How to Date a Hiker Girl

There are so many women all across the world, and all of them find their own unique ways to make their lives more exciting. Some of them sing, some of them dance, some of them just want to have a large family and watch after their children. But some of them absolutely love hiking and traveling all across the world.

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What is hiking and why women love it?

Of all the types of tourism, the most informative and interesting is hiking. It gives tourists the opportunity to spend their holidays in the most beautiful corners of nature. Away from the city noise, a hiker has a unique opportunity to watch the wildlife, here you can relax both your body and soul. But in order to get to such unknown corners of nature, a tourist has to carry everything necessary on their own back and get ready for all the nuances of such a hobby.

What is hiking?

As one of the types of tourism, hiking is the most active type of recreation, which includes cross-country movement of varying complexity. It can be forests, fields, mountains. Today, there are hiking organizations all around the world. The health benefits of such trips are obvious. Some people prefer to hike in the company of other people, but some, mainly the more casual hikers, prefer to travel alone, and the majority of such hikers are women.

In 2018, the number of hikers traveling alone has increased. Moreover, women are twice as likely as men to prefer to hike alone instead of being a part of noisy companies. This is evidenced by the study of the British online guide 101 Singles Holidays. According to experts, last year 62,656 British citizens went to conquer the world alone, which is 14% more than in 2017. The most popular destinations were Italy, Greece, and Spain. In addition, there has been an increase in interest in India and Sri Lanka. Most often, beautiful ladies go for solo hiking. Their number doubles that of men - 63% against 37%. Also, for the previous two years, the ratio was 58% and 42%, respectively.

The study also showed that the average age at which a British person decides to see the world without alone is 57 years old. Such data is fully consistent with global trends. According to statistics, the number of women traveling alone has increased by 78% since 2010. At the same time, people aged 50+ began to make individual trips 46% more often. It is expected that the trend will continue in 2020, and the number of solo travelers will increase by another 11%, at least in the UK.

hiking girls datingAccording to psychologists, traveling unaccompanied by guides, groups, and even families has its own advantages that women like. There are great opportunities for interacting with the environment, obtaining a unique sensory experience, as well as expanding knowledge about oneself and one’s inner world.

Now that we know what hiking is and why women absolutely love it, let’s talk about hikers dating and reasons why you should date a hiker girl. Are you interested in dating sites for hikers and don’t know where to meet a woman that is into it? While it is certainly very easy to find a hiking dating site nowadays, but there is only one right option. Romancecompass is the best hiking dating site you can find on the internet

Reasons to date a hiker girl

1. Her skin is kissed by the sun

She is healthy, outgoing, and likely quite fit, she knows the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

2. She is much less mercantile

She enjoys not so much the material things about life, she values experiences, meeting new people, seeing new places. She doesn’t need expensive gifts — she will be more excited by photos of some amazing places that you’ve visited. She, more often than others, appreciates people that are happy with life, those that don’t need expensive cars and mansions to be happy, and learns from them to appreciate the most inconspicuous manifestations of happiness one can find in life.

3. She lives where she wants

She appreciates her time too much, and therefore, really enjoys being “at home”, even if it is not a permanent home. She loves her hometown and is proud of it for the fact that it can be a real discovery for someone else.

4. She is a hardworking person

What is it like dating a hiker woman? Most likely, she manages to combine two or even three jobs in order to finance her travels. In addition, she definitely has an entrepreneurial mindset - you need to be able to turn your trips into a source of income, not expenses. She is smart and knows that today employers will definitely appreciate the experience of international travel as a valuable criterion.

5. She will always find a way to surprise you

She will explore new cities, and she has a great sense of intuition and orientation, but even if she gets lost, she will never be upset - rather, on the contrary, she will enjoy the moment.

6. She can easily adapt to new conditions

After many missed flights, wrong routes and delays, poor-quality street food and terrible toilets, it is surprisingly easy for her to adapt to any conditions. In each next trip, she prepares for the blows of fate in the literal and figurative sense. Life throws curveballs at her, yet she always comes out on top.

7. She will understand and support you when necessary

She is always in a good mood, as well as in a clear understanding that travel is a great opportunity to take everything from life. And believe me - it will help you learn to feel and do the same! As a bonus: she will always be tolerant of snoring, as she repeatedly spent the night in 20-bed rooms of cheap hostels.

8. She is obsessed with studying the history, culture, and customs of different world communities

The acquired knowledge will come in handy for her in practice, and yet she will definitely impress your parents. She easily speaks with strangers on any topic, and at the same time - she always shines in conversation. She will always be open to communication with new people and will be able to easily impress your friends and colleagues.

9. She is independent, smart, and strong

She will always be self-sufficient, and never needy. She will not impose her presence on you, even at a distance. She knows how to plan a budget and save money. She knows many ways to get out of a difficult situation that she has encountered in her life. She possesses skills that can protect her from many scams, no matter how carefree she seems.

hiking dating siteHow to date a hiker woman

Now that you know the reasons to date a hiker girlfriend, you have to remember the peculiarities of such a lifestyle and prepper for some changes to happen in your life. Here are some things you should remember about hiking girls dating.

1. Don’t be an unambitious couch potato

Here’s the first peculiarity of hiking dating. This one has to be quite obvious, your girlfriend likes to travel and move around in general, and if you are not least somewhat keen to do the same, accompanying her in most of her trips, it is unlikely that anything meaningful will come out of such a relationship. This doesn’t mean that you cannot date a hiker girl if you are not hiking yourself, but you will certainly not be able to spend as much time with her as she would want you to.

2. Learn to love the nature around you

There is a high chance that she loves nature, doesn’t like it when anyone either violates it or doesn’t appreciate it when someone disregards all the beauty that it brings into one’s life. Sure, it is hard to learn to love something, but, eventually, you will get used to finding new and exciting places, which will be memorable and, maybe, change your opinion on the world around you.

3. You have to keep yourself in shape

Do you want to start dating a hiker girl? Due to all the hiking and traveling, she keeps herself in great shape, and it would be simply rude for a schlub to accompany such a beauty. Even if you are not an athlete and you don’t plan on getting absolutely ripped, you still have to look decent and fit.

4. Learn to listen

Last but not least, if you are interested in hiking singles, you have to learn to listen. Due to all the places she visited and the things she has seen, she will have a lot of great stories to tell and thus, you have to be a good listener in order to not miss lots of exciting stories. Also, it would simply be rude to just ignore the things she wants to tell you, being a good listener is a great feat to have not only in a relationship with a hiker but any person in general.

Hiking is exciting. Sure, if you are used to spending your time in an office and you simply have no time and energy to do anything else that doesn’t have to do with your daily routine, it can be quite challenging to adapt to this new lifestyle, maybe even impossible to some. But, as you know, true love knows no bounds.

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I’ve been fond of hiking since 10 years and already visited a lot of amazing places. But I want to find a girl who will be able to share the happiness of admiring nature with me.
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