How to Deal With a Russian Girl

Since every woman is unique you need to find a separate approach to the girl you want to date or already go out with. Much has been said about the dissimilarities between Slavic women and the girls from Western European countries and the US, so you need to take that into account while approaching and dating Russian ladies. The cultural environment of a particular country influences the beliefs of its citizens and their views on different aspects of life, particularly on the relations between men and women, gender roles, etc. If you wonder how you should behave towards Russian girls to make a good impression on them and make them agree to have a date with you, keep reading to get the answer.


Have the Courage to Approach a Russian Girl

According to many foreigners, there are basically two types of Russian girls: those ones who are open and gregarious with all people including strangers, and those ones who seem rather reserved at first sight but become talkative and open once they get to know a stranger and feel they can trust him. If you approach a girl but she behaves with more restraint than you expected, don’t be afraid and don’t give up. This is her protective response. Despite their stunning and unapproachable looks, Russian girls are good-natured and sincere deep down. You need to do your best to make them feel comfortable with you and they will reveal their true nature.

First of all, you shouldn’t be surprised if the Russian girl you approached is not very verbose. If she gives you brief answers to your questions and doesn’t initiate any questions, it’s OK. You should keep talking. If she hasn’t walked away yet, she got interested in you. If you’re in the club, offer to buy her a drink and keep insisting until she agrees. If she absolutely declines your offer, ask her to dance with you. The second rejection will mean she is not into your but if she doesn’t say no, just take her by the hand and lead to the dance floor. To make a connection, you need to touch her but choose only the so-called safe parts of her body (shoulders, waist, and elbows). After you’ve danced a bit, offer to buy her a drink again. This time, she may accept your offer.

Remember one simple truth: most women say “no” but they don’t mean it. They want to see how you’ll react to their answer. And usually their “no” means “yes” but they want you to get them to agree. However, beware their “maybe” – it usually means they’re not really interested.

In order to be successful with Russian girls, you should state your offer rather than ask a question. For example, if you want to approach a girl and dance with her, say “Let’s go dance” instead of “Would you like to dance with me?” By asking a question you make her think for a while whether she wants to and in most cases, her final answer will be negative. Show your confidence in you charm and state what you want.

Learn Some Russian Dating Rules

Russian dating culture has its local peculiarity and you need to be aware of some rules in order to date Russian women successfully.

Be gallant. If you want to melt the heart of your Russian date, behave like a true gentleman. It means that you should open and hold the door for her, offer your hand to help her get out of a taxi, give her your jacket if she gets cold, offer your arm as you walk, and do other things to prove that chivalry is still alive.

Buy presents. Unlike Western countries, in Russia, it’s common to bring small presents for your date. If it’s your first date with a Russian girl, a red rose or a bouquet is a must because a date without flowers is not a date. When you go out for the second time you can bring her a soft toy (if you think she’ll like it) or a bar of chocolate because all girls love sweets. It’s not a good idea to give her expensive presents such as jewelry at the beginning of your relationship because it may make her think she owes you something now.

Pay for dinner. True gentlemen always pick up the tab. Don’t expect your Russian date to offer to split the bill. Very few women would do that. Even if she offers, keep insisting that everything is on you. This way most women put men to the test. They want to know whether he is generous and whether he will care for their future family.

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