How to End a Date the Right Way: Professional Advice

Dating is always exciting and difficult. Unfortunately, proven phrases and tricks can fail both a shy beginner and an experienced guy. Do not let the probability of failure confuse or scare you! If you carefully consider the search criteria, choose a comfortable way to date, and regularly demonstrate your best qualities, then dates will cease to frighten you and begin to bring joy. Even if you don't meet the love of your life on a date, enjoy the process itself. Today we will find out how to end a date early, how to end a date well, should you be ending a date with a kiss, and so on.

how to end a date

The next-level science of ending a date

How to end a date? How to end the first meeting so that your partner becomes even more interested in you and invites you to the next date?

If you really liked the person, and you want to meet them again, then you need to understand their desires and act accordingly.

If you have a feeling that you may not meet again, you should not have very intimate communication on your first date. Do not give a person hope if you do not intend to continue relations with them. You must be honest with other people.

Finishing a date is a relaxed and fun experience. A very serious look can confuse the partner, and your parting can become uncomfortable. If you liked being together, you can tell your partner about it. And when the meeting is not going as you expected, try to leave early, but just don’t hurt the feelings of a partner and do not lie to them.

You also need to pay attention to the gestures of your partner. If the partner is positive towards you, then you can kiss them either on the cheek or on the lips, but such a kiss should not last too long. And hugs will demonstrate that you want to meet again.

Men must pay the bill in a restaurant or cafe, and also make sure that the lady got home safely. If she does not want her friend to deliver her home, a taxi must be ordered for her. And if you do not have mutual feelings, then a date is better to end with a simple handshake.

What to do during a date

Ask open-ended questions

Ask the person questions that cannot simply be answered with “yes” or “no” so that your vis-à-vis does not have the impression that they are being interrogated. Get to know your partner’s personality and lifestyle. Does this person seem to share your goals and complement your personality? Find out if he or she likes to do the same things that you do, or whether they can introduce you to what you always wanted to try. Here is a list of questions to get you started:great way to end a date

  • "What do you like to do on the weekend?"
  • “What is one thing on your wish list?”
  • “What is the best book you've read in the last six months?”
  • "What are you proud of in your life?"
  • "Where do you work? Do you like your job?"
  • "What is your best friend?"
  • “Do you want to try my dish?”
  • “Are you a lark?”
  • “Do you have roommates? Tell me about them”.

Tell her about yourself

Provide the partner with reliable information about yourself, your life, interests, and thoughts. They are here to get to know you better. Do not dominate the conversation, but express yourself in the same way as in normal communication with friends or a potential partner. Find the connection between the two of you.

Practice active listening skills

Make eye contact with the other person. Smile, keep a good posture. Nod in response to what the other person says. From time to time, briefly retell the words of the interlocutor and show interest in their hobbies. For example, you might say: “It looks like you have a great relationship with your mother! When was the last time you saw her?” Or: “It looks like you really love your job. Why are you interested in public service?”

Do not panic during moments of awkward silence

Just because you are silent does not mean that this moment is awkward! Feel free to spend a few seconds and analyze the current position. If you think the silence is awkward, use the list of open questions above. Silence, most likely, will not last as long as you might think.

Ending a first date the right way

How to end a first date? How do you end a first date so that there will be the second one? Not every first date ends in intimacy. And this means that you need to learn some tips on how to properly end a date.

Usually, it ends with a short walk, during which the conversation and stories continue. If the date ends in the evening, then there is a great opportunity to take a walk with a girl in the lights of the big city. This will only contribute to you coming closer to each other and will give you the opportunity to discuss exciting topics.

It is customary for a man to accompany his girlfriend after a date. Before parting, you need to thank the girl and tell her what you liked about the date. This is a great way to end a date.

After the date is over, you can carefully consider every detail and make an important decision for yourself. The girl must give the final answer, whether she wants new meetings with this young man, whether she wants the relationship to reach a new level, or not. If not, then you do not need to give a person false hope. Playing with other people's feelings is petty and unforgivable. If a girl feels that she will not be able to love this person, then she must explain this.

Sometimes the first date becomes the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship, and sometimes not. But the rules that have been developed over many decades will help make this evening enjoyable, as well as increase your chances of success. No matter what, you need to stay in touch with your partner. Naturalness and sincerity attract men much more than any masks you may wear.

Although this is difficult, you need to try to overcome your fear of the first date with a girl. Fear is the main enemy because of which girls make one mistake after another. You need to convince yourself that if something goes wrong on a date, then this is not a disaster. Life provides many opportunities. And if something didn’t work out, then it’s just not the right person.

A date is a way to get to know each other and get as many positive emotions as possible. Positivity always helps find happiness.

How to end a date if it went well

Honestly declare further action. If you want to see a person again, let them know. Find out their phone number and call in a few days. If you do not want to see them again, say that you had a good time and wish them a pleasant rest of the evening. Do not be cruel when rejecting a person, but do not consider yourself obligated to give them false hope, saying that you want to see them again, when, in fact, you don’t.

Pay attention to both your and partner’s signals, this will help you to end the evening properly. Start thinking about this frightening moment before it really comes. Do you want to shake hands, hug, or kiss? Also, follow the signals that you’ve received during your date. Do they sit closer to you, or do they seem to be bored and just want to go home? No matter what happens at the end of your date, it should be comfortable for both of you.

If the partner takes an undesirable step forward, just step back and say: "No." You are not required to make any physical contact with a person.

If you accidentally take an undesirable step forward, do not panic. Apologize for misinterpreting the situation and continue the conversation.

What to say at the end of a date?

If a girl has not touched how to end a date wellthe trembling strings of your soul, has not stirred up the fire of feelings inside of you, and, in general, acted like a bitch, was rude to the waiter, you have nothing to fear. But, what if you liked her? In this case, proceed with caution. Here are some tips on what to say and the end of a date and what to text a girl after you get home.

What to say at the end of a date? At the end of your meeting, there are a few things that you should get a grip of, whether a person is interested in you, whether there is a reason to expect any intimacy, and, at the very least, find out what they think. If a girl has shown at least a few signs of attraction and seems to be quite intrigued in the continuation, the second date, and you are too fond of this idea, you can tell her that you really enjoyed this date and would like to arrange the second one as soon as possible. Kissing and hugging are risky, not all women would agree to do this after the first date, so be careful and patient. If not, if something went wrong and the second date is unlikely, then leave on a neutral note.

What about texting? There are two options in terms of texting a girl after your date. You either text her the same day and give her some comments on whether you like it or not and whether you want to continue your relationship or not. Or you write the next day and do the same, there's no reason to text her every single day after your date – if there’s no reaction, she ignores you and doesn’t answer your messages – stop chasing her.

Hugging and kissing: when is it appropriate?

Here’s an important issue, how to interpret the end of a date hug? How to end a date with a kiss? Should you do it? How should you do it? Is ending a date with a handshake always the best way out?

Stick to realistic expectations at the end of a date. Even if you are racing ahead at cruising speed, it is important to understand that the other person may be less hasty. This does not mean that she did not like you and she does not want to date you. Respect the alien rhythm of life and do not rush to conclusions.

A kiss is quite acceptable when it comes to ending a first date, but do not forget to inquire about the opinion of your date (it is quite suitable: “Can I kiss you?”). If you like a person, then behave politely and confidently. If you don’t kiss the partner on the third date, then she may wonder: “Does he like me?” - or: "What's wrong with him?"

What to do at the end of a first date? Never put pressure on a person in matters of sex and do not set a specific time frame. Everything should happen naturally. Sometimes you have to be patient.

A few final tips

Remember that the main task of a date is to get to know a person better and spend time with them. A hike will allow you to achieve this goal faster than going to the cinema. Bring a nice gift on a date, offer to take a photo in a photo booth, or win a plush toy. No need to spend a lot of money or look for something very sophisticated - just leave a person with whom you are going on a date something that will remind you of this meeting.

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