Can calm Cancer and passionate Taurus be compatible if feelings develop?

The meeting of Water and Earth is inevitable because they are attracted on a subconscious level. It combines romance and practicality perfectly, an excellent complement, mutual support, and understanding. How can the Earth do without Water? It is almost unreal. The Earth representative draws inspiration, energy, strength, and motivation to move forward and not to stop. The beloved's calmness, stamina, endurance, and fortitude flattered the Water representative. Unfortunately, these qualities sometimes fail to achieve their goals and what they have planned.

Cancer and Taurus compatibility

Most often, a person of the water element needs the help of Earth to demonstrate strength and rationality. In addition, a representative of the Earth element knows how to manage finances. However, they do not expect anything from Water in return because they treat them as cute, touching, and harmless creatures who need care and support. On the other hand, the earthly one sometimes needs the aquatic representatives' help in realizing their affairs. They will then be able to give them the rights of a rightful partner.

According to a representative of the earth element, the secret of a person patronized by the water element is a strong intuition. Where the analytics of a rational person backfires, the gut feeling of a romantic nature comes into play, which helps to achieve the right decision.

Sexual background. What pitfalls does the compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in bed suggest?

Intimate unions are formed harmoniously. The sensuality, tenderness, and preliminary caresses are the first places for both. However, physical intimacy can fully reveal the partner, expose their souls and show the depth of their experiences. The partners feel each other perfectly on a mental and physical level. In addition, the couple enjoys true pleasure behind closed doors because the partners are not afraid to voice their deepest desires and agree to experiment. Earth often takes the role of the initiator. Water, which readily accepts the caresses of a partner and submits to them, has nothing against it. Although, sex in extreme places is taboo for them. Only a home environment or the personal territory of the other half can relax the vulnerable representative.

Can a couple be compatible in friendship? Or is such a connection between Cancer and Taurus impossible?

It usually turns out to be a rewarding experience for both of them. The Earth finds strength and words of support at the right moments, and the Water finds self-confidence, determination, and an opportunity to eliminate fears. Friends go to the movies together, visit unexplored places, listen to music, go for walks, have fun, and learn new things from each other, but do not discuss personal life, showing tact. The same can be said for business. Friendship does not interfere with a business partnership. The representatives of different elements work to achieve the results. Such people are not in a hurry and deliberately make decisions that allow them to avoid mistakes. However, there is often a lack of inspiration and creativity in such a tandem. The aquatic element needs recognition for its efforts from its business partner. They are ready to work hard. Their colleague usually directs and sets the pace of work.

Cancer and Taurus compatibility percentage

Cancer and Taurus compatibility percentage

Can two different people be a good match? What does Cancer need to be soulmates with Taurus?

The union is almost perfect. The partners complement each other and get along splendidly in the same territory for a long time. They are also all right in intimacy since they listen to each other. Water generates a lot of new ideas, and Earth is happy to accept and implement them. Each gives their partner a sense of confidence in the future and guarantees constancy and fidelity.

The Water representatives feel that nothing threatens them in connection with the Earth. However, when the former is subjected to frequent mood swings, tides of jealousy, and excessive resentment, the latter takes it calmly and understandingly. This increases the likelihood of building a long and interesting union.

What are the main potential problems in the relationship? The connection between Cancer and Taurus

The main difficulty encountered in most cases is the overbearing nature of Earth. They will not tolerate if the Water praises someone else. No exes, no friends of the opposite sex for whom there is the slightest glimmer of sympathy. All this is under a strict taboo. Earth men are the jealous type. In addition, they are prone to jealousy when there is no reason to be too harsh and rude. They may be annoyed by the excessive sensitivity of Water, and the latter irritated by the slowness of their partners. They are used to acting quickly and not looking around, trying to make the right decision.

It is sometimes worth stepping over yourself and acting in opposition to your mate to overcome all the obstacles that may arise on the way to a happy family life. For example, a person of a water element should act decisively and lead the chosen one. An Earth representative needs to tame a stubborn object of admiration by calming and instilling confidence in the future.

Are the partners emotional? Is the compatibility between Cancer and Taurus so perfect?

In terms of emotions, Water is the exact opposite of Earth. The first one reacts keenly and emotionally to everything that happens around them. A person patronized by the earth element likes it because it is more fun to live in this way, the world becomes brighter and more lively, and harmony is preserved simultaneously. This is only if we are talking about positive emotions, of course. Although sometimes a slight shaking will not hurt the down-to-earth and practical Earth.


Such an alliance has every chance of being successful. Partners only need to make every effort to do so. Otherwise, a couple will break up in a couple of weeks, never having experienced the charms of being together. They are different and can make the life of the other happy and serene. It will be necessary to see the positive aspects of the soulmate and skillfully push aside the bad.

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