How to Date a Gamer Girl

Many men say: “I had a girlfriend who spent all her time on games and didn’t pay any attention to me”. And they hear a tip: “Break up with her if you want to get married! She will not see anything except for her computer!” But today we will give several reasons why a gamer girlfriend is a pretty good candidate for a nice relationship.

gamer girlfriend

Reasons to date a gamer

  1. She may be not a gamer, but a video games designer. Did you think about it? This girl is keen on video games not because she didn’t play enough in childhood, but because it is her main source of income.
  2. You can be no less keen on gaming. Sharing a hobby is an excellent opportunity to spend time together. This is great and it means that you two will always have something to do.
  3. You have more topics to talk. If your girl is a gamer, you will never run out of topics while you both play games (if, of course, you share her passion). There are always new games, and therefore, new topics.
  4. Gamers are smart people. Nothing attracts so much as a brain. Do you agree? So I want to say: girls who like games are always one step ahead of other women in mental equivalent.
  5. It’s more fun with gamers. It really is. It’s much more fun than sitting in a cafe with a girl who is obsessed with clothes and a new smartphone. And this is better than going to parties.

What is it like to date a girl gamer?

Can a gamer and his girlfriend be on the same page? What kind of guy who plays video games doesn’t dream of finding a girl with similar interests? But why does he need a gamer girl? The answer is simple – to immediately have a loved girlfriend, a cool friend, and a reliable shoulder in online battles, as well as a good companion. And everyone, as one, thinks that it would be a perfect relationship.

dating a gamer girlAfter all, you can discuss the last won battles together, what an incredibly complicated boss you went through, wait for the release of a new part of your favorite game and think “what are the developers doing if there are no updates for the whole week?!” You can choose a new keyboard or a gaming mouse together, without answering the obvious, for you, questions like: “Oh, why are there so many buttons and why does it cost so much?” You don’t have to explain that you can’t go out today because you have an incredibly important battle or that you have the last day of heightened experience today. She will understand everything without words. And if you don’t play with her, you will not hear the reproaches. It is perfect, isn’t it?

Why are they so attractive?

  1. They are sociable. In general, according to statistics, gamers are more communicative and sociable in society than ordinary girls.
  2. They avoid stupid conversations. There is one more plus: she herself will avoid talking about clothes, makeup, and other women’s things.
  3. They are beautiful. Nowadays, gamer girls, as a rule, look great both in reality and in the pictures.
  4. They are good housewives. Often we hear that a gamer girlfriend will neither cook nor clean the house. But what a self-respecting gamer will allow her precious computer to devour dust from the floor? And she will cook when the stomach requires it. And do other girls spend their lives near the oven all the time? No, of course, they spend all their free time on walks and socializing. So, gamer girls are the same girls in this matter.
  5. They don’t expect expensive gifts. They will be happy if you give a disc with a new game. Or you can just ask a gamer out on a date. Thus, you will show your romantic intentions.
  6. They never take offense. They take a joystick (mouse) and take revenge on enemies!
  7. They rarely cry. Even if the main character of a game dies at the end, they are just hopefully waiting for the next part of a game.
  8. They are always in a good mood. Gamer girls know that they will come home, turn on their favorite games, and save the world again and again!

How to attract girls gamers

  • Start a conversation with one of the gamer girls about what she does.
  • Don’t be afraid of her, behave confidently.
  • Make sure you can tell a good joke and don’t be afraid to talk to her about games.
  • If you want to date gamer girls, invite one of them to spend time together.
  • If she agrees, play with her and don’t be afraid to win.
  • If you think she is still interested, ask a gamer on a date.
  • Find a quiet, slightly romantic place. It will increase your chances.

Do’s and don’ts


  • Try to show interest in your partner’s passion. Dating a gamer girl, try to remember the intricate genres of her favorite games and play together.
  • Give her freedom. Let her play day and night. At some point, she gets bored. No, really, they sometimes don’t want to play. You just need to wait.
  • Don’t be jealous. Games are just a hobby that is no different from everyone else. Understand that your girl also needs personal freedom and the right to choose the occupation that she likes.


  • Cut the wires. If you date gamer girls, never pour water onto a laptop, throw household utensils at your soulmate and something like that.
  • Prevent her from playing. Gamers themselves say that it is impossible to quit playing at once. They can only gradually lose interest in a game. Every gamer has times of “high interest” in a game – a time when they don’t notice or hear around.
  • Force to make a choice “Either me or a computer”. No matter how much you want to delete all the games, you shouldn’t do this since such a move will only worsen the situation.

General rules on dating a gamer girl

Show interest in her hobby. Do your favorite thing, for example, read a book near the computer during a game, follow a plot, be interested in the subtleties of a game. This will help not break the thin thread that connects your girl with the real world.

You can try to play it yourself. But you risk getting the same disease you were going to treat, especially in the case of online games. Although there are cases when a man, playing the same game as his girl, slowly pulled her out of the depths of a game.

Negotiate. An agreement should be found: let the time during which she can safely play be limited (from and to). If a girl loves you, she will go for it.

Show your love. Dating a gamer girl, show that you can’t do without her and often ask her for help even in what you can do yourself.

Accept everything she likes. It is worth saying that any of the above tips on how to live with a gamer is not a panacea. Each addict needs a special approach and only you know better what will affect the person you love. Show maximum patience, don’t be annoyed and soon you will achieve her return from the virtual world to our three-dimensional reality.

Where to meet gamer girls

gamer datingGame forums. This is a good environment for discussion. There you can find someone you like and start dating gamer chicks. Girls love to communicate on forums. If the percentage of men to women is very large (in the sense that there are much more men than women) in a game, then on forums, they are almost equal – there are not so many fans of chatting on forums among men. So go ahead!

Social networks. In groups of online games, you can understand who is who, and also see how a girl looks in the pictures. So, social network groups are a great place as well as gamer dating sites.

Streams. Communication in the streams replaced many chat rooms. Single female gamers often enter different streams. So, communicate and look for new girlfriends in real time.

Gamer dating sites. One of the most important rules here: it is not necessary to behave like an alpha male when trying gamer dating. It is better to behave naturally and try to find common topics for conversation – games, books, films, and so on.

In general, getting to know a girl who enjoys games is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to be a little bolder and more confident and everything will work out!

Online games to find a gamer girlfriend

Some people think that girls love online games much less than guys. It is not true. Millions of girls around the world spend hours wandering through virtual worlds. So, where can I find a gamer girlfriend?

World of Warcraft

Since it is based on a global network game, in which gamers complete different quests, people often get acquainted there. Also, many projects allow you to create clans and guilds. And gamers with common interests can communicate.


One of the most popular online fantasy games. According to statistics, about 40% of Aion players are women. So, for meeting gamer girls, create yourself a character, dress it up stylishly, make a screen, and post it on any of the numerous game forums. The attention of a couple of hundred girls is guaranteed.


This game became one of the first survivals in which players gathered on one server and interacted with each other in every possible way. At the time, being able to connect with complete strangers, talk to them through voice chat and do something incredible together.

World of Tanks

Before being sent to a location, players actively communicate with each other, choosing a strategy and distributing roles. The same is in clan battles where each player works like a cog in a large mechanism.

Black Fire

The storyline tells about the time when nanorobots start control people. You will play as a mercenary who destroys people, monsters, and other creatures. The game has special missions that you have to complete as a team with other online players. The chances of meeting gamer girls here are pretty high.

Battles for Glory

It is an open-world role-playing game, where everyone can choose a class to their liking (humans, orcs, elves, and so on) and engage in craft, battles, massive group, and clan battles. Players can unite into groups and entire clans, for example, to fight or kill powerful bosses in the game. In general, the game creates an atmosphere for meeting charming girls.

Neverwinter Online

Massive RPG action game takes place in a fantasy world and is connected with the city of Neverwinter in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. You can choose one of the standard RPG classes for the game. You can play alone or join groups with other players and forget about the question, “Where can I find a gamer girlfriend?”

How to meet a gamer girl IRL

meeting gamer girlsReal life. If you didn’t get to meet a girl in a game, don’t despair. You can get acquainted in the park, at the cinema, at the theater, at school, at work – anywhere. Look for your soul mate in real life and invite a gamer on a date.

Competitions, festivals, meetings, conferences of people playing online games. Always attend such meetings. You can talk to real girls and immediately understand who you like. Also, the exhibitions of computer games are quite good events!

Explore local video game stores. Both single female gamers and workers can be your potential girlfriends.

Gifts for a gamer girlfriend

How can you please a girl if she loves video games? Let’s try to figure it out!

The simplest is, of course, a powerful new computer. You can present both a good stationary personal computer and a gaming laptop.

A slightly cheaper option is a game console. It is preferable to buy a new generation console. Don’t forget that various additions to hardware are quite a good gift: for example, a new terabyte device or a powerful video card is a great present.

Accessories are also important. It can be anything - from keyboards (you can find something unusual, for example, keyboards with luminous buttons), gamepads, headphones with a headset, and a video camera. Also, a gaming chair is usually considered an important accessory: a good chair will definitely make the process of gaming much better and more enjoyable.

Official stickers are popular with female gamers. Now it is very fashionable to stick them on laptops, furniture, and other things. They are inexpensive and the girl will be happy.

Virtual reality headset is also a rather expensive thing, but if suddenly the budget doesn’t matter to you, why not make such a good gift?

Game collector's edition. Collector's editions include additional bonuses: character figures, artbooks, paper maps of locations, souvenirs, and so on, as well as in-game rewards that are not available to owners of the standard edition. Undoubtedly, it will cost you a pretty penny, but you will also bring joy to the girlfriend. The selection of collectible edition games is vast, and it will be the best gamer girl gift for someone.

Pleasant game trifles. This gift option offers probably the largest variety of choices. Game merch is presented in a very wide range, so you can surely find something that your girlfriend will like. Give her, for example, a Geralt collectible figure, a Funko POP World of Warcraft toy, Overwatch's Mae slippers, or a Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 vinyl decal. There are a lot of options, from a banal mug with a print to an expensive collector's edition of her favorite game. It all depends on your imagination and budget.

Video game fans are often interested in many other types of media, so you could indeed talk about movies or books. There’s so much to it!

We hope that these tips help you start dating gamer chicks and find your soulmate! All the ladies agree that guys need to be bolder, more sociable and go to all sorts of exhibitions and festivals.

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I was dating a gamer girl back in days when I graduated from college. She is still one of the most memorable experiences in my life because we had fun all the time, hanged out with her friends on weekends and just enjoyed each other’s company without any problems.
31.08.2020 10:43

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