Are lovers with the air sign of Aquarius and the water constellation of Cancer compatible in a relationship?

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Often in couples consisting of representatives of these signs, the relationship is a constant struggle of opposed views of life. Therefore, when beginning a mutual communication, they should be prepared that one of the parties will suffer. Most often, a certain discomfort is experienced by Cancer, as this sign is inherent in the attachment to the partner. On the other hand, Aquarius has a strongly pronounced selfish nature, putting their desires and interests above their partner’s. 

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

In the couple in question, two opposed models of outlook collide. Aquarians are characterized by a constant desire for something new, refreshing the usual routine, and going beyond established habits. In a broad sense, they are true idealists who unknowingly put much effort into standing out against everyday grayness. At the same time, Cancer tends toward conservatism. Choosing between stability and adventurism, they almost always choose the first option. In addition, those born under the constellation of Cancer are often prone to melancholy and long reflections on philosophical topics. Finally, they often are consciously or purely on a hunched look for a partner more potent than them. 

How strong is the sexual and love compatibility of ardent Aquarius and sedate Cancer in bed

Aquarius most often acts as a constant initiator of new experiments that will bring variety to bed, which will not allow them to fall into a routine. Cancers, on the other hand, readily agree to try something unusual in terms of intimacy and, therefore, will be happy to support most of the proposals from their partner. Separately, it is worth noting that both partners will not feel like rivals in the bedroom. In practice, they can easily switch roles, passing the palm and the initiative to their partner. 

As practice shows, these signs look for entirely different things from love pleasures. Aquarius, as always, seeks new emotions and try new sensations before. At the same time, Cancer must have a tangible mental connection with the chosen one. Therefore, it is essential to remember the need to compromise. Otherwise, avoiding unwanted discomfort in intimate relationships and related problems will be impossible. Many couples cope on their own, but some need a psychologist.         

Compatibility of friendship in a pair of airy Aquarius and calm Cancer

The temperament of Aquarius allows them to quickly find friends and converge on common points of contact with representatives of their own and the opposite sex. Of course, this also applies to Cancer. But in this case, it is necessary to be prepared because Aquarius plays a decisive role in starting a friendship. Nothing is surprising in this because it is difficult for Cancers to be socially flexible because of the usual state of melancholy.

But if such friendships do get established, they characterize by strength and longevity. It is noteworthy that gender is not decisive, as the peculiarities of their characters allow them to build a harmonious relationship, taking into account the acceptance of the features of the parties.

For example, it is tough for Cancers to ask someone for help and accept it, which does not prevent them from showing gratitude in the end. It is due to the habit of controlling everything and approaching problems more thoroughly. Aquarians, on the contrary, are peculiar to act boldly and without prior preparation. Therefore it is better to rely on mutual assistance and friendly relations rather than on high-quality teamwork.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility percentage

Are fun-loving Aquarius and laid-back Cancer good match the right fit for each other's soulmates?

It’s no secret that most Aquarians focus their lives on today, not caring about the future. Because of this, others consider them as something other than constant natures with whom it can be difficult to build stable relationships. And that’s what it takes for Cancer to see someone as a kindred spirit. Of course, there may be exceptions, but Cancer must sacrifice themselves in this case, completely forgetting about personal peace and comfort. 

On the other hand, the constant desire of Aquarius for something “great” brings the necessary balance in the relationship with Cancer, not allowing the couple to slip into depression and melancholy. In turn, Cancer can cool the ardor of Aquarius, periodically stopping their reckless antics, or motivating them for some step with a strong “It is necessary.” But all this becomes possible only on one condition – both sides are ready to listen and perceive the partner’s words, reacting adequately to them. Otherwise, the relationship can last for some time based on shared hobbies and views on life. Still, it is unlikely to build something lasting.

Potential problems in an Aquarius and Cancer relationship

Any relationship cannot be devoid of specific difficulties and problems related to the personality traits of each participant. As for the Aquarius and Cancer couple, it is possible to highlight the following challenges many couples face. For example, passing to family life, Cancers often fall into an emotional pit, starting to take quite daily situations too seriously. In contrast, Aquarians retain the ability to fool around and be carefree.  

Aquarians, do not like such a phenomenon as jealousy. Representatives of the air sign want to feel like a free bird. Cancers, on the other hand, are prone to excessive control of their partner. At a distance, if they do not perform any specific actions, this can lead to conflict and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is vital to search for a balance between freedom and control constantly. It is essential to understand that all of the above points are optional. Despite potential compatibility and possible problems, each couple works on their destiny, and the result depends on their efforts. 

Aquarius and Cancer: average marriage compatibility

If people are well suited for each other as a couple, in theory, they are also suitable for the role of spouses. But, of course, they need to prepare for such a severe step in advance because the water side will have to take on even more responsibility. The air side will have to say goodbye to the former freedom. But, despite all the possible difficulties, such an alliance can overcome any challenges of destiny.

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