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Hello, I want to talk about my unique experience with How did I end up here? It all started when a girl I knew added me to a Facebook group. At first, I didn’t understand what it was all about, but suddenly I saw a lot of stunning photos of unknown girls. It was fascinating to see all of those pictures… the quality suited a runway project photoshoot, that’s for sure! It was actually a photo gallery of Ukrainian women. Man, I felt hot the very same minute. If you ask a girl to send you her best shot on a dating profile, it has no taste. Those girls were spicy, but not too porn-esque and vulgar. I saw that they like to keep it classy.

The registration

So I decided to submit my account and start chatting with those women. At first I was surprised that you have to pay for a subscription to send letters and start a videochat. But then I was told that it’s completely normal for a dating site to charge money for connection, because it is no mediocre home-made dating profile, each of them is verified and girls are checked by the administration of the site. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a faithful Romancecompass review if I hadn’t told that you HAVE to pay. Let’s sort everything out from a starting point here. Besides, the prices are not too high, so I wanted to give it a try. So I started finessing my feed while I was totally flooded with requests to start a live chat and a couple of messages from girls. I was shocked to not have heard about this site at once.

The conversation

I started talking to different women and I was genuinely interested in why they chose me as their partner for the evening. They told me that Ukraine is a harsh country in a sense that Slavic men often neglect their women and even put pressure on their fragile shoulders, considering themselves a stronger sex that can dictate what a woman can do. No wonder them girls wanted to fly away as quick as possible. I would be stoked to get away from that, too. When I asked why are they so assertive and active, some of the girls told me that it is a competitive market and you have to be a little bit of a workaholic to have a brighter future. I appreciated their honesty with me. Also, in order to have your goal achieve quicker, they had multiple accounts on different sites (again, this is an honest Romance compass review).

Is it OK?

Do you think it’s sneaky? Personally, I don’t. Because if you counted all the times you wanted to find a date, you would definitely increase your chances by submitting multiple accounts on different platforms. I have done it myself, but I won’t name those apps, because they don’t deserve any recognition. After all, we just want to be happy!

Impressions on the texting itself

What is my impression on our small talks? Well, you could totally understand that some girls were struggling with their English, but it’s cool, too. In America, most of us don’t speak a second language, as well, so who am I to judge? And among all the Romance compass reviews I would say that yes, sometimes it was impossible to inspect all of the girl’s qualities just because she used help from an agency translator and she talked with general phrases. But honestly, for the sake of a beauty like that, I would easily take some classes in her language as well. They promised me to do the same thing.

How to know if the girl is real?

If she actively asks you a lot of questions, is honest about her goals in life, is open about her problems and difficulties, you can easily understand that a real human is behind that screen, not a random phrases generator, and not a bot. But if you really want to know who’s behind that screen, ask to join you in live chat. That wat you can actually see the person, hear the tone of their voice, talk to them in person and feel all of their emotions.

Is it a home to scammers?

It’s an issue with online dating nowadays. I myself got caught two times. After two years of talking to different women, I learned how to differentiate scammers from genuine people. You can ask her many personal questions, talk via live chat, and choose only legit dating sites. This site checks girls and whether their accounts are OK to put on the spot. The next thing that made it clear Romancecompass is not a scam is that the system of registration is somewhat different. The registration is not open, that means that if you can’t talk to strangers on a paid site if you don’t have proper photos, a passport and data. Now that we ensured that this site is safe, let’s talk about my life story. Hope it will be helpful.

Her name was Alexandra, but I called her Lexa. At first, I didn’t notice her messages, because I was flooded by other letters. But when I checked my inbox to get rid of unnecessary messages, I got caught on a beautiful picture of a brown-haired girl. Her facial features reminded me of a sci-fi fictional character from The 100 series. That’s why I decided to call her Lexa. She didn’t mind, which I loved, too. It was love at first sight! We started chatting and she knew English (thank God we had no difficulties in talking because I SO wanted to know her better!) We talked via live video chats every other day. I asked her last name, how I could contact her in real life and just a bit more photos, of course ;) And since that very day we have been talking to each other non-stop. We started dating. After half a year, I decided that we could meet in real life!

Real meeting

I decided to go to Ukraine since she needed a VISA to America and I totally wanted to visit Kiev (never been abroad). So she waited for me at the airport for three hours, because the flight got delayed. It was so sweet of her; my heart was pounding so fast! You know that feeling when you are scared and can’t wait to meet someone at the same time. At the very moment I saw her smiling face at the airport, I knew it was true love! No one could carry me away like Lexa did. She was so motherly, mature, yet very quick and quirky. I love that.

She cooked me some Ukrainian food, too. Their red soup is so fun (sorry, still totally forget how to spell it). Now Lexa is my biggest friend, my family, my support, my lover – she is my everything!!! We can’t get enough from each other and never will! It was a lesson to bump into scammers, bad people and all of those who don’t believe in true love! I am thankful that fate created those obstacles for me, so that I could overcome them and cherish my prize even more! Thank you to guys from And most of all, thank you, my dear Lexa for being the best of both worlds. Thanks to your family for raising such a loving and tender human being. I am so happy with my life! I hope that this long and touching Romance compass review was fun to read. I wish all the happiness in the world to you!

Alfred, 39 years old, Texas.

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