How to Treat Russian Women: How to Find a Real Russian Bride

At a time when ladies in Western Europe were fighting desperately for gender equality, abandoning courtship, the borders of Russia were closed. After the Iron Curtain was removed, crowds of foreigners got acquainted with the mysterious Russian soul, culture and history. They were returning to their homelands stunned, and not only by their discovery of the once closed country but also by their impressions of Russian women. Because a typical Russian bride for marriage turned out to be pretty beautiful, tender and somehow naive.

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This is not a surprise that longing for true femininity, foreign men still keep visiting this Slavic country in search of love. Demand for a “real Russian mail order bride” quickly became popular, there appeared various marriage agencies, specializing in helping men from abroad meet and marry a girl from Russia. Even the lack of knowledge of the language and foreign legislation do not scare these ladies from changing their life upside down and moving to another country. So, if you want to meet a woman now that will be ready to accompany you to your motherland, order a Russian bride. According to statistics, some of them nevertheless part with their husbands in a foreign land but are not in a hurry to return to their native lands.

Over the past decade, every fifth bride has found happiness with a foreigner. According to official data from the Moscow registry offices, the largest number of brides from Russia are taken to the UK, Germany, Turkey, and more recently to China. It is noted that marriages with foreigners are stronger than with compatriots: despite the difference in mentality, only 15-20% of them break up. The remaining 80% have a strong marriage bond. Is it possible to get a real Russian bride and live happily ever after? Yes, and below we will tell you many details about this even including how much is a Russian bride.

Who Are Russian Brides?

The Russian wife loves to cook, look after her husband and home, she does not have deep feminist views. In the Russian language, there is even a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The ability of most ladies from this country to create coziness and comfort is very much appreciated by foreigners and makes them want to date a Russian girl. It is normal for foreign women to hire a servant if they don't want to bother themselves with household chores, while many Russian women believe that in this way, they let an outsider into the house. As you can see, they are quite conservative yet still in huge demand among foreigners. Why? This we will consider later.

What Is a Mail Order Bride?

There is a common practice for lonely women to register on a dating site. Some of them just seek attention, a company of a man or want his money, however, the category of females that we are describing today has way more serious intentions. Their main purpose is to find a man from abroad to marry him and move from their Motherland. In this case, bridal agencies come in handy and help these women arrange the process of acquaintance with a suitable man. To do this, a lady creates an account on an agency site. How to find a Russian bride? There are many of them at such sites, and the company will help by sending a bride directly to you if you happen to like each other and want to switch your conversation to real life.

Why Do Foreign Men Love Russian Women?

Let’s start from appearance. Even French women, considered trendsetters, devote little time to their clothes and appearance, preferring light messiness in style. Most of them are not ready to keep on a diet to look stunning, which Russian brides will do. In the morning, the Russian wife strives to appear to her husband neatly combed and beautifully dressed. She will not leave a house without putting on makeup and the best dress. Then, like French women and Italians, they don’t overdress every day putting on outstanding outfits only for special occasions.

Women from Russia are characterized by romanticism, they adore compliments, flowers, simple signs of attention. There is no “bad weather” for them, even on dank and frosty days, they will find a way to entertain the family by making tea and filling the apartment with the smell of freshly baked homemade cookies.

how to buy a russian brideMost often, Germans fall in love with Slavs, appreciating their rich emotional spectrum and homeliness. The latter quality is loved in Norway and Sweden, where women do not burden themselves with household chores. Tenderness and sincerity, spontaneity and impartiality of Russian beauties are adored by Italians. Having married a Muslim or Catholic, these women convert to Islam and Catholicism, becoming happy darlings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Is the Russian bride thing real? First things first, we need to clarify that this "How to buy a Russian bride" manual is not an instruction on buying a woman. This is, of course, illegal and not human. We are talking about the price that the agency will require for all the arrangements and finding you the most suitable Russian beauty. The average cost of this service is from 3 to 6 thousand USD, which will depend on the deadlines, preferences, and options you will choose.

Why Russian Women Want to Be Russian Brides for Foreigners

Modern Russian girls are not looking for a specific country, but, first of all, for a man. Now, for the most part, brides do not need to leave their native country, they realize their career and achieve various successes if desired, here. The main job of an agency is to provide the connection of girls with the men abroad, today they work mainly with France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

If a girl is 26-30 years old, and she wants to have children in the future, then she is looking for a man under 40 years old. But in general, a difference of 10 years suits everyone. What requirements do girls have for candidates for husbands? Bridal companies try not to work with clients who come and say, “I want a house by the sea, a generous husband, to bestow fur coats and bags from leading designers.” At the same time, neither age nor any spiritual qualities and hobbies of men are of interest to them. This approach to finding a life partner is fundamentally wrong and does not allow to create stable relationships.

The phenomenon of seeking foreign husbands appeared in Russia after the 90s, but the reasons why they choose to do this remain the same.

Seeking a better life. Sometimes living conditions and the career environment for women in Russia leave much to be desired. They imagine that after marrying a rich man from abroad (after all even the costs of the services of finding a bride are not cheap, and men who are not wealthy would not afford it) all their dreams about a perfect life will come true.

They do not see the future in their country. No matter how culturally fantastic their Motherland is and how greatly they love it, many Russians get fed up with the constant poor health care, civil, education and working situation in their country. They realize that if they stay there, they will not be able to live to the fullest and implement their plans and creative potential, so they choose to migrate.

Russian men are not romantic or passionate. People here are intelligent, hardworking, persistent, and the family-love-related issues have always been concerned only with carrying on the line. Foreigners attract Russian women with their readiness for romantic deeds and constant compliments, unlike local men who do not pay so much attention to the feeling of their beloved.

They already have children. Unfortunately, a divorced woman in Russia is a shame or a burden for a single man, she will forever be considered flawed, and this is extremely sad. Women in such a situation are deeply injured and feel vulnerable, everything that they want is the bright future for their children and themselves. And what is bad in the desire to leave a new life from scratch in a country, not influenced by such prejudices of society?

Gender discrimination. Although these women are quite conservative and do not mind a slight patriarchate in a family as they believe that the man should be the leader, when it comes to a career ladder, this upsets them. Senior posts are occupied by males, and even an intelligent and talented woman has little chances of success in Russia.

Where to Find Russian Women Online

Nowadays, dating sites are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. They are special resources designed to create relationships and are used as much as regular social networks for the meeting. In today's world, no one is surprised by international couples who have met on the Internet and have traveled a great distance to be together. In the global network, you can read many beautiful romantic stories on this topic. But is everything so simple and wonderful as it might seem at first glance and how to find a real Russian bride?

Dating sites. Of course, one of the common reasons for registering on dating sites is a banal lack of time. If a girl works 10 hours a day and spends another 3 hours to get to work and back, then such resources are a find for her. So, when a bride turns to a real Russian bride site, first of all, her outlook on herself, her life, and on her relationship changes. Such resources are the most suitable for those who want to meet a woman for a long-term relationship and moving together. Because on these platforms women have already decided on their intentions towards relationships.

Dating apps. This is even more convenient version of dating sites available at any time and place. There is a huge amount of them, and if you were wondering where you can meet ladies from Russia – just download a dating app and specify the search results. Then you can proceed to communication with girls ready to become brides and leave their country for the reasons, described earlier. You can distinguish women open for communication with foreigners based on the list of languages they know. If a woman specifies that she knows English or any other language, she will not be against a conversation with a lovely man from abroad. And as English is an international instrument of communication, it allows you to text practically any person, and you will understand each other.

Social networks. Here the opening line is what matters the most. The banal phrase like, “Hello, how are you?” does not cause any enthusiasm in a girl. An exception may be the case when you have a really interesting page, a lot of photos that will attract Russian ladies as such (trust us, if she likes you straight away, she will text you back no matter what nonsense you write). Otherwise, resourcefulness is better. For example, you can write, “Hello! I have finally found you!” Then you can clarify why this fact inspired you (to complement any side of her personality, appearance). You can also immediately show a serious attitude, “Hello! You are very interesting! Did you ever think about moving to another country?” Of course, a rare girl will immediately agree to a meeting, but, for sure, she will remember that you had real intentions for something serious straightaway.

how to find a real russian brideInterest-related forums and pages. It will be best if you start a conversation about the girl herself here. Show interest in her person, ask some questions about the site you saw her at, make compliments, comment on some of her photos (not under the pictures themselves, but in private messages so that you can accurately count on the response). If the girl leaves a comment under a discussion, you can respond to her and try to attract her attention with a funny joke.

Then switch to her interests besides the sphere you have in common. Ask what she does – works, studies or something else. Find out if she has any other hobbies, what places in her city she likes and let her tell you about Russia, ask her what countries she would like to visit (hinting on the possibility that you can take her on a detailed trip to your country).

Tips to Find and Date a Russian Woman

Here we will open some of the secrets concerning the mentality and preferences of Russian women and give you advice on how to conquer their hearts. After meeting her online, even in the case you are using the service of a bridal agency, you will still have to conduct a little bit of work to impress your Russian lady.

They love romantic, generous men and value deeds more than words. You should stay a leader to cause constant excitement in a girl because she wants to feel behind a stone wall, being with you. How to show your superiority and love properly as well as find a thin line between being dominating and despotic (the second one is the usual thing for Russian men, so this will only scare her away) – out tips will help you.

Sex matters, so be ready to have a lot of it and do not fear to ask her to implement your wildest desires into life. As for sex, Russian women are more likely to fulfill the wishes of a partner. Almost every girl will ask about your fantasies to realize them right away. Russians are confident in themselves and their physical form (they spend so much time to maintain it). So, playing in front of a mirror or taking intimate selfies is no problem, rather, it is perceived as the highest form of praise.

Russian women are very independent and know what they want. In most European countries, relationships are seen as partnerships. Both participants equally share responsibilities. In Russia, everything is more old-fashioned. Not everyone is engaged in household chores, this is a thing of a gender – some duties are simply male task, while others are a part of a female obligation. But if you help her, she will appreciate your attitude.

Russian women are frank and will directly tell you what they think - whether it is good or bad. They are always ready to support you and help you with advice (and they are surprisingly insightful). They are generous and caring. But be ready for their straightforwardness.

Russians bother a lot about appearance. Very much. When people are so preoccupied with their image, you usually expect coldness, closeness, selfishness, narcissism from them. But in the case of Russians, each time you understand that you were mistaken because they turn out to be sincere, warm and open. And you should always compliment her on the way she looks.

You never know what to expect from them. They are unpredictable. They seem to have “little limits." Thinking that everything is possible, and it doesn’t matter in which area: open a restaurant, go swimming in the lake at night, take a trip for two hours, get a job not in a specialty and make a career, write a book, make a film.

The most important thing, because of which foreigners actually look for wives from Russia, is a natural beauty, femininity, and soulfulness of these women. Their family values, they manage to be so hardworking and multitasking, staying gentle and understanding at the same time – this is about Russian brides. If you were still hesitating on how to meet a girl from this country or is mail ordering wives normal – put all prejudices aside.

This is a completely normal thing today and even a huge opportunity for two busy lonely people who are open to a new communication, other countries and interesting experiences to meet over the Internet. And what is bad in the simplicity of this process when it is a bridal agency that takes over it for a specified cost? Hopefully our tips will help you in approaching Russian brides, and you will find the one among these magnificent women.

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I really love Russian girls and have already met one of them on a dating site. I think that this is the best way to find a girl from Russia if you are a foreigner. After all, there is a huge number of users: young or mature, blond or red-haired, home-keepers or business ladies – on a dating site, you can meet the girl of your dreams.
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This is the best site about romantic relationships! I have already made the best out of some articles, and I think that your advice on how to treat Russian girls will also be very useful for me in the future!
10.01.2020 12:07
Russian girls are not only sexy, attractive, and romantic but also family women. After all, a family is the most valuable thing in the life of Russian ladies. Regardless of the fact that that these women study and build a career, their husbands and children are always a priority. Maybe it happens because of the fact that patriarchal traditions still take place in Russian society.
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