Signs an older woman wants you

According to the US Census Bureau data, nearly 15% of women are married or in committed relationships with younger men. Plenty of men like older women, and the age difference of up to twenty years is no weird — the French president is happy with it. With local specifics, such an approach helps a lady in her late forties or fifties, or even sixties adapt to psychological dynamics in the competitive environment glorifying youth.

Signs an older woman wants you

Older women are no different from younger women in favoring your personality, except for their insufferable desire to wear red makeup that contradicts the primary goal to teach you a lesson, young man. This approach differs from the steadfast look of skittish puberty, but in most cases, the signs are equally clear. Who cares about the age gap if she's still smoking hot and physically attracted to you?

Most guys don't calibrate female signals that claim their arousal and witness their desire to break bread soon. You aren't one of those and read her eyes pretty well, but sometimes eye colors are hardly distinguishable, as are the minds behind them. Among the methods she applies to make your lifeless body react, more distinct ones are equally relevant to the less obvious.

Why are some signs distinct and others hidden?

Some of these signs lay on the surface, like her unbearable desire for a dirty little rendezvous rejuvenated on your phone screen late at night, while others are more sophisticated. The latter aim to precede the first, weighing up a woman’s power before moving further in a more persistent way. That’s why it is important to follow both form and content that hopefully organically merge.

Her language should be well-articulated, so you can easily decipher the verbal escapades. You should pay attention to anything coming out of your mate’s mouth, whatever delirious it may first sound. What and how she broadcasts, including the answers she has prepared for your rhetorical questions beforehand, is a real treasure trove of dating relics in the history of relationships.

Whatever weird things you discuss, like copulation of hummingbirds or grizzly bear courtship — your lady is sticking out her female dignity to be quickly transcribed. Also, she could be asking you more suggestive questions that represent her strategy. You’ll be amazed by her confidence in delivering her personality without restraints. 

Most vivid older body signs of her sympathy

Chances are you’ll understand her intentions since half of the communication goes through body language. Your doll will apply a whole set of gestures followed by the corresponding actions in a certain way, letting her know how you feel about the situation. Here are some recognizable signals precisely observed that prove her ultimate interest:

She looks like a virgin

Her ancient innocence does not impede her from fantasizing about your touch and kiss. Sending stealthy glances without straight eye contact, or at least pretending to do so, is common for women of all ages. You play for or against her body instinct, no matter how simple the game seems.

She's biting her lips

Your sweetheart is either nervous or horny, but the first is rare for a seasoned dating guru with the baggage of male underwear. This is her number one unconscious endeavor intended to grab your attention with all the subsequent activities. If the woman is into you, she won’t bite her lips but her tongue instead, getting the wrong signal back.

She has a tight grip

And won’t loosen it until you succumb to the temptation — one of the most tangible signs that she’s into you. If you continue to misread her apparent attempt in real-time, she will eventually come to the conclusion you have changed teams. She knows guys like you well, but she knows her hidden weapons better and won’t let you go.

She’s reflecting on you

Your minor gestures or body movements — her attentiveness to your subtleties is overwhelming and consistent, like striking your chin or picking your nose — both she finds sexy. It could be even worse: you order a glass of vodka, and she does the same being three months sober. Subconsciously, she sees herself as a part of your life and wants you to have so much in common that she would resemble you in many aspects.

How her flirting diversity changes with time

Young women flirt with men they like, and their friend zone is not an exception, but mature ladies won’t easily flourish, exposing their unique qualities and limitless capabilities. They don’t have to feel hot as it is more a third-side identification that objectifies a woman in a subtle individual, but she has to handle a woman inside. You won't recognize a woman in her either if she doesn't.

Signs an older woman wants you - image 2If you caught some intrusive gaze of a woman simultaneously biting her lips, caressing your ankle with a shoe toe, and polishing her necklace, you would get laid the exact day. If any other hardly invisible luring maneuvers accompanied her smile, you would have to marry her the day after. Be sure to pay extra attention to her body language when flirting with other gentlemen if she does.

She's a classy lady who wants you to flirt back, right? If she expects your fair play, try not to miss a spark between you. A woman wants you to tease her, and half of your job is done already.

Marco Polo

A chick alternately brings you closer or pulls away, disrupting your gush and registering your reactions. Don’t take it too personally when you find your chatterbox pontificating without a pause one day and keeping distant the other. All women you know behave like that if they are struggling to acknowledge your power over their own and send you mixed signals in this context.

Happy as a clam

If you make a woman laugh, you can do anything to her, which isn’t always sex but a bond between the two of you that can eventually lead to sex. If an older lady laughs more than usual with you, it symbolizes her passion for your paternal gene pool. A happy wife is not an issue for an outstanding gentleman who does anything to make their lady shine like a star.

Thoughtful as a code

If a woman listens to you carefully, she preserves enough time to observe you and make up her mind to find common ground and avoid misapprehension. She analyzes your formidable rhetorical talent and a behavioral pattern hiding your weaknesses and boasting strengths. In the endgame, after your freshly squeezed dream has moved into your mansion to turn it upside down, she might halt and reverse that trend.

Always curious

Any experienced woman has a set of exact questions to ask a guy, but each answer she receives from you might fail her. Her vocabulary could sound unconventional, like some ambiguous definitions, but only with a comprehensive purpose to capture your mutual moments. If a lady takes a keen interest in your future without contributing to your past, it’s clear evidence of her immaturity and egotism.

What she speaks out loud is what you hear

What a middle-aged female is saying to you is not always what is meant to be told and comprehended. A man of noble deeds, you grasp what you hear, sweeping out anything shallow. Her unobtrusive sense of goodness, in turn, operates sound logical implications.

The scent of a classy woman, her subtle flavor and sweet undertones are never out of the context of her speech, no matter how hard your old-school mustache is distracting her. Her syntactical experiments, especially of a Ph.D. or MD, might eventually lead you to understand her evergreen nature, rarely wasting all four seasons on a guy with no plan. Well-educated individuals of both sexes rarely reveal their everything within a numb conversation, so it’s essential that you listen and interpret her infinitives correctly. 

She’s open about her present and future

Imagine her gratefully sharing the ex's shirt size or other intimate details you don't want to know but have to pick up following her hectic mind. Making you feel jealous is out of her competence, especially in a situation with a sizable shortage of honorable men, but still, her female solidarity plays a role. In other words, you don't have to know for how long she has been single, as it is crystal clear for a more or less insightful guy.

Signs an older woman wants you - image 3She wants to know everything about you

If her sincerity experiences timely limits, like a winter sun, you must worry less about the exorbitant privilege of honesty she awards you with. Intellectuals or closer people are often self-absorbed but never narrow — they eagerly absorb knowledge and widely dissipate it. It’s practically impossible for a clever girl to have a significant interest in anyone but herself, but who cares for her IQ?

She is telling her truth and expects yours in return

The thing is that girls never trust boys the same as a rare woman — with enough experience to know who and what she seeks at the last phase of her youth — knows how to crack your nut. So if she says she trusts you, this means she confides in you not just because your advice is invaluable but because you are. Don't think the moment you allow her to confess all her being to you will label you a priest.

She exaggerates your talents

You don't have to be a king of the jungle to make her yours, as it’s true that ladies in their forties or fifties crushing for younger men don't bother denoting their current social status. If a woman sees somebody else's genius in you or attributes her father's certain traits to you, it is the best evidence of her affection. With your fabulous physique, she will convey a significant impression of your talent for opening a beer bottle with an eye socket.

Conclusion: she probably likes you more than you want her to

If she does it with all heart, you will notice a spectrum of female reactions of nonverbal nature. What she wants to say, what she does say, and what she doesn't are three mutually reinforcing assertions that must be differentiated and thoroughly learned. The latter seems the least understandable, but only for a guy who did nothing but play computer games during his high school years. 

With that said, you cannot ignore her intelligence as “homo” gathered “sapiens” in a chat. No matter how a lady is determined to seize your life, you should listen to what she’s saying. She strives to pave a path to your lonely heart, praising the autumn of her years. 

Besides some hindered understanding of her unarticulated intentions, she might want her relationship status to be unshielded. Why would you open up if she didn’t see your mutual future from a larger perspective? If she finally hints at her solitude — a sign that a woman gives herself up to her feelings.

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