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Where to Meet Odessa Girls 

Well, if you want to get acquainted with Odessa Ukraine girls, but you don’t want to register on dating sites due to some reasons, then the only option that will bring 100% result is to go to Odessa. It’s an amazing city at the seaside that attracts big crowds of people from all over the country. Like every romantic city, Odessa attracts people who are in love or those who want to find a soulmate there. The atmosphere in the city is so fascinating that it’s difficult to stay indifferent. Here is a list of the most interesting places where you can meet Odessa girls and spend an unforgettable time. 

  • The Embankment on the Gold Coast 

The most romantic place in Odessa is the sea. The Langeron beach is quite popular among beautiful girls in the summer season.  You will be able to meet someone special there, and then take a walk together to the embankment at the 16th station of the Big Fountain, which is called the "Golden Coast." It is quite a beautiful spot, which is conducive to romantic talks and getting to know each other better. The embankment is well maintained. There are lawns. Besides, during a romantic walk, you can admire the interesting architecture and the beautiful Black Sea. 

  • Tykhiy Bar Pryamo Nad Kooperom 

It’s one of the Odessa courtyards where you can meet big companies of young people. You can get into it from the arch of Grecheskaya Street, also through the City Food Market. Old bricks, Soviet chandeliers in the arch and street art are a part of the interior. The yard combines a variety of places in its style. This bar can be called quite only conditionally. In the evenings, you can listen to bands, so the right atmosphere for acquaintances is created with the help of live music in the style of soul and acoustic rock. Sometimes performers please guests with the covers of famous compositions. On Saturdays, they organize brunches with barbecue, and on Sundays, they organize large and noisy Georgian dinners with traditional food and wine. If you are looking for more mature girls in Odessa, then you should try to visit this place. 

  • Dvor 12 City Café 

Dvor 12 City Cafe is one of the brightest courtyards in Odessa that is loved by girls thanks to red walls, orange chairs adorning the walls, piano, and pink unicorn. The city cafe is open from 2 pm to 2 am. Here you can go to get a late lunch or attend some events: developing and informational master classes, lectures, presentations, tastings of various kinds.  You know this place is perfect to meet an Odessa girl. The menu is balanced: from main dishes, salads, pitas, pasta, bruschetta, desserts to a wide range of wines and cocktail cards. Dvor 12 is an art space, a place where a creative mood is created, so it will be not that difficult to win over a charming stranger. 

  • Mantra Beach Club 

In Arcadia, away from the hustle and bustle, a unique establishment is located, it is called Mantra Beach Club. The stylish interior of the club in white and brown tones offers a varied pastime: in the early morning, you can join yoga classes on the beach, in the afternoon, you can visit a restaurant and beach with a saltwater pool, in the evening, you can hang out at a lounge bar, and at night, you can go to a club. The restaurant will appeal to both gourmets and those who have come for a light snack. And the most pleasant thing is that whenever you go there, you will always be able to get acquainted with some charming ladies. If you go to Mantra, it means it's time to dance, choose your favorite drink and dive into the pool right from the dance floor, having grabbed a cool girl!