10 Reasons to Try Cybersex

Today, new technologies have significantly diversified the tools of virtual sex. The emergence of the Internet has given the world sex chats, dating sites, and various instant messengers that provide a wonderful opportunity for playful conversations with strangers. Thus, one can get acquainted with any person from across the globe and gain almost any sexual experience through video chat. What is cybersex? Is it worth trying sex on the Internet? And what is cybersex addiction? Let’s get all this straightened out.

what is cybersex

What Is Cybersex?

First of all, you should know the cybersex definition. Cybersex (or Internet sex) is virtual sex, where arousal comes from the contemplation of erotic images in combination with interactive communication on sex topics. Cybersex is done through a video call or by exchanging sexual messages. In simple words, this is a contactless confluence of minds and bodies through the use of the most modern technologies and storage media.

As a rule, sexual experience plays a major role in virtual sex as partners share it to stimulate each other's sexual feelings and fantasies. Critical factors of cybersex are imagination and trust between all its participants. Cybersex can occur both between lovers who are geographically distant from each other or between complete strangers, thirsting for adrenaline buzz.

The growing popularity of webcams has contributed to the virtual two-way communication between members of different sexes, giving the Internet sex an additional bright shade so as partners can visually observe each other. Other common types of cybersex are exchanging erotic emails or SMS messages. Cybersex is a kind of game where partners can play any scene without embarrassment, for example, rape, office affair, sex in public places, etc.

Top 10 Reasons to Have Cybersex

Recently, virtual sex is becoming increasingly popular. Why do people choose it? What are the reasons to have cybersex?

1. A sex option for long distance relationships

Some people are afraid of sex over the Internet as they often wonder, “Is cybersex cheating?” No, if you do it with your loved one. Cybersex is an opportunity to satisfy each other's sexual desires for those couples who are far apart. Also, it is a prevention of adultery in a romantic relationship.

2. It's simple

To find a partner in real life, you need to meet them somewhere, spend time and money on communication and gifts, seduce and get them to bed, and expose yourself to the risk of unintended pregnancy or unrequited love. To have cybersex, one is enough to go on the Internet and spend 10 minutes to search for a compliant interlocutor.

sex over the Internet3. An option for those who cannot have sex in real life

Cybersex provides an opportunity to get sexual satisfaction for those people who cannot build sexual relations in reality due to some circumstances (physical deformities, various diseases, staying in closed institutions or confined spaces, or work in remote regions for a long time). It gives an opportunity to get an easing of tension, relax, and improve general well-being.

4. You will not be raped

Virtual sex can be stopped at any time if you do not agree with the desires of a partner, or simply change your mind. At the same time, you do not have to fear negative consequences.

5. A way to diversify relationships

Cybersex is an opportunity to freshen and renovate extinct sexual relationships.

6. Gives a new sexual experience

Cybersex allows partners who have little sexual experience or do not have it at all, to learn new things in this field. Sometimes cybersex is used as a therapy to help shy or insecure people become more self-confident and plunge into the world of virtual sex to improve their intimate skills and get rid of embarrassment at sexual communication with the opposite sex. All that is left to do is to learn how to cybersex.

7. No risk of unintended pregnancy

Well, it goes without saying – how can you get pregnant while communicating with a virtual partner through a computer screen? Therefore, the question of safe sex immediately disappears – you do not have to run to the pharmacy and stock up on condoms in anticipation of the night of love.

8. You are safe from STDs

In principle, this point is similar to unintended pregnancy. Naturally, it is simply impossible to get some sexually transmitted disease without real tactile contact with a person.

9. You can let your imagination run free

It is especially true if virtual sex occurs in a chat. You can fantasize yourself into anyone you want and even imagine that your sexual partner is a famous star. Also, you can fantasize an environment in which sexual contact takes place, music, smells, poses, and techniques – whatever you want. In general, create an illusory picture of your dreams and your virtual partner will support it.

10. A chance to get rid of psychological fixations

Cybersex may well help you get a new look at things that you previously did not like in sexual relationships. Moreover, it eliminates psychological fixations that do not allow you to enjoy sex life to its full extent.

How to Have Cybersex?

If you want to learn how to have cybersex on the Internet, you should follow these fairly simple rules to avoid potential problems.

1. First of all, take care of privacy. Get a separate phone or at least a SIM card for sex talks and text messages. For erotic correspondence, you need a separate email with a complex password. Moreover, you should choose for communication a secure room so that no one can see you. And remember that you shouldn't be involved in cybersex in the workplace!

2. Get ready to write thought-out plots for Internet debauchery: in fact, you have to make up porno stories. You should learn not to blush for the sexual desires of your partner but join in the conversation and develop it. Do not be afraid to create an image: it is quite normal to add a bit of artistic fiction to the description of your appearance.

3. For cybersex, you need beautiful lingerie, sex toys, and a keyboard or a comfortable headset. If you use a webcam, make sure that nothing extra is caught on camera – for example, your diamonds.

4. Photos – are a separate matter. You can send nude or topless images to a virtual interlocutor only if you don’t care whether your bright photo will decorate half of the porn sites tomorrow. But it is better not to run risks. Use photos of less cautious beauties found on the Web. In extreme cases, choose those images where one can see neither your face nor visible moles or scars on your body. For video chat, you should use a half mask and dim lighting.

5. To find a partner for Internet sex, it is enough to write a status “single” in the profile page of a social network or register on a specialized dating site. There will be many users willing to chat with you.

6. Cybersexuals often introduce themselves with fictitious names and give little real information about themselves. Do not be surprised if your interlocutor turns out to be a pimply schoolboy or a playful retiree. If it does not work for you, turn off the chat and that's it. You can say no and stop communication at any time. By the way, your partner too. If they are gone, then they do not like you. Even if they promised a ticket to Paris and pie in the sky two minutes ago.

7. Do not know what to say during cybersex? Do not worry! The very process of virtual sex is not complicated: after a short conversation-foreplay, the partners begin to describe (and show) how they make love, touch and satisfy each other. The degree of the frankness – from soft erotica to hard porn. At least two-thirds of virtual affairs end after the first session, the rest can last for several days, weeks, or even years. Isolated cases end with a personal acquaintance and real sex which, as a rule, disappoints the participants.

Be careful if you want to have cybersex! On the Internet, there are four kinds of dangers you may deal with – virus attacks, dirt gathers, sex offenders, and fraudsters. So, let's learn how to protect yourself.

1. Virus attacks. Do not visit unfamiliar sites, open attachments in messages, and install uncertain programs.

2. Dirt gathers. Protect all personal data so that a dishonest person, threatening to send a video record of the sexual intercourse to your spouse does not have the slightest chance of finding out your personal information.

cybersex conversation3. Sex offenders. The best way is ignoring. If you are tormented by a boring sex maniac – ignore them, no matter what nonsense they talk. Block the contact, delete messages, and change the phone number – sooner or later, they will get tired of running their head against a wall.

4. Fraudsters. They lure you with romantic text messages, promises of dating, talking on the phone, and video chatting, and then it turns out that you need to pay big money for all these pleasures.

Internet Sex Addiction

Internet sex is not only advantageous but also dangerous. After all, with a strong passion for cybersex, your life can gradually shift to the virtual world. This phenomenon is called cybersex addiction and is one of the types of neurotic disorders. Signs of cybersex abuse are the following.

  • Viewing pornography takes more than 5 hours a week, and the need to do this is constantly growing.
  • Real sexual relationships no longer bring satisfaction.
  • Cybersex becomes a priority over real-life tasks (work, rest, communication with friends and family).
  • A person's mood fades when there is no opportunity to engage in virtual sex.
  • Fear and shame at the mere thought that someone would find out about such a hobby. There is a constant need to keep silent about it.

If a passion for cybersex passes or develops into sexual addiction, then a person needs a consultation with a psychologist or psychotherapist since the addiction begins to affect all spheres of their life. Cybersex addiction combines sexual compulsivity and computer dependency. Getting rid of this passion takes time and effort but gives an opportunity to return to full-fledged sexual, social, and family life.

Is Cybersex Illegal?

Of course, cybersex is completely legal. Moreover, on the Internet, there are many cybersex sites, sex chats, forums, online dating sites, and special programs for cybersex conversations. Every user of the worldwide network can enjoy these services completely for free without breaking the law.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that with the advent of the Internet, sex has found a new embodiment in the virtual world, which provides the opportunity for complete emancipation and exemption from obligations to look morally good. In general, sexuality cannot be judged by certain standards in the mold of "this is good, and this is bad." Cybersex is a game, an opportunity to replenish and fulfill your sexual fantasies, and nothing more. Everyone is free to choose whether they should try virtual sex or not.

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