Let's find out if Libra is compatible with another partner in a love tandem - is Aquarius suitable for this?

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This meeting will be a bright flash. Air always gets along well with each other. They are so similar that sometimes they understand a partner at a glance, so their friendship will easily pass the test of time, but in love, a couple may encounter difficulties. Despite the similarities, in romantic affairs, they behave diametrically opposite. Libra dissolves in love. They need to be with a partner as much as possible.

Libra and Aquarius compatibility

On the contrary, Aquarius prefers some privacy. He needs more personal space. This situation can confuse their familiar idyll if you casually discuss the problem. They love to talk. The ability to express thoughts allows such a couple to skillfully bypass sharp corners without bringing the situation to a boil. However, they should be careful so that it does not turn out that there is only talk and no action in their union. And sometimes, on the contrary, a couple gets carried away and can start arguing with each other, forgetting that they are not in a debating club. However, such rare skirmishes help maintain interest and add spice. After all, what both of them definitely cannot come to terms with is boredom. If one of them becomes insipid in the union, he will leave it without hesitation and will not regret it.

Libras, have fun in bed. Great news for your partner's sexual compatibility with an Aquarius

In erotic terms, the couple ideally matches their aspirations. Let not the seeming "life in the head," high intelligence, and lack of material ambitions confuse you. For them, sex means much more than banal physical intimacy. It will become their way of intelligibly showing mutual love. It is an unforgettable experience that they indulge in passionately and totally. Of course, here, too, they do not swim away into feelings: they love the intellectual process and need to stimulate a partner. Aquarius is a researcher in bed. He chooses experiments and literally "pours water" into the field of erotic conversations. Libra, in sex, is happy to please, obey and adopt ideas to connect to the love game. Both are very open in intimate terms and are ready to fulfill the fantasies of the chosen one. They need to discover new facets in their personal life: role-playing games and sex toys are frequent guests here. Representatives of this element masterfully master the art of sexual conversation. They enjoy sex. It will never be a routine for them with a mutual fantasy. Love joys will undoubtedly reveal new facets of the characters of partners.

How can Libra express themselves in friendship? How does Aquarius maintain mutual understanding and compatibility?

They have so much in common to discuss: they have the same tastes in movies, books, and music, and they like the same entertainment. These are friendly halves of one whole, they value peace, tranquility, and harmony, so they will not provoke each other again. The friendship of two breaths of air is the strongest. Aquarius puts her very high, sometimes even higher than the family, which must be considered. Representatives of the air are very patient with friends. They readily forgive them for various oversights. They are ready to help a friend at any moment. So you can safely count on them in a critical situation. But at the same time, these are far from the friends who will call each other every evening. After all, no matter how much they value what they have, partners need personal space much more, so they cherish it. So they need moderation and trust.

Libra and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Libra and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Will Libra be a good match to become soulmates? What is the reaction of Aquarius?

Representatives of the elements get along great. At the same time, they do not like it when they climb into their souls. Moreover, they are not inclined to delve into their emotions. Libra appreciates peace and harmony. For this, they are ready to keep silent about their actual experiences once again.

On the other hand, Aquarians are straightforward, and logical and even express their emotions with rational words and arguments. They try to protect their feelings and rationalize everything. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to open up to a partner truly. When these two overcome their inner barriers and finally open up to their loved ones, their harmonious union will strengthen.

Libra is fascinated by the intellect of their partner and the ideas that flow from his source. The lightness and tenderness call Aquarius to dance in the maelstrom of adventure. They live together every day in a non-trivial way. Their time spent together is like a fascinating story. Even the acquaintance of this couple will not be ordinary. But sometimes, the uncontrollable energy of Uranus brings dissonance into this idyll. Independent Aquarius can periodically drift away and go about their business as if there is no union which can be very annoying to Libra, who is oriented towards partnership. But they will most likely remain silent because of their indecision and unwillingness to go into open conflict. If problems are hushed up, discontent will accumulate like a snowball.

What are the potential Libra relationship problems? Will they be able to balance Aquarius?

Two aerial members of a couple who are not grounded by anything will sooner or later face the problem of which of them is more original and creative. An additional reason for tension will be a different vision of the prospects for the tandem. Aquarius is much more freedom-loving. At some point, he will want to win back personal space, which can be very alarming for a partner. Libra may take this as a representative that the partner has cooled off and is not interested in developing this union. They need to be patient and not force things but direct a kind of "water supply" of his ideas into a practical channel. Aquarius will be grateful to them for this.

It is worth remembering that they have such an expected quality as rationalizing subjective opinion when it is necessary to act logically. This leads to additional conflicts because everyone defends their arguments. Of course, regardless of which couple is "beautiful," the palm will be given to the female representative, irrespective of the representative. However, they will still start rivalry when deciding who is "smart" here. On this basis, scandals can begin. Therefore, they should have enough common sense to give the palm to their partner, depending on the current situation.

Union of the Eternally Free in marriage: compatibility of unstable Libra and airy Aquarius

It is worth noting that both of them want to build a stable profound union, but the obligations scare them. Such a couple needs to talk again about their needs and find a compromise. It is vital to leave enough space for yourself because of fears.

Astrologically, these two have great chances for a successful union. It is much easier for the Children of Air to build a tandem than for representatives of other elements. They are ready to share goals and hobbies, compete with temperaments, and know how to interest and captivate, and their understanding of the needs in bed is ideal. Globally, they want the same thing, even if, at times, their opinions differ. All they should consider is the need to show a little more indulgence to desires and requests. Then they will have many pleasant moments ahead of them.

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