Top Facts Proving Hidden Origins of Valentine's Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is complicated, as it has not always been about a highly commercialized romance. The idea that there was a time when people celebrated most authentically still persists.

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Who is Saint Valentine?

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Among several Christian saints named Valentine, only one remains a patron saint of love and marriage. A Catholic priest, he was sentenced to death for performing illegal weddings forbidden by Emperor Claudius II. While imprisoned, he taught the blind jailer’s daughter, Julia, to follow Jesus. On the eve of the execution on February 14th, he sent her a letter signing it “From your Valentine.”   

How Did Celebration Begin?

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Before the 18th century, routine celebrations consisted mostly of gifts exchange, like knick-knacks. This was typically a sign of being someone’s Valentine for a whole year. In the 19th century, the English word “valentining” meant going house to house asking for treats but without caroling. As many of such visits frequently ended up with a robbery, people agreed to exchange cards instead. What is worse, in France spurned females burnt their valentines in effigy so often that the celebration had to be canceled.

Was It All About Romance?

The 19th century made Valentine’s Day a touchstone for a collective middle class to improve its finances. In exchanging valentines couples tended to negotiate the feasibility of establishing marriage. Pure love could not guarantee a financially secure future for a young lady without a degree. That is why it was more an economic issue than a romantic one.

When Did Commercialization Begin?

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Since the early 20th century, the further industrial revolution has turned all mainstream holidays into a fairground. Valentine’s Day has become a shopping frenzy selling anything from cards and flowers to cars.  

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