How to Slide Into a Girl's DMs: Simple Tutorial

Nowadays, the number of people who register on social networks is increasing rapidly. And this is not in vain, because these Internet services provide users with an excellent opportunity not only to keep in touch with their friends and beloved people and brighten up their free time but also to find a partner for building romantic relationships. Scientists even claim that a third of people meet love in such a way.

If you are a registered user on a dating site or on social networks, then you have probably come across the fact that it can be quite difficult to start a conversation with a stranger. That is why we have prepared a simple tutorial on how to slide into a girl’s DMs!

how to slide into DMs

Slide into the DMs? What is it?

Let’s consider the “slide into DMs” meaning. In fact, DMs is an abbreviation for Direct Messages. And the very phrase “sliding into DMs” applies to a message you send someone on a social network (most often on Twitter or Instagram) with the overall goal to make a romantic acquaintance. The point is to write to a person you like not through public posts or comments, but directly in private messages.

This is a question of present interest as in today's world, most romantic acquaintances take place on the Internet. And it would seem that everything is simple as that – you find a beautiful girl, write her a message, and that's it, she's yours. But not everything in the garden is rosy. Modern girls know their worth and are used to blow off dozens of guys per day. They may not even reply to your message if it seems banal or too boring. To get the attention of a girl you like and slide into her DMs, you should come up with something unusual. And our simple tutorial is exactly what you need!

Sliding into her DMs: how to prepare?

Well, as you have already understood, sliding into DMs can be a tricky task. And to make the best of it, you need to learn how to do it properly. But first of all, let’s consider how to prepare for this.

Set your profile page in order

The next important tip on how to slide into DMs is to put your profile page on social networks in full order – post relevant photos, check words spelling, and write about your hobbies in more detail. Girls do not want to get acquainted with a guy who has no personal photos. Moreover, don't lie. There is no need to post photos of unfamiliar handsome men, adorn yourself with borrowed plumes and unusual character traits, or pretend to be the son of a millionaire. Such deception will negate the possibility of a further meeting with a girl in the real life. To say more, you are unlikely to find a young wife so craftily.

Explore her profile page

The principal rule of sliding into DMs – you should learn some information about a person before starting communication with him/her. So, carefully look into a girl's profile page. Pay attention to her photos, read about her hobbies and interests, and look at whether she indicated some other facts from life. When you learn something about the girl, use this knowledge to start communication. If you find common interests and hobbies, this is already half the battle, as it remains just to write a creative message and start a dialog. You definitely have something to discuss with each other, at least in the first messages.

Choose a convenient time

Try to text a girl when she's online. It is easier to communicate over the Internet when the dialogue takes place in real time rather than wait for a response message all the time. So, it’s better to select a time when you are in no rush. Accordingly, your communication will not be limited by time frames, and you will get an opportunity to develop it.slide into DMs meaning

Be original

There is no doubt, you may write to single girls online "hi, what's up?", but it will hardly distinguish you from a great number of other guys. Consequently, if you make up mind to start communication with a lady – get creative. Consider how your first message should look like. Maybe a playful question like "As I take it, you like skiing in the mountains, but how do you usually spend your free time without snow in a warm season?" will help to spark the interest of the girl and thus, your dialogue will start. At the same time, do not start communication with the words like "What are you doing here?", "What plans for weekends do you have?", "I like to have some alcohol too" – this is rude and unconstructive.

Be careful with pickup technics

Pickup has two sides: it can attract the attention of some girls, but at the same time, alienate others. Some pickup technics can be perceived as attempts of manipulation, especially if your behavior is at odds with your true identity. So, try to stay real, but at the same time, use some original pick-up tricks, and you will surely succeed in sliding into a girl’s DMs!

10 Funny ways to slide into DMs

Racking your brains over what things to say when sliding into DMs, you should not reinvent the wheel. We have already thought of everything for you. So, meet the best ways to slide into a girl’s DMS that will make you stand out from the crowd of competitors, spark the interest of any girl, and prompt her to continue communication.

Engage in an intrigue

Thinking about what you can write to a girl in a social network, consider a game of intrigue. This is the best way to slide into DMs! Just write “Hello. I know about you a fact that nobody else knows... ", and she cannot but answer you: "Well, what it is?" Other good options are, “Wow! What are you doing here?" or “Do you know what I liked about you? You combine two incompatible qualities. Men usually don't like them, but I go crazy over this!" Women are curious creatures. They are melting with curiosity until finding out the answers.

Pretend you believe in the “signs of fate”

Write to a girl about some signs that pointed you at her. For example, a mysterious dream or some kind of a good feeling when you saw her photo. You can write that you have already seen her several times in the shopping center, you really liked her, but did not dare to approach her. And just now, you have come across her page on social networks. All girls go to the malls, so you can't make a blunder here. And the fact that you distinguished her from the whole crowd will not allow her not to pay attention to you.

Engage in provocation

A provocation is what will definitely prompt a girl to answer you. On dating sites and in social networks, provocation serves as a catalyst for communication. There are some examples you can use to slide into a girl’s DMs:

"I want to ask you an intimate question...” Thus, the girl will tense up, but her attention will already be turned on you. Continue: "Do you happen to work in a creative environment – among designers, artists, photographers?" The lady will be surprised and probably ask what is intimate about this. Just say to her “Yes, indeed, this is a personal question. And the personal is always the territory of the intimate." In such a way, you not only provoke pleasant emotions at the beginning of the conversation but also earn a reputation for being "not like all the others."

Send pictures or audio files

It's very funny! Come up with an original first message for a girl and attach a funny picture, gif, or video to it. Add your favorite song or unusual sound effect for added fun. Sound messages and humorous pictures will allow you not only to talk but also to laugh together. It's a great way to slide into her DMs. The pleasant feeling after communicating with you will inspire the girl to keep in touch with you.

Get her attentionfunny ways to slide into DMs

Try to use some unusual, but pleasant and “appetizing” word at the beginning of your message.

For instance:

  • “Tiramisu. Now, when you are surely reading this message, I want to say hi! By the way, is there something tastier in this world? What do you say?"
  • “Banana milkshake or strawberry milkshake? I will probably never solve this dilemma without your help – which one is better?"

Be playful

"I don't know what it is, but there is something very interesting about you." It's a win-win pick-up phrase. Thus, you focus on the personality of a girl and say that she has attracted you with something, but you do not know exactly what it is. Let her know that she is a real mystery for any guy and he will certainly try to solve her. Beauties love it when men consider them puzzling and sometimes even begin to play along.

Radiate positive

Communicate with a girl with humor but do not use sarcasm in relation to the interlocutor. Try to joke more often and use emoticons in your messages in moderation. In addition, do not burden the girl with your sad life stories at the beginning of the acquaintance.

Focus on common interests

Own hobbies are one of the most beloved topics that people like to talk about. And if looking over a girl's profile page, you find out that you have a common hobby,

then be sure to start with it!

  • Is that your dog in the photo? Cool breed. And here is mine (photo). We can meet and walk our pets together.
  • You have a very interesting profile page. Your favorite movie is ...? Have you read the book? What do you think about it?

Start with music

Ask a girl "What melody has stuck in your head?" Such a first message contributes to the beginning of a pleasant conversation. After all, there is some history connected with this question. It will be fun for the girl because she has never received such kind of messages before. Thinking about a song she likes boosts the girl's spirits and makes her more inclined to communicate with you.

Write compliments she has never got before

If you don't know what to write to a girl, write compliments. Everyone loves flattery. Even you. There are some tips for writing original compliments:

  • Say not "you are beautiful," but "you have impeccable style."
  • Say not "I'm drowning in your eyes," but "how many men have you driven crazy with your look?"
  • Moreover, pay attention to the details – almost nobody does this: “You have so thin aristocratic wrists!”, “In this photo, you wear an original dress in the style of shabby chic. You have impeccable dress sense!"

What’s next?

Remember that girls love initiative guys and, as a rule, do not waste their time on those with whom they are not at all interested. Therefore, if you realize that a girl is flirting in correspondence with you, you can safely ask for her phone number and make an appointment in the future.

Believe in yourself, follow the above-mentioned tips, and communicate with girls without embarrassment. The main thing is that this communication brings you pleasure! Good luck!

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