How to date an Asian girl as a white guy?

You might have noticed that nowadays, the trend towards everything Asian gains further momentum. Cosmetics produced in Asia becomes popular, a bigger number of young people starts listening to Asian music bands as well as becomes fans of anime and cosplay. However, among all this, Asian girls are especially popular. Many girls of European appearance do not cease to wonder why men choose these strangers with slanted eyes.

Asian girls who only date white guys

Why are Asian girls so attractive?

Scientists interpret the popularity of Asian girls by the fact that these girls remain committed to patriarchal relationships, where the man is provided with the main role in the couple. White men get tired of manifestation of women’s independence in all spheres of life. One of the possible ways to regain their self-confidence is to get married a girl from Asia, where the man still dominates both in the couple and in society. However, this is not the only reason for the popularity of Asian girls. There are other several reasons to find Asian women to date.

1. Great body. A good woman’s body is, of course, important for men. Men are attracted by a fragile figure of Asian women, shy poses, and graceful gait. Western women do not make so many efforts to look gorgeous. Light makeup, exotic appearance and the mysterious look of the dark eyes work much better than the jutted bosom, tight blouses, and ubiquitous photoshop.

2. Good knowledge of English. Wealthy men have one quite serious requirement, it is a competent knowledge of English. A woman should know the language at a decent level to be able to talk about the beauty of the landscape, the moral qualities of colleagues, and the merits of golf compared to tennis. Education in Asian countries has long been restructured in favor of learning English at a good level, so many Asian girls speak English well.

3. Forever young girls. In most countries, an adult woman believes that she must be serious and forget forever about the pink color and youthful outfits. In Asia, women remain girls until old age. This is manifested both in clothing and in accessories, as well as in the attitude to life. Men are grown-up little boys who don’t want to become serious old people, so they are on the same page with Asian women.

4. Suitable conditions. In addition to the qualities of Asian girls, any social moments work in their favor. There is a number of very obvious factors that make white men date hot Asian girls. For example, the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, for example, a man goes on a business trip to a sunny and hospitable Thailand and at the same time, gets acquainted with a potential bride. Warm sea, delicious food, romantic atmosphere actively promotes the development of feelings.

5. Beckoning voice. Many men say that Asian women have a nice, gentle, and beckoning sexy voice. And, in general, these girls are very harmonious, and they act like Julius Caesar, managing to combine several cases at the same time. Marvelously, Asian women manage to be good mistresses, loving wives, and mothers, while they do not forget about themselves, taking time to care for their appearance.

Why do Asian girls like white guys?

date local Asian womenUsually, interracial relationships raise many questions and discussions. Why do Asian girls date white guys? What’s so special about white men that girls give priority to them, forgetting about men of their own race? Here are only several moments from the big list of reasons that may clarify the situation.

White guys behave like gentlemen. You will hardly find gentlemen among Asian men because they get used to having precedence over the women. This state of affairs has been formed for millennia. In western countries, the situation is the opposite, so a bigger number of men tries to look like a gentleman, especially during the conquest of a woman’s heart. Asian girls are charmed by white men who behave this way because Asian men prefer to perceive women as their housemaids who don’t deserve much respect and care. Behaving like that, Asian men make their women choose white men to feel respected and cherished.

White guys have fair porcelain skin. Fair and impeccable porcelain skin has been considered beautiful in Asia since the earliest times, and it has been serving as a sign that its owner is a representative of the upper classes. Only the financially weak people spend plenty of time in the air and, consequently, have a darker skin. This trend is in force nowadays, and the residents of Asian countries spend huge amounts of money on bleaching agents and take their umbrellas everywhere to protect their skin from the sun. So, white men attract an Asian woman’s attention just with their appearance because they look exotic for Asian women and make them a little curious.

White guys have better personal qualities. Usually, if a person feels like something is missing, they try to find this thing somewhere else to meet their needs. The same thing happens with Asian girls who only date white guys. While Asian men don’t want to take care of their women as well as to show their love just because they earn much money, girls try to fill a gap and find missed feelings in the relationship with white guys. Western men are well aware of a woman’s needs, and they don’t refuse to spend time with their girlfriends, showing love and care in different spheres of life.

Asian women dating – what to expect?

Don’t forget about the common background for dating pretty girls because there are many similar things. Usual pick up tricks, as well as the sings of attention and text game, will help you meet the challenge. Nonetheless, there are some things which you should be ready for in advance.

Everything evolves faster. Dating for years is not about Asian girls. Most likely that when you date local Asian women who have grown up in one of the Western countries and who have modern values, everything is as usual. Nonetheless, if it’s about dating an Asian girl who is living in Asia, be ready that in several dates she will consider you to be her boyfriend, and in several months, she will wait for a proposal.

You should pay the common bill. How to date Asian women? You should be ready for the fact that a man should pay the common bill. Nobody wants to date a greedy man, especially if there is a probability of the further continuation of the relationship. An Asian woman wants to be sure that a man can provide a family if everything goes further. Of course, there are those who adhere to feminist ideas, but in most cases, you shouldn’t offer to share the bill.

Meeting her parents is a great deal. You can think that meeting a girl’s family will not make much difference. However, this is not true for Asian countries. If a girl offers you to meet with her family, it means that she has already come up with her plans for the further development of your relationship. If you accept her invitation, you agree with the fact that you will have a common future. An Asian girl values her reputation and can introduce only a special man to her relatives, so it’s a great deal.

Asian online dating – rules and tips.

Men from all over the world prefer to date Asian girls more often than women of other races. Asian women have many qualities of a perfect woman. If you don’t know how to date Asian girls, read the following tips to avoid the most foolish mistakes.

1. Don’t start your communication with “Konnichiwa.” Don’t pretend to be very clever and original, such approach will not work. Asian girls have different national backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs, so don’t think that your “witty” greeting will make wonders. As a result, you will look ridiculous, and that’s all.

2. Don’t pay compliments to her exotic appearance. When Asian women date white men, they are very pleased to get compliments about their appearance, but without mentioning that it is very exotic. Usually, Asian men don’t trouble themselves with complimenting their women, so Asian girls like to listen to them. However, they hate when men tell them about their “exotic eyes” and skin color.

3. Don’t show “deep knowledge” in her culture. Even if you have got a doctorate in her culture, don’t try to impress her with your knowledge. It’s annoying and boring when a white guy tries to prove that he is more Asian than an Asian girl, and he knows 5 words in the language.

find Asian women to date4. Don’t be vulgar and forget about dirty talks. A dirty talk is a very risky thing that you should better avoid. Being vulgar, you will spoil all the good impression. Asian women may consider your frivolity to be weird. They don’t get used to talking about sex so easily as Western people, so be careful and try not to overdo.

Asian girls dating white guys – benefits and drawbacks.

You need to weight up all pros and cons to take a final decision. There are just several examples of possible benefits and drawbacks of dating Asian girls.

The most obvious benefits

They are attractive. Of course, it may seem quite a debatable assertion because everyone has their own understanding of attractiveness, but if you read this article, you might like this type of girls and consider them attractive.

They are loyal. Asian girls will do their best to solve the problem and reach the agreement instead of constant quarrels and offers to break up. They are loyal partners who will respect and support their soulmates instead of looking for a better option or cheating on them.

They are quite discreet. An Asian woman will never humiliate her partner in public. She will not discuss the intimate details of your private life with friends. These girls know how to keep secrets.

They are hardworking. The Asian girls study and work hard, not forgetting to create a home atmosphere. She will not interfere in her partner's relationship with the ex as well as family and friends. Clearly, she may not like it, but she will never throw a tantrum about it, but she will calmly inform you next day of her sadness about the incident.

The most obvious drawbacks

You can face judgment. You should be ready to listen to the following statements quite often, "She needs only your money," "Your relationship will not last for long", etc. Most of your friends may adhere to strong stereotypes from the media about "natives of third world countries", "yellow" and so on. Most often, people start condemning others when they are unhappy.

They can go on a diet all the time. Asian girls prefer to be on a diet than to go to a gym. Of course, this situation can change, or you can meet a unique girl, but most girls starve themselves instead of working out. It may look weird for you.

They may turn out to be gold diggers. This is one of the stereotypes that have much in common with reality. Many Asian girls are poorer in comparison to Western people, so they believe that almost every Western man is rich and can become a great of a catch. So, you should be on your guard, meeting an Asian girl just in case.

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