Are fiery Sagittarius and water Cancer compatible in a promising union?

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Opposites are known to have a destructive effect on each other. Water extinguishes fire. Fire contributes to the evaporation of water. It is not only in physics but also in astrology. These signs have too different characters and ideas about life. Fire sign loves life; he is a born optimist and is not used to dwelling on life’s difficulties. He is impulsive, constantly in motion, and continually looking for new emotions and impressions. And freedom is important to him. Water partner is different – this person appreciates peace, seeks stability and consistency, he is prone to melancholy and frequent mood swings. The water sign needs shelter under the wing of a more vital partner and a spiritual merger with him. So he seeks a sense of security in this fickle, awful reality.

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility

But some things unite these signs: a philosophical mind and a tendency to learn this world from different angles. Also, the fire sign can become the protector and benefactor of the weaker and more sensitive water sign. And when they play their roles correctly, their successful union has a right to life.

The apt Sagittarius and the indomitable Cancer in bed. Their vivid sexual compatibility 

It’s no secret that passion is the basis of a happy union for lovers. However, the intimate life of these two is far from ideal. In the first few months, the partners may feel the euphoria of falling in love. It seems to them that they are perfect for each other. But the further they go, the more difficulties and misunderstandings await the lovers. They have different preferences in sexual life. Active and inventive fire partner likes passionate hot love pleasures. And the romantic representative of the water element appreciates more sensual, measured caresses but will try to satisfy all the desires and proposals of a fiery partner. Sooner or later, he will get tired and begin to make claims. These two should learn to negotiate compromises and discuss their desires and fantasies to keep the couple and a harmonious, intimate life. Each may teach their mate new techniques and the benefits of a certain intimate mood.

Friendship cheerful compatibility: can Sagittarius and Cancer be good buddies?

Often, they are just two buddies who turn to each other when one of them needs it. The fire partner can ask for help, and the water sign will help. But the first won’t stay in debt and will share current news and help with connections. These two work at different paces and must recognize each other’s methods. Thus, this friendship and work union’s productivity is better than in the business sphere, where specific deadlines exist. If they share hobbies, the situation may be better than it seemed because there will also be topics to discuss.

The Fire sign seems too frivolous to the Water sign. Of course, their friendship is possible under certain circumstances, but it will not be an alliance called “friends forever.” Fire partners used to take care of the weak and can take the aquatic friend under his guardianship. They will always find common contact points, but a strong friendship for centuries is still not enough.

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility percentage

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility percentage

Are fiery Sagittarius and water Cancer a good match to be soulmates?

If there is initial interest, these two may quickly discover that they are too different, making it difficult for them to get along. And becoming happy is even more difficult. Both will need to accept the other person with all their strengths and weaknesses to maintain and strengthen their union. But in practice, it is easier to be disappointed and go in search of the other.

As for the emotional component, both partners show significantly different behavior. Sagittarius is used to flaunting his feelings; his emotions are always bubbling but also pass quickly enough. And this is his main feature. He instantly lights up and quickly cools down. Cancer can be frightened by these changes and the too-easy, superficial perception of a loving partnership. Therefore, there may be reproaches of levity and infidelity on the part of the water sign.

Potential problems in a Sagittarius and Cancer tandem. Relationships for patient people

Mutual understanding, sincerity, and different worldviews can cause difficulties in this tandem. For example, the fire sign constantly strives somewhere. On the other hand, Sagittarius is too hot and active. His sedate, sensual aquatic partner wants to see him around, not in the next battle with a sword. 

Expressing emotions is another stumbling block between these two. Sagittarius expresses his feelings ardently and emotionally, sometimes forgetting about the sense of tact. At the same time, Cancer prefers to reflect and think over what he wants to say to avoid offending anyone. As a result, the water sign can fall into melancholy and even depression; they often experience emotional swings, which can surprise and upset the person they love. As a result, there are two options. Too different natures will either try to find common ground and strengthen their union; or constantly suffer from being unable to make each other happy.

Pushy Sagittarius and thoughtful Cancer: bad communication in the business sphere

The work sphere is no less important, so it requires a careful selection of colleagues. The business compatibility of this pair is at a low level. These two have entirely different approaches to work, the vision of the result, and activity rhythms. The first sign is that he likes to do everything quickly and often makes mistakes he cannot admit.

He can treat the work superficially and tends to criticize his partner, demonstrating his superiority. A water sign, on the contrary, perform its duties carefully and meticulously. He treats it with responsibility and brings everything he starts to the end. It would seem that it is possible to combine their efforts, and success will indeed happen. But it’s not so easy – different temperaments do not allow the representatives of these two signs to achieve harmonious cooperation in business. 

Thus, don’t be under illusions about their ability to get along. Everyone will still be themselves, differing in values and temperament. Efforts may improve the situation a little but do not guarantee success. Changing the patterns is possible, but it will likely take much work and action. The only thing they have in common is the desire to know the world deeply from different angles and themselves as a micro part. Philosophical growth together can be a stepping stone for the growth and development of the couple.

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