search in the Internet. All happy stories don't lie, now I know this. I've spent 2 years searching, experienced a lot of disappointments and even scamming to understand this. And I don't regret. I'm very grateful to and its team. Thanks to all dishonest girls which I met on my way too. I am not joking! Without them I would never recognize what a treasure I found when I was ready to give up. And of course I want to say “thank you” to my beloved Tatiana. You are my everything! And I am so happy that one day I decided to register on!

Tom, 45 y.o., Toronto, Canada

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