Why Do Men Like Russian Women


The Russian allurement means that Russian women have enough time and desire to present their benefits in a favorable light and to conceal their shortcomings. An attractive Russian woman is always attractive. Men are mostly attracted to what they see than to what it is. The physical attractiveness of a Russian woman is directly related to its state of health - that's why this criterion is so important for men. Thus, when a mature Russian woman dresses beautifully and uses the right makeup, she is considered to be attractive, but in fact, she simply copies the appearance and the behavior of a young woman, able to have children. Most Russian women are aware of it. Manufacturers of cosmetics, slimming products, clothes promise that their products and services will help them meet the criteria men use when choosing a woman.

Paul Rosen, the psychologist, conducted an experiment in which he sorted out the male and female representation of the ideal female figure. He showed participants pictures of women - from very skinny to very full. Without an exception, all the women named slender ladies more attractive and said that they would love to look like them. Men said that the most attractive women are those of the average build. Men prefer women of middle and full body type, which resemble an hourglass figure. This is another reason why Russian women are so attracting for foreign men. The vast majority of Russian women have either hourglass body type or pear one.

The interesting thing is that in food abound countries, such as the US, men are more attracted to slim women. However, where food is scarce, men value full women more.

Why Do Men Like Russian Women


Animals do not have the concept of beauty. A dog, a cat or an elephant never admire the sunset, paintings of Monet or waterfalls. There are no ugly monkeys, cats or horses.

Men value the physical beauty of a woman to get the idea of her reproductive capacity. The desirable features include smooth skin, healthy and shiny hair, good muscle tone, bright eyes and energetic walk - all these signs say about youth and health, and hence, a high reproductive value.

In order to stay attractive women use cosmetics shampoos, conditioners, creams and scrubs. From an evolutionary point of view, young, healthy women can give birth to more children, and therefore, better preserve the genetic heritage of man. This is what Russian women are actually doing great. They do not only use world-known cosmetic products, they follow the recipes of their ancestors. An average Russian woman knows at least 10 recipes of the homemade face mask, hair mask, shampoos, etc. All the recipes are made of natural ingredients, by the way.

Professor Randy Thornhill, an evolutionary biologist at the University of New Mexico, conducted an experiment, during which asked men and women to rate the attractiveness of female faces on the pictures. Older women seemed less attractive to both sexes: males put them lower scores than women. This shows that women instinctively understand the mechanism of this principle, and explains why facelifts are so popular among women.


In 2003, Judith Langlois and her colleagues at the University of Austin have shown that the human craving for beautiful people is innate, and not assimilated as a result of education, as was previously thought. She showed photos of different people to infants aged 2-3 months, babies aged 6-8 months. It was found that both groups were looking at more attractive faces longer. During the second experiment, Judith offered year-old kids to play with dolls with a different appearance. It turned out that children play longer beautiful dolls and smiled to them more often.

When a man looks at a picture of nude models in “Playboy,” he does not think about, whether she is able to cook, play the piano, and whether it is a good person. Scientists have experimentally proved that there is a universal beauty formula. Almost everywhere the criterion of beauty is the same. The symmetrical is a woman's face, the more attractive she is for men. This actually works great with Russian women. The point is that Russian women are said to be beautiful and pretty because the great number of girls in Russia have a symmetrical face.


Another thing which foreign men love about Russian women is their character and values. These women are wise and seem to be ready to do everything in order to save their families and make their men be proud of his family. A Russian woman will never blame her husband in front of his friend or colleagues. This is mostly thanks to a Russian tradition not to wash dirty linen in public. Thus, Russian women want both your and her friends to see the best part – how happy is their family.

Russian women are not influenced by the world feminism tendency much, so they are totally fine with their role in the family. They enjoy making their husband happy. It is a pleasure for a Russian woman to wait for her husband at home, as she is cooking different tasty things in order to please her hardworking foreign man. Furthermore, Russian women are fond of natural products, so do not be surprised if you hear that you Russian wife prefer growing carrot or basil in your backyard rather than buy it in the store. This is all because she cares about you and your children and wants all of you to be healthy and perceive enough vitamins from foods.

Russian women national features are more about Russian traditions, so get to know about Russian traditions and you will see how their worldview works. This will help you to understand and be grateful for all the exotic stuff you Russian woman is doing for you.

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