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Cancer women dating

How to Date a Cancer Woman


How to Attract a Cancer Woman

What are the Cancer woman traits? Women born under this sign attract the attention of others with their mystery. They tend to differ from many modern women who are characterized by pressure with almost complete lack of any principles and moral restrictions. So, how to understand a Cancer woman and make her fall in love with you?

How to get a date with a Cancer woman

To win the girl’s heart, a man must know about all the subtleties of the soul and character traits of a Cancer woman.

1.     Show yourself serious

Communicating with a woman born under the sign of Cancer, forget about flirting. Don’t allow any game in relationships with her. Be extremely delicate. Only such men are the best matches for Cancer woman. Remember that such a woman perceives any meeting with a new man as a sign of fate.

2.     Be patient

As for Cancer woman characteristics, they are very careful in everything. Due to natural caution and timidity, these ladies are in no hurry to go on a first date. They are frightened by the haste in relations on the part of a man, so you have to show that your intentions are very serious, you have deep feelings for her, and intend to become a support and protection for her in life.   

3.     Turn on all your attention

If you notice that a Cancer woman turns into a closed and constrained lady when you approach her, then most likely she has a crush on you and is really shy of her feelings, afraid to show them. This is how to know if a Cancer woman likes you.

4.     Show indulgence and perseverance

Dating a Cancer woman, constant mood swings (for reasons unknown to you) can drive you crazy, so be patient and ready for them. Cancer women don’t perceive flirt at all. Having felt the frivolity of your intentions, your Cancer woman instantly closes in herself. But the manifestation of sincere feelings will certainly cause her reciprocal interest in you.

5.     Be initiative

How to tell if a Cancer woman likes you? You will not understand this because a Cancer woman will never take the first step towards you, no matter how much she is in love. Be active and persistent in any matters with her, while respecting delicacy. Cancer women can’t stand insolence and rudeness! Usual, everyday care and attention will be appreciated by them much higher than ardent confessions about your burning feelings.

6.     Be real

In simple words, tell her that you like communicating with such a woman, that you need her attention to yourself. Let your words come straight from the heart, from the bottom of your soul. Well, clothe this feeling in simple words prompted by your heart. Do it easily and without pathos.

7.      Accept her shyness with understanding

How to attract a Cancer woman? Willingly accept her shyness in your relationship. She may reject you when you ask her to go out finding a bunch of reasons for this. A Cancer woman in love may not show her feelings. So, just understand her isolation. Say that you are not indifferent to her and feel the attraction that has arisen for you.

8.     Be as delicate as possible

Now you understand the Cancer woman personality traits. So, never joke about her appearance or (which is much worse!) her inner world or laugh at her romance, sentimentality, and dreaminess. No matter what, sincerely share dreams and romantic fantasies with her (even if they seem fantastic) instead of criticizing them!

9.     Talk about your future family

To attract a Cancer woman, invite her to your home and cook dinner. She should see a man in a home environment, appreciate his housekeeping and care. You need to tell her about your desire to have a family and, of course, children. This is how to seduce a Cancer woman.