Dating Tips: What Is Unconditional Love in a Relationship?

Unconditional love is a feeling that doesn’t require any background, while in conditional love, we love someone for a particular quality, achievement, etc. It is believed that parents love their children with unconditional love, and it is especially true for a mother's love for her children since she loves them regardless of appearance, intelligence, success, and charisma.

But sometimes this type of love appears between two people. Nowadays, due to many different problems that people may face, unconditional love has become something like a beautiful romantic tale. But from the other point of view, it is easier to create constructive relationships if you find a woman online because online none of you knows what his or her partner has achieved and how rich he or she is. During your texting, you start falling in love with one another only because of the way you text with each other.

signs of unconditional love

What Is Unconditional Love in a Relationship and What Are the Signs of Unconditional Love?

The ancient Greeks called it "Agape." For them, this word meant a real love that is capable of sacrifice. In art, this term has many faces because each author sees this type of love differently and puts a different meaning into it. But they all agree that this is a very pure and strong feeling. Unfortunately, despite the wonderful name and practical effect, it is very hard to love someone that way. As a rule, parents love their children with unconditional love, and even if they get upset or very sad with their children's behavior, they still will always love them.

In the relationships between lovers, a few have experienced this magnificent feeling. If you think that you can show your unconditional love, then you may try your luck and meet a woman now. It is very hard to love in that way not only because all people are selfish, but because they simply search for someone who possesses qualities that they want. But also, since it is very hard to forget about their own ambitions.

Generally, we choose our partners according to our views and beliefs in one way or another. We call a combination of those two things a "taste." We all have a taste for men or women. It only depends on how strongly our tastes affect our choice of romantic partners. For example, you may like blond girls, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy with a brunette. While some people won’t even look at blonds if they prefer brunets.

So, What Is Unconditional Love?

Let's read the unconditional love definition: it is a type of love when you love your partner for everything. When you have this feeling to someone, you don’t expect that they will change in one way or another. It means that you simply love your partner for what he or she is. It may not always be a good thing by the way. For example, when a mother loves her son or daughter, who is a serial killer. Due to her love, she will try to protect him or her from justice. But let’s not touch moments when unconditional love can be harmful. They take place in real life very rarely. Sometimes, it is very hard to say if you truly love someone with unconditional love because it is very easy to get lost in your thoughts and feelings. We are going to share with you 5 signs that will help you know if you have ever loved someone unconditionally or maybe you love someone like that even now.

1. You don’t want to change your partner

Usually, people, especially girls, expect that their partner will change in the future. They believe that at some point, their partner will simply start behaving differently. For example, a girl may think that her boyfriend will change when she agrees to date him, or when they will get married. This approach is very dangerous because it usually leads to divorces in the future. The biggest sign that you love someone unconditionally is when you don’t expect that he or she will change for you. In real life, it is very hard to love someone for his or her bad habits. But there is a difference when you wish that he or she changes, and when you desperately want or even need this because it annoys you and can be the reason for a future end of your relationships.

who sings unconditional love2. Your love is stable

Another sign that you love someone unconditionally is when your feelings are stable. You don’t jump from, “Oh my God, I love him or her so much” to “I love him or her because of something.” Long-lasting relationships are possible only if you will manage to love each other during the whole life. Emotional stability is a key feature for establishing a strong relationship. Only in this case, you can make plans and set goals together. This is a really crucial thing for trust between partners in a couple. If you still don’t understand, "What is unconditional love?" then, in other words, it is a stable love for your partner. It is when your opinion about the partner doesn’t change regardless of their behavior or actions. If your attitude to the partner is stable and doesn’t bounce from sympathy to antipathy, then you can say that you love him or her unconditionally.

3. You respect each other

The decisive indicator of unconditional love is the degree of respect that you show towards your partner. If your relationships are healthy, then this feeling will be mutual. You can’t simply love someone that way if you don’t respect him or her. It is a manifestation of the highest respect for another, which does not contain a hint of exploitation. Mutual respect makes relationships stronger. Respect and unconditional love have the same ideological basis. In both cases, you transmit to your partner that everything is fine, and you still think that his or her opinion is important. Respect alone doesn’t mean that you truly love someone. Because you can respect people without actually loving them, and you may even respect someone you hate.

4. You want to give and don’t expect anything in return

Unconditional love also manifests itself in the exact opposite of the principle "you give something to me, and I'll give something to you." Or other examples, “Tomorrow you will make me coffee in the morning, and I'll make dinner in the evening. You will give me an expensive gift, and I will prepare for you something equally worthy.” This principle doesn’t work in the context of unconditional love. This type of love works on a completely different principle, “I want to share everything I have with you, and I don’t expect anything in return.” If you love someone unconditionally, you won’t even think about why you want to give something to this person. You will just give all you have without expecting anything in return.

5. You can talk about your flaws and problems without any problems

The ability to talk about problems and flaws is highly underestimated in relationships between two people. If you are not afraid to confess to your partner that you have some flaws only if you know that he or she will react adequately to your confession. But why some people react calmly and adequately, while others begin to blame you for having those flaws? The answer is very simple. Those who normally react to your faults and problems love you unconditionally. A partner who shows signs of unconditional love will always be calm and gentle with you because your flaws don’t make you any worse for him or her.

How to Show Unconditional Love?

Now, when you know all the main signs of unconditional love, it is time to move forward and learn to love unconditionally. It is not as easy as it may sound. As we have mentioned before, we always search for partners according to our imaginary picture of the ideal partner. People who know how to show unconditional love usually are happier than those who love others for something. Remember the rule, “The less you expect, the more you get.”

Start by loving yourself

You simply can love other people without loving yourself. You are not the last person in your life. In fact, you are what you will always have. No matter how hard your life is, you will always have yourself. You won’t be able to love others if you don’t love your herself. You must change your attitude to yourself, and only then you will be able to receive love from other people. The easiest way to love yourself is to start working on yourself. Go to the gym, finally start learning Chinese, and you will see how your attitude to yourself will change.

Make your partner feel important

What does unconditional love? Unconditional love makes others important to you. If you want to show to your partner that you love him or her unconditionally, then show how important he or she is for you. There are many different ways to do this. You can just tell your partner that he or she is the most important person in your life. This will work just fine. Then you can bring coffee to bed early in the morning to support your words with actions.

Be friendly and polite

Respect is the unconditional love symbol. It is barely possible to live in a society without paying respect to its members at least sometimes. You will never be happy in love if you don’t respect your partner or not are respected by him or her. Respect and politeness by themselves mean almost nothing. We are polite with strangers and respect soldiers who fought for our freedom, but it doesn’t mean that we love them unconditionally. But respect and polite behavior are the best ways to make your partner feel happy.

unconditional love meaningDo not compare with others

Unconditional love means that you don’t compare your partner with other people. When you love someone unconditionally, you simply don’t care about others and love this person with all his or her faults and problems. The best way to make your partner sad is to compare him or her with your ex. Even if you do that to say how good your new partner is, it will only show that you still think about your old partner.

Appreciate your partner's flaws

This sounds like a very hard thing to do, but still, it is important to be able to see good things in your partner’s flaws. The best way to show someone unconditional love is to support him or her when they make mistakes. Usually, people understand and know their flaws, but they simply can't do anything about them. Your support will be a very important and powerful motivator for them to avoid making those mistakes in the future. If you can appreciate your partner’s flaws, then you can say that you love him or her unconditionally.

Avoid micromanagement

Sometimes you may think that it would be better if you could take control over your partner’s actions, and you begin to give him or her small recommendations or even commands. This is the shortest way to break up with someone. If you unconditionally love someone, you will never want to control him or her. You will want them to be better, yes, but only for their own sake. You should give advice only when your partner asks you for them.

Learn to forgive

All people make mistakes, and scientists say that accumulated anger over the years tends to destroy you from the inside. Continuing to recall the negative moments of our life, we experience them again and again from time to time. Do you like to mock yourself? Then keep up the good work. But if you want to be happy, then take it easy, and forgive those who hurt you. During conflicts, we perceive many things much more sharply than we would do if we were calm, so if you feel that you are getting angry, then it is better to take time to calm down and only then go back to a disturbing matter.

Practice unconditional love with a simple act every day

You can love someone incredibly strong just for his or her existence, but this love doesn’t matter a thing if you don’t show it with your actions daily. Remember, small actions may not be remembered as well as some big things, but they work at the subconscious level. With the help of small actions, you can create an atmosphere of love for your partner, and this is exactly what you need if you want to show your unconditional love for him or her.

Unconditional love is not necessarily a feeling for a man or a woman. It can be love for the Lord for a religious person, love for a neighbor for a genuinely kind person, or, again, love for your child as a continuation of maternal and paternal instincts. But if you manage to find someone with whom you will mutually fall in unconditional love, then you will become the happiest person ever.

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