Dating a Nurse: Where to Find Them and How to Approach

If you lose your head at the moment when you see single nurses or you are always attracted to representatives of this profession, you may want to have such a girlfriend. If you really manage to find a nurse with whom you decide to start a romantic relationship, then you may think that all the difficulties are behind but there are several aspects that you must consider before completely surrendering to such a relationship and start dating a nurse.

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Pros and cons of dating a nurse

Men, are you looking for the perfect life partner? Go to the nearest hospital, find a nurse or look for single girls online, and spend the rest of your life with one of them. Don’t believe? Here are the pros of dating girls of this profession. However, you should also consider all the cons of such relationships so that not to be surprised then.


Their education. It is simply wonderful to try nurse dating and have the opportunity to always talk with a smart person! The nurse is the profession with the long training period, and therefore, we can call medical workers smart people!

You probably don’t need health insurance. When you date a nurse, she knows the basic parameters of a “healthy” state, and she will definitely look after her loved one no matter what.

They are always willing to help out. She will be able to provide first aid, advise something and help maintain a healthy body and mind.

They’re flexible. Finding a job with a medical diploma will not be difficult in any part of the world. Therefore, you can safely plan a change of residence.

They are funny. Nurses are very peculiar people. Their close circle of friends often includes nurses and doctors who have a very specific sense of humor and manner of presenting the information. But believe us, they have a million funny jokes.

Impressive nerves. Nurses remain calm even in very stressful situations. So, dating a nurse, most likely, she will not even pay attention to small trifles in your relationships.


Delays at work. The nurse’s schedule seems to be well-established and normalized but everything is not so good in reality. You will have to wait a little longer than expected. Banal cooling dinner sometimes greatly spoils the mood.

date a nurseJealousy. It is good when a specialty involves working with children or women but when she spends time daily with many men, you will not like it. Jealousy always leads to bad consequences such as quarrels and other troubles.

Strict schedule. You won’t be able to take frequent vacations. Sometimes she has to take overtime. Because of the schedule, you will have to give up many ideas and desires more than once.

Excessive cleanliness. What if she needs sterile cleanliness in the house and you don’t care? At different temperaments, trifles may well bring a couple to quarrels. And frequent quarrels lead to serious disagreements, in which it rarely happens to remain a good family.

Nurses either sleep or study all their free time. And this takes a lot of their time. So, know that dates, walks in the park, and joint romantic dinners will be the best and extremely rare gift for you.

Dating female nurses: what you need to do

Nurses are educated people who usually love their work, so relationships with them can give wonderful emotions. In this case, certain difficulties may arise. Spending time together will not always be possible as nurses have a variable work schedule. It is important to understand that their plans can change frequently. Your relationship with cute nurses may differ from romantic relationships with other women.

1. Don’t think that you now have a personal nurse for all occasions of life

It’s as if you were a bus driver and, coming home, you heard: take me there/take my mother there/you are a driver! Yes, she is a medical worker and can always help you. But coming home, she needs a break from patients. If you ask her to treat you all the time you feel any minor ache, then, most likely, she will prefer some other place to relax. Also, maybe she just doesn’t know how to treat you and may answer something like: “Go to the doctor and undergo a medical examination if you feel so bad”.

2. Don’t try to entertain them with medical tales

The girl is not interested/embarrassed/bored to hear about what terrible stone was taken from your grandfather’s kidney. She could easily do without this information. And in general, such things mean that you think with stereotypes and perceive her as a kind of impersonal object in a white coat (and not just as a pretty person of the opposite sex). Otherwise, it would be obvious to her that your interests are not limited to medicine.

3. Don’t be offended by the fact that she spends much more time with patients and colleagues than you would like

Yes, she does so deliberately but not to spite you. This is her work. And she had been studying for many years. And do you really think that if you put you on one side of the scale and put all her efforts of medical education that she completed on the other, you can outweigh it? Unlikely.

4. Don’t stop her from sleeping after duty

At first, it may seem like a sweet detail to you but then it will probably start annoying you seriously (what’s the point of sleeping half a Saturday!). Yes, and by the way, nurses and doctors don’t have free Saturday and Sunday as other people. But there’s nothing to be done about it, you have to accept it.

5. Don’t start a scandal when she again needs to go to the next congress

Symposium. Conference. To New-York. To London. A normal nurse is a person who is constantly studying, and lessons, as a rule, take place anywhere but not in your hometown. And no, nothing will change over time if she is interested in what she does.

6. Don’t hope for a relaxing holiday with her

When you feel bad, you call the doctor or nurse. All her patients, who don’t know that she is on a romantic date right now, do the same. And her co-workers will also call her on urgent matters. Of course, she could turn off her phone and ignore important calls for several days just for you. But then she would spend a lot of time discussing every detail she had missed.

cute nursesWhere to meet nurses for dating

“I will never marry a nurse” – how many times did you hear such words from your friends? Most likely, they just don’t know that these women are just amazing. So, impress your friends by starting a relationship with a good nurse. Don’t know where to find her? Check this list out.


Contact your clinic. You should think in advance about the illness you are going to treat. In no case come up with some kind of dangerous disease because the nurse can quickly understand that you are pretending. So, for example, you may complain of recurring headaches or back pain.

Nurses dating site

In fact, this is a good platform where you can meet a nurse. A nurse dating site is a place that everyone can join and start chatting. Here you can get acquainted with women for serious relationships, love, marriage, creating a family, and just for flirting. Nurses are very busy and don’t have enough time to go on dates, so they prefer this way of dating. So, on a nurses dating site, there is everything for comfortable online communication and dating. Thousands of men and women find each other there.

Events for medical workers

Go to events for medical workers. In a relaxed and inactive atmosphere, the chances of finding hot female nurses are much greater! But for such banquet holidays, entrance is often only for doctors. But you can find a friend who will help you get to such a feast. Firstly, try to show attraction to the woman you like. But you shouldn’t show excessive activity so as not to be considered annoying. Secondly, it is advisable to find common interests in the process of communication, which will serve further, closer communication.

Bars and cafes near hospitals

Visit cafes, bars, and restaurants near the local hospital more often. Look for regular visitors in a white coat. These are the great places to meet: nurses come here to relax and chat. So, what prevents you to combine business with pleasure and expand the circle of friends? In general, nothing but to make the acquaintance really enjoyable and eventually develop it into a friendship or even love, you need to come up with something original.

So, dating a nurse, you have to understand that you are not the only one who wants to be with her. If you decide to have such a girlfriend or you start a relationship with a person who turned out to be a nurse, most likely, you have to accept the fact that there are people who need her time and attention as well. Instead of being jealous or starting scandals, now is the time to develop your inner strength, confidence, and independence so that your woman understands that you are the best man and accept her and her profession.

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