Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Russian Woman as Your Girlfriend

Have you ever dated Russian women? If not, then you should definitely meet some. If you’re a single decent man looking for a compatible partner, then a Russian girl will make a good match for you. Even if you don’t want to get married in the nearest future, you’ll enjoy the experience of dating Slavic girls because they are very interesting personality. You’ll immediately notice that they are not like the women you used to date. Be careful, the odds are you’ll want to make your Russian date your wife because these girls are incredible in a number of ways.

Choose a Russian Woman as Your Girlfriend


Describing Russian women is all in vain because in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just browse through women’s profiles and see their beauty with your own eyes. Although they extremely beautiful and feminine by nature, they emphasize their beauty wearing makeup and giving preference to high heels, dresses, and skirts. While Western women value the comfort of their everyday clothes, Russian ladies dress up on a daily basis, not only when they go to a party.


Beautiful and intelligent… These two qualities are enough to propose to the woman who has them. Contemporary Russian women move with the times, they keep a curious mind, they are well-read and educated. Most of them are university graduates and have interesting jobs. Be ready for meaningful conversations with your Russian girlfriend.

Loyal to their families.

Russian women have traditional views on the roles a man and a woman should play in the family. In Russian families, a man is a breadwinner and a woman is a mother and housekeeper. Women realize that they’re in charge of their families and they take the well-being of their husbands and children more than seriously. The family always comes first on their list of priorities.

Wise and mature.

Russian girls possess the bred-in-the-bone wisdom. They become psychologically mature already in their 20s. Many of them start thinking about getting married and starting a family. Very often, they get married and continue their studies combining their family life and personal aspirations.

Good cookers.

Those men who have Russian wives rarely eat out because Russian women cook not worse than chefs. Homemade food is the tastiest and your Russian girlfriend will prove it to you. You’ll forget the taste of fast food simply because you will not want to eat it after all those mouth-watering dishes.

Perfect spouses.

Russian women believe that the main vocation of every woman is to become a wife and a mother. Only then she feels fulfilled. A loving husband and a sweet child – this is a perfect family model for Russian girls. A Russian wife cherishes her husband. She is the best friend, a lover, a doctor, a psychologist, and the best advisor for him.


They are not afraid of difficulties and they are ready to face them and deal with them. They know how to survive living on a budget – the prevailing majority of Russian live trying to make ends meet. Russian women are thrifty and they understand the value of money. Girls from small towns and villages are more hard-working and they’re not afraid of manual work.

Interested in your personality.

Most Russian girls registered on dating sites look for a foreign boyfriend or husband simply because they couldn’t find a compatible partner in Russia. They want to see a strong, intelligent, loving, and caring man beside them. Yes, they want to know whether you can provide for your future family but it’s not the most important factor for them. They’re interested in what kind of person you are, in the first place. They are looking for a rock to rely on.


Independent and self-sufficient Russian girls know their own worth but they’re not feminists. They understand that they are different from men. Moreover, Russian society is traditionally patriarchal. Women let the men be leaders in the relationships and families.


Although Russian women may seem cold at first sight, when you get to know them better, you’ll realize that is only a deceitful first impression. It’s not common for them to shout about their feelings. But when your Russian girlfriend realizes that you are the right person, you’ll know how passionate she can be.

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