The Right Time to Declare Your Love

All of us are looking for love and we finally find a person, who seems like the one, the wave of doubts overwhelms us. How will she react? When is the right time to open up? Nobody wants to get hurt that is why we get so weak and vulnerable in the face of these famous three words. However, everyone cherishes the hope to hear I love you in return. If you want to declare your love to the woman you’ve been with for a while and don’t want to come across as ridiculous or banal, you should take into account two major factors – timing and manner.


How to know the right moment has arrived

Why is timing so important? Let’s say you declare your love to a girl right after the first date. Apart from not having any effect on her, your words can also make her think that you are a womanizer who will say anything just to rush things. At the same time, each love story is unique and maybe your case is exceptional. Anyway, there are some universal recommendations that may be helpful if you’re puzzling whether the time to say those three words has come. Your declaration of love will be timely and appropriate in the following situations:

  • you’ve been dating for a quite long period of time
  • you’ve had sex
  • you are sure that she has feelings for you too

You should postpone your confession if:

  • you’re at the initial stage of a relationship
  • a girl doesn’t value your relationship very much
  • a girl behaves carelessly and even flirts with other men
  • a girl keeps the distance and doesn’t show her feelings

You should understand that your declaration will bring your relationship to the new level. Before you can start a serious long-term relationship you need some time that will test the genuineness of your feelings and the readiness to accept each other with all your merits and flaws in any circumstances. That is why telling your partner about your feelings and intentions too early will not be a wise decision. However, there is such phenomenon as love at first sight. Usually, when it strikes you, you can’t keep your emotions and feelings to yourself. And who said you should? If a particular woman makes you experience overwhelming happiness, you should share it with her. Don’t give or ask for any promises but enjoy the moment instead.

How you should deal with her reaction

Remember one simple truth: you tell a woman that you love her not to hear the same in response but just to let her know. If you understand that, you’ll be able to eliminate that notorious fear of rejection. Your declaration shouldn’t come as a surprise and catch your woman off guard. Very often women know how men feel about them long before men decide to unveil their feelings. Generally, women are good psychologists and can read between the lines. If you tell your woman that you love this or that trait of her character, you already declare your deep feelings for her without even realizing it.

The way how you’ll deliver your love-speech is important. Many people start smirking in stressful situations because that is their protective response. You should control your facial expression and gestures. Look her in the eyes, don’t stoop, put on a brave face, and speak in a mild, confident voice. Your words should go from the heart, that is why even if you have prepared a grand speech, make sure you sound sincere and not like a radio announcer.

Remember once again that you shouldn’t wait for her answer. If she says that she loves you too, you couldn’t ask for more. However, if you notice that she is at a loss for words, just tell her that you don’t demand her answer or reaction at once and you did say it because you think she deserves to know about your feelings.

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