Serious Relationships: Men’s Perspective

How to tell casual dating from serious? Where is that line between just dating and a serious relationship? Women and men have different ideas about the seriousness of a relationship. Incidentally, men are not ready for commitment as soon as women are. One of the most popular reasons for it can be their recent unsuccessful relationship that hurt them greatly. However, the vast majority of guys simply don’t want to lose their freedom. They are afraid that their routine will be changed in a not very favorable for them way. This applies mainly to men in their 20s. This is a period when guys don’t want to complicate their life by being very serious about dating. They do it just for pleasure and don’t tend to think that it may develop into something more substantial. While women enjoy sharing more time with a person they date, men are not so enthusiastic about giving all of their free hours to a woman. They are not ready to spend their energy and efforts on a relationship because they need them for attaining other goals in life. Obviously, men want to fulfill themselves and stand firmly on their feet before they can settle down.

Now, let’s move on to those men who have established their lives and are open to a relationship. Here are the most vivid indications of your dating becoming more serious.


There are no awkward silences. You should realize that things are getting more serious if you feel comfortable with a person. It’s that level of comfort that couples who’ve lived for several years have. Silence can’t be awkward for you two anymore. You feel absolutely OK sitting in one room doing your own things, for example, she is reading and you are typing something on your laptop (this is if you already live together). Or it’s already not necessary to talk about something as you walk hand in hand: you don’t need words to enjoy each other’s company.

Your call-backs are prompt. If you date a woman without including her into your plans for the nearest future, obviously, you are not that into her and your dating will not grow into a relationship. If you don’t really care about a person, you won’t respond to their messages or call them back the second you see you missed their call. You’d rather do that when it’s convenient for you. The situation is different when you are serious about someone and your further relationship. In this case, you’ll react like a greased lightning.

There is no more stress or pressure. If dates don’t scare you and you feel absolutely at ease with a partner, you’ve got to the point where relationships start. The seriousness of your relationship hides behind that casualness and comfort you feel being around each other. It may sound inconsistent but this is really the sign of something deeper and more intimate between you two.

There is no more embarrassment. The same as awkward silences vanished from your communication, so did all kinds of embarrassment. You don’t care much about how you look and don’t try to seem better than you really are. It might be a silly example but you are no longer embarrassed showing your poor photographs where you have half-closed eyes or other usual epic fails that happen to our faces while having our pictures taken. The same is with your partner: if she isn’t conscious about her morning no-makeup look, you’ve reached that stage where you are ready for something serious.

You met each other’s family. The most conspicuous sign of a serious relationship is meeting each other’s parents. Generally, people don’t introduce their dates to their families, unless they know it’s something serious and long-lasting.

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