Best Cities for Dating in Your 30s

Traveling isn't just an opportunity to take a step back from a job and tiresome affairs, it’s also a wonderful gift that can become a memorable date or holiday, or simply bring joy to your significant other.

There are a lot of comfortable and attractive resorts in our world, but also there are such amazing places with magical atmosphere that seem to be created for dating. The most important thing is that these places will be interesting not only for youngsters, but for people who are 30 years old and even more. There are 7 best cities for dating in your 30s.

top cities for interracial dating

Top cities for dating

1. Venice

Venice is one of the top cities for dating. One of the most favorite places for tourists is St. Mark's Square. The main square, located in the heart of the city of lovers, without doubt deserves to occupy one of the first places in the rating of the most romantic cities in the world. Surrounded by dozens of Venetian canals, the area attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Almost the whole day this city is filled with sounds of melodies, heard from cafes and restaurants. Here and there you can meet merchants of Venetian masks, Murano glass and sweets; pigeons begging for treats. And, of course, there are a lot of lovers who enjoy the leisurely life of the most beautiful city in Italy. Surely, it’s one of the best cities for dating in your 30s.

2. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Those who want to visit all the romantic places in the world should definitely look at the island of Harbor. The island became famous because of the pink color of sand. Shells and corals shredded by waves into the dust give such an unusual color to the sand. The combination of vanilla sand and pure turquoise water is the guarantee of a beautiful romantic date. There are no noisy parties and discos, people are rushing here in search of a secluded place. So, it’s one of the best cities for dating over 40 and even 50.

In addition to the beach, the island is rich in other stunning places. So, by visiting the "Glass Bridge" you can see the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island has all the conditions for diving. Studying the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean is an excellent thing to do together.

3. Prague

Prague is literally saturated with romantic atmosphere: ancient castles and cathedrals, cozy restaurants and coffee houses, legends and love stories of past years. And the narrow alleys of the old city are simply designed for lovers' walks. One of the most famous bridges of the city - Charles Bridge - is called the bridge of kisses. The Czechs believe that if you make a wish on this bridge, cupping your hand over the image of St. John of Nepomuk, it will come true.

4. Schwangau

Thousands of tourists from all over the world know the picturesque German village of Schwangau. All who were fortunate enough to visit it, often exclaimed: Das ist fantastisch! Schwangau is really great not only in the blooming summer, but also in the snowy winter.

The main attraction, which made Schwangau famous all over the world, is the royal castle Neuschwanstein. It rises above the gloomy gorge in the Bavarian Alps. The windows of this castle outlook an incredible view of the Hohenschwangau valley. It seems that the towers of this magical castle hover against the background of dark green spruces. The area where Neuschwanstein is located looks as fabulous as the castle itself.

top cities for datingBut Schwangau isn’t only famous for its castles. Take time to visit the two lakes - Schwanze and Alpsee. Schwanze - that famous "Swan Lake", admiring which, a composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky created his masterpiece - music for the ballet of the same name. In fact, this is an indescribable water surface, which you can contemplate for hours and hours. Lake Alpsee is not so famous, but no less beautiful than Schwanze. And it’s famous for its unusual water, which even in winter shimmers with emerald and blue shades. Finally, in Schwangau you can visit no less famous Royal Baths. It’s a modern spa center with the world-famous name. Here you will find swimming pools, jacuzzi and saunas.

5. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - these are breathtaking beaches, nightclubs and bars, numerous cafes and restaurants - everyone will find something for themselves here.

The symbol of Rio is a huge statue of Christ. And the mountains of Corcovado provide a stunning view: mountains, coves, beaches and Rio de Janeiro itself, stretching for tens of kilometers. After visiting the statue of Christ, you can take a walk along the famous Copacabana beach, go to one of the local bars and dance to the incendiary rhythms of samba after drinking a glass of cachaca (this is a national alcoholic beverage from sugar cane extract).

6. Phi Phi Islands

The islands of Phi Phi, located near the popular resort of Phuket in Thailand, became famous all over the world thanks to the movie "Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role. Now, this lagoon with turquoise-emerald water, framed by a snow-white beach and majestic cliffs, is almost absolutely packed - thousands of tourists visit this paradise every day.

However, if you want, you can easily rent a longtail boat and go in search of secluded beaches, where the bays seem to have come off the pictures of tourist booklets, and sunsets excellently suit as scenery for an unforgettable date with your loved one.

7. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a major global center of entertainment and one of the best cities for dating in the US. The city is relatively young, so there are no world-famous architectural monuments, but its visiting card is the developed film industry, and on the beaches you can easily meet celebrities. Millions of tourists come to Los Angeles to see "the happiest place in the world" - Disneyland, and also luxuriate for a while on the beaches of Malibu and Long Beach for a light breeze of the ocean and visit the main attraction of the city - Universal Studios.

An indispensable tourist destination is the famous "Walk of Fame", located on Hollywood Boulevard. Tourists always visit Beverly Hills, where many movie stars live. Be sure to visit the main street of the city - Sunset Boulevard, where there is an old studio of the Warner brothers and Sunset-strip, where you can feel all the beauty of the nightlife of Los Angeles.

Best cities for interracial dating

Now we offer to your attention some cities that have a special respect for the views and way of life of their own citizens and foreign guests. There are top 3 cities for interracial dating.


The city of fine cuisine, the capital of fashion, literary paradise ... The French capital has many different images. However, for many, Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It’s here that you can feel the spirit of love and spend an unforgettable weekend with your soul mate.

Take a walk along the Champs Elysees, take a look at Notre Dame, have a snack in one of the cafes in the Latin Quarter, visit Montparnasse, and in the evening climb the Eiffel Tower - Paris is beautiful at night! Here, on the first floor of the tower, you can dine at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, which offers a stunning view of the Seine and the Trocadero Square.

Another option for an unforgettable evening for people over 30 in Paris is a cruise on the Seine with dinner on the ship. Rich tourists should take a closer look at the palace-hotel "Ritz", which has a great experience in receiving lovers. There were such famous people as: Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Audrey Hepburn and Harry Cooper, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Also, France is characterized by the highest percentage of people who consider homosexuality to be a normal phenomenon. It’s one of the best cities for gay dating.


London is one of the cities where you can realize any wish. Restaurants of the best chefs in the world, luxury hotels, architecture with world fame and stunning views - this is only a fraction of what London has to offer. One of the best walking routes in London is along the south bank of the Thames in an area under the talking name of Southbank. Start a walk from the Westminster Bridge, which overlooks the British Parliament and Big Ben. All you need to do is cross this bridge to the other side of the Thames, where the London Eye is located.

By the way, don’t miss the opportunity to see the beauty of London from a bird's eye view. The London Eye offers a stunning view of London's best attractions - Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and the Thames itself. For lovers, there is an opportunity to buy a trip in a separate cabin with champagne (men, it's a great opportunity to propose to your loved one!).

best city for datingRight after the "London Eye" you will see street musicians, artists, clowns, breakdance dancers - this is the center of the informal culture of London. Here you can have a snack or a cup of coffee, there are a lot of options - from street shops to the best restaurants.

In London, there are river cruises that begin in the center of the city. You will be offered a lunch and during 1.5 hours of sail you will taste the masterpieces of British cuisine and see the best sights of London. Also, on the boat there is an English-speaking guide who will tell in detail about everything you see.


Verona occupies a special place among Italian cities – it’s a pilgrimage site for lovers around the world. The real glory of Verona was brought by William Shakespeare. And it’s thanks to him that a quiet Italian town attracts millions of tourists every year.

All this because of the symbols of the city - Romeo and Juliet, one of the most famous characters of the great Shakespeare. Even the tragic outcome of their relationship doesn’t stop tourists, their love is still considered a symbol of purity and sincerity.

In the architectural ensemble of Verona there are the House of Juliet Capulet built in the 13th century and the House of Romeo Montague. These buildings, despite the unproven existence of the legendary couple, till the present day serve as a symbol of romanticism and sensuality of two lovers. Meanwhile, the Romeo House doesn't have the status of a museum. But the House of Juliet is quite possible to visit.

Apart from this, Verona is full of interesting sights. There are magnificent city squares: Piazza dei Signori imbued with the atmosphere of the Renaissance, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza Bra, and graceful palaces on Cavour Avenue. Even during rush hours Verona is calm and pacified, allowing you to easily and leisurely view all the places that deserve your attention.

Bonus: worst cities for dating

Some cities aren’t suitable for a romantic trip. Here are top 5 worst cities for dating.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Amazing landscape, geothermal sources, a lot of health-improving SPA-procedures sound extremely attractive for lovers when they think about dating. But there is a flipside of Rotorua. For example, the pungent odor of rotten eggs, which is felt immediately upon entering the city.


Despite the fact that the city is very beautiful, romance is spoiled by multiplane fights in bars and on the streets. Scuffles, as a rule, are provoked by a large amount of traditional German beer.

New York

In New York, there are so many museums, galleries, attractions and entertainment that, as a rule, tourists have a desire to spend the whole day exploring the city, not with a loved one in a hotel or restaurant. New York is the worst city for dating. If you are looking for a truly romantic place, choose a more tranquil city.


Barcelona is the world capital of pickpockets, so someone here can easily steal your wallet or passport. Otherwise, instead of a romantic dinner in a restaurant, you risk spending half a day at the police station.


Thailand is associated with tropical beaches, huge gilded temples and friendly locals. But for dating, it's better to choose calm Thai islands, not the noisy capital, where you have to bargain with sellers at the market and watch the sweaty middle-aged sex tourists and drunken companies.

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