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Asian Brides


Why You Should Choose Asian Singles

Probably, you already have a friend who wants or even dates one of those Asian beauties. Asian girls have become a real trend for American men and not without a good reason. You see, they possess certain qualities that make them way more suitable for building serious relationships than the majority of American women. Furthermore, you won't need to travel anywhere because you can meet Asian women online.

The latest data showed that men of all racial groups like Asian girls the most. Men even recommend dating Asian women to their single friends because they find them much more sexually open than other girls. Part of this Asian popularity seems to be related to aesthetics, as a 2012 study of attractiveness by Cardiff University found that East Asian women scored the highest result.

Nowadays, online dating allows you to date people from all around the world, even without leaving your own house. Today, we are going to discuss why you would like to visit Asian dating sites. Also, we will give you some tips on how to date Asian women.

Sexy Asian Women: Find Your Perfect Match

It is obvious that to find single Asian women, first of all, you will have to find some nice dating website. Of course, you can try searching for Asian girls in the current city of your residence, but this is a less efficient way. So, generally, there are two types of dating websites. The first type is specialized dating websites. For example, websites for those who are over 50. The second type is general dating websites. The best example of such a website is Generally, if you have no strict requirements, and especially if you want just to try to find Asian wives, we recommend you to use general dating websites or apps.

What Makes Asian Brides So Special

Recently, online dating websites have become very popular in Asia. Asian women desperately want to date American men. In turn, American men more and more often prefer to date Asian beauties. Did you know that according to the statistics, Asian girls are on top of the list of girls chosen by American men online? The reason for this is because they are among the hottest and most gorgeous women in the world. Furthermore, they manage to combine natural beauty, shyness, and commitment to their partners. Here we are going to discuss what makes Asian women so special and popular among men.

1. They respect personal boundaries

Frequently, Asian girls, before finding a romantic partner, live together with their parents. In some cases, they don't leave their parent's homes even after marriages. Thus, it may seem that they simply can't have personal boundaries when they live in such cramped and overcrowded conditions. However, the situation is quite the opposite. It turns out that you will never find a person who will respect your personal boundaries more than an Asian girl. Somehow, this situation helps them learn never to cross each other's personal boundaries. Also, she will furiously protect her personal boundaries, so don't expect to have a password from her phone.

2. Adorable and cute

You can google more information about Asian girls, and you will see that in the majority of cases, people call them cute and adorable. And this is not one of those stereotypes about Asian girls. To be honest, they don't even need to do anything to be like that. It feels like this is in their nature. For example, you can pay attention to other international couples in which American men live with Asian women and compare them to the same-age American couples. You will see that Asian women generally look much younger, smaller, thinner than their American counterparts. Surely, this makes them much more desirable.

3. Naturally beautiful

Even though in the majority of cases, Asian single ladies don't pay too much attention to their photos on various dating websites, you still will be able to see their natural beauty. They never overuse makeups, simply because they don't need to. Even when they add some lipstick and use ink to highlight their eyes, this is just enough to make them super-attractive for men. It is true that Asian girls have truly exceptional facial features that attract men from all around the world. The reason for this is that they use traditional natural recopies to maintain their health and beauty.

4. They are very smart

It is not a secret that Asian girls are very smart. Generally, they are more academically successful than western women and even Asian men. But what is way more important is that they know when and how to apply their intelligence to achieve positive results. Thus, an Asian girl will never try to prove that she is smarter than other people because she doesn't need to do this. They know that they are smart, and they know how to use this fact. Instead of trying to seem smarter than their men, they try to help them achieve their goals. Consequently, they use their intellect for the sake of their families.

5. They are very supportive

This arises from the previous trait. When an Asian girl is seriously committed to a relationship with someone, she will try at any cost to support this person. Thus, if your Asian girlfriend truly loves you, then your goals will automatically become hers too. Also, she will publicly support you even if you are wrong. However, you should be ready to have a serious conversation with her about this. Of course, you will have it only in private. Due to traditional upbringing, Asian girls turn supporting their men into their life goals. At the same time, they also expect the same from them.

6. Family-oriented

To be honest, it is very hard to say who is more family-oriented Russian or Asian girls. Partly, this explains why American men love to use romance compass dot com to search for family-oriented people. After all, this website is very popular among Russian and Asian girls. To get back to the point, as you know, Asian girls grow in a very traditional environment. From an early age, they learn that nothing can be more important than families. Hence, they always care about their elders and prefer to save relationships instead of breaking up. Also, they believe that children are treasures, and this makes them nearly perfect mothers.

7. Very traditional and submissive

On online dating websites, Asian singles search for men who don't fear taking responsibility for their women.

You see, even though Asian girls can easily live on their own, they still search for men who will want to control their lives. So, you will have to play the first violin in your relationships, or she will leave you. Asian girls believe that those men who can't take responsibility and make sure that their women feel great, won't be able to achieve anything significant in their lives. Of course, even though she expects you to be the leader in your relationship, you will still have to listen to her opinion too.

8. Asian girls are very honest

Even though your potential Asian girlfriend will be humble, shy, and will expect you to control your relationship, it is foolish to expect that you won't have arguments. This stems from the fact that they are very honest people. She will never calmly sit if something is wrong. First of all, she will try to fix everything herself, but eventually, she will share all the truth with you. Their honesty covers every single aspect of their lives. Hence, you won't ever need to guess what she wants or how she feels about your friends. It should be obvious that she will expect the same from you.

9. Asian girls are very respectful

Due to traditional upbringing, Asian girls grow as very respectful people. Without a single doubt, she will respect your partners no less than she respects hers. Furthermore, at a very young age, their mothers taught them to respect their husbands too. Plus, they see examples of this traditional approach to life. Additionally, she will respect your friends as well. Even if she, for whatever reason, won't feel comfortable around them, she will never say this directly to them. She will be a very good partner and a mistress, and only when they will leave, she will honestly express all her emotions.

10. They are passionate lovers

Without a single doubt, Asian culture is a very interesting subject to discuss. In the US, we believe that a girl can be either traditional or passionate and hot in bed. While traditional western women are usually pretty shy in bed, their Asian counterparts somehow manage to combine these two things. So, if you be able to make her truly comfortable with you, then your Asian lady will surround you with her love and care. Also, they don't fear to get pregnant because children are very important to them. Asian girls enjoy it when they can take care of their significant others.

11. They have no bad habits

In addition, it is worth saying that, in general, Asian girls lead a healthier lifestyle: it is very difficult to find an Asian woman in a public place who smokes a cigarette or drinks alcohol, unlike those Europeans for whom a cigarette and a glass of wine are integral companions of the evening. In Asia, such a behavior, firstly, is condemned by culture, and secondly, Asians themselves are so worried about the safety of their skin that they are afraid of bad habits like fire.

12. They like sports

Children are taught to play sports from kindergarten in Asia. Every day in educational institutions starts with exercises. In courtyards and parks, people dance, practice martial arts, and go jogging. Absolutely every Asian woman has a great body and keeps herself in good shape, never missing a workout.

13. They read books

Print editions are still in demand. And bookstores, as a rule, are striking in size and occupy more than one floor. Girls in Asia are also fond of foreign literature, and not just comics as it might seem.

14. They are sociable and cheerful

Girls are very interested in learning about other mentality, customs, and culture. There are always topics for conversation and interesting pastime. Many Asian girls like to go to restaurants, cafes, try new dishes, and sing karaoke. That is, you will definitely not be bored.

15. They are cute 

The gentle meowing voice, the beautiful Asian face, and the courteous demeanor of these girls attract men. Asian women try to match the ideal of a girl, which can be expressed in the words “cute little princess girl”. 

Pros and Cons of Dating Asian Women

As you can see, American men have many reasons to at least wish to try dating Asian women. However, before going to romance-compass and start searching for Asian dating women, you should know about the possible pros and cons of dating them. Most frequently, the main cons of dating Asian women are related due to huge cultural differences. For precisely this reason, if you want to date an Asian girl, you need to be very careful with them. So, here are some things that you can expect from a relationship with an Asian girl.


1. They may be jealous

If you are not willing to have a monogamous relationship, then it is better to avoid Asian girls. It is true that they know how to love their partners. Often, they are ready for everything for their partners. However, this positive side has some cons too. For example, Asian girls are much more jealous than Western ones. For an Asian girl, it is important to feel that she possesses her man, and no one else has access to him. This trait makes them very jealous.

2. They are very emotional

Sometimes, Asian girls just can't keep all their emotions inside. No, she won't start a scandal while you hang out with your friends, or when you visit your partners, but you will face a hurricane of emotions as soon as you come home. Some people consider this to be very attractive and cute. Maybe it seems to be so at the beginning of a relationship, but, with time, you will get really tired of it. Furthermore, the longer you will be together, the more emotional ties you will have, the bigger and more serious those hurricanes of emotions will be.

3. They hate to work out and prefer to sit on diets

It is hard to track the root of this weird approach to health and physical looks, but it is a fact. Your Asian girl will prefer to starve herself, but won't agree to go to a gym. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it because it is absolutely useless to have arguments with them about this.

4. You will have to learn her language

If you are planning to find a girl who currently lives in China, then you definitely will have to learn her language. No, she will be happy to learn English and move with you to the USA. Here we are talking about her parents. You see, in their eyes, she will "lose her face" if she dates a western guy who can't even learn her language.

5. You may encounter a gold digger

The reason for this is that in Asia, they have a stereotype that all white guys are very rich. So, when you decide to search for an Asian girl online, you need to be very careful because you will literally be hunted by gold diggers. The clearest sign that you have met a gold digger is when she asks for money or tries to rush your relationship.

6. They become emancipated

In the modern world with its emancipated women, men are increasingly looking towards Asian beauties. Indeed, in the countries of Asia, the patriarchal way of life is still preserved, and the man, to some extent, remains the self-proclaimed king of the family. On the other hand, young people are becoming more and more socially active. Young girls in Asia are just as active as their “sisters” from all over the world who are fighting for their own rights and for equality in general.

7. They want to look like Europeans

Plastic surgeries are very common in Asian countries, but not everyone can afford such a radical and expensive transformation. That is why Asian girls have become real makeup gurus. They manage to paint themselves an almost new face with the help of cosmetics. Cosmetic companies are taking full advantage of the low self-esteem of women and are actively producing foundations with super-overlapping properties, various methods for home lip augmentation, false eyelashes of every imaginable and inconceivable shape. So, be sure to see your girlfriend without makeup first. 

8. They are demanding

A modern Asian woman is extremely spoiled for choice. In order for her to start considering a guy as a candidate for husbands, he must already have real estate, a car, a stable job, and also the opportunity to provide a comfortable future. But in fact, both European and American girls are like that too. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you are confident in your abilities and know that you can become a good partner for your Asian wife, then there will be no problems.

Pros of Dating an Asian Girl

1. They don’t tolerate cheating

As we have already said, due to their upbringing, they are very loyal people. Thus, she won't think about cheating on you, even if you have big problems in your relationship. They never see cheating is a way to improve their lives. However, this also means that she will never tolerate and forgive if you decide to cheat on her.

2. They like to cook

Most of the Asian girls love cooking. For you, this means that you will always have something tasty in your fridge. It is just perfect if she also can and likes to cook her traditional food. In this case, you will also learn a lot about her culture while enjoying tasty masterpieces.

3. They are into long-term relationships

If you are searching for a serious long-term relationship, then you have come to the perfect place because Asian girls are into this. In fact, it will be very hard to find an Asian girl who would be satisfied only with a one-night stand. Even if you find one who will agree to have a one-night stand, she will still try to turn it into something much more serious.

4. She will surround you with care

When you finally decide to commit to each other, you definitely won't feel the lack of her care. She will be happy to surround you with it. When Asian girls choose to be with someone, they do everything they can to make this person feel happy and comfortable.

5. They love to travel

Probably you have already heard those jokes about Asian tourists and their unstoppable desire to take photos. Your Asian girlfriend will never agree to stay 24/7 at home. Furthermore, she will insist on traveling to other regions and countries during your vacations. Rest assured, even if you are the most homesick person in the world, and an Asian girl will find a way to gently turn you into a real tourist.

6. They are for patriarchy

For most Asian girls, this is true: they share a traditional approach to the relationship between a man and a woman. In other words, they like the guy to be bossy. For example, if you ask an Asian girl not to drink alcohol because it is harmful, she may look disappointed. But she will soon express gratitude for taking care of her health. A European or American girl doesn’t always obey in such a situation. They will get angry at the infringement of freedom of choice. This doesn’t mean that you should completely control the Asian woman: this approach is unacceptable. But a sensible balance doesn’t hurt.

7. They lead an interesting and active life

You won’t get bored with an Asian woman. She will gladly travel with you throughout the world. Moreover, you can go to the cinema, restaurants, attend concerts, and see the sights every day. Due to their active lifestyle, they are comprehensively developed and, therefore, can tell you a lot of interesting things.

Asian Brides Are Meant for Great Family Life

As we have mentioned before, the family plays a crucial role in the lives of every Asian girl. As you know, in the majority of Asian countries, people live in huge families. Thus, from a very young age, they see examples of behavior when parents care about their children and elders. Furthermore, they, as children, actively help their parents with this. This teaches them to be very respectful and caring, and, at the same time, makes their family very important for them. An Asian girl will never agree to leave her parents in poverty or need. So, you may need to help her family too.

This may not sound very charming. After all, why would you spend money on people you don't know? But this also means that she will never let you put your parents even in the best nursing home. For her, it is absolutely okay to care about them herself. You can be sure that she will easily get along with your parents, and they may love her even more than you do. Also, we can't forget that she will also be a very nice mother. She may have a pretty hard childhood, and she will definitely do her best to give a better one for your children.

So, when it comes to raising children, she will become a perfect mother and a very caring wife. At the same time, she will try to involve you in your children's life too. Hence, you should be ready to participate in every single significant moment in your children's life. Even if this leads to some financial losses, she will insist that your family and your kids should come first. Also, even if you don't have a high income, Asian women are very good at managing finances. You will be surprised how much money she will be able to save for your family.

Things to Know Before Dating Asian Women

Of course, if it was so easy to date Asian women, then everyone would do this. You must understand that before trying to build something serious or even before searching for a nice Asian girl online, you need to know some important things. This is due to the drastic differences between Western and Asian cultures. Don't worry, it is not that bad, but you definitely will need to be very tolerant and open-minded. So, here are some things to know before dating Asian women.

1. Asian girls can be different

Sure, maybe this sounds rather obvious, but not all Asian girls are all the same. Asia is a huge continent, and there are almost 50 countries there. Thus, Chinese and Mongolian women will be pretty different. The same goes for Thai and Korean ones, and even for Japanese and Chinese ones. Each country in Asia has its own culture, and this means that every Asian girl will be a unique person. To understand which girls you like more, you just need to google them all.

2. They care about appearance a lot

This goes both for you and her. So, you should care about your appearance if you want to impress an Asian girl. Make sure that you have nice pictures on your social media account and on dating websites. In turn, Asian girls often spend a lot of time working on their style and looks.

3. She will prefer to listen

While western women don't mind and even want to take full control over their dates, their Asian counterparts are very different. Thus, an Asian girl will let you do all the talking on your first date by attentively listening to you. She will also show a genuine interest and will ask many questions, as well as participate in the conversation by answering yours.

4. Asian girls love social networks

At first, she may even seem very rude because it is absolutely okay for Asian girls to browse their phones during dates. You see, they are literary in love with their gadgets. Additionally, she will sincerely believe that she doesn't have to explain this to you.

5. They don’t care about the age difference

This may surprise you but being a young guy won't give you an advantage when it comes to building serious relationships with Asian girls. Very often, they prefer to date men who are 20-30 or even 40 years older, even if they don't have a very high income. Some say that this is because Asian girls love wise men.

How to Date Pretty Asian Girls

Asian girls are very special in many ways. This fact not only attracts men to them but also sets special requirements for your dating skills and approaches. Because you will have to change or adjust your dating skills and mechanisms. This is why we want to share with you a few tips on how to date pretty Asian girls.

1. Find a nice website

First of all, you will need to find a good dating website where it will be very easy and comfortable to have a conversation with Asian girls. For example, you may use romancecompass. It has a built-in translator to help you communicate with girls.

2. Be a gentleman

The majority of Asian girls are very old-school. This is why they still value real gentlemen. Being a gentleman is the quickest way to impress an Asian girl and win her heart. The time has come for you dust off your "real gentleman" skills.

3. Be confident

As you already know, Asian girls expect their men to be in charge of their relationship. But how can you be in charge if you are not confident people? So, before starting a serious relationship with some Asian girl, take some time to work on your self-confidence.

Here's What Makes Asian Girls So Beautiful

There's an ongoing debate on what makes Asian girls so beautiful. Whether it's just a charm of a different race or is it rooted in the cultural differences? It's almost impossible to give an exact answer to this question. Is it their natural beauty or the way they apply makeup? Or is it the fact that pretty Asian girls are split between East and West? To figure it out we need to find what both Western and Eastern cultures have in common.

The thing that both cultures have in common is the concept of beauty. The ideal beauty according to Asian and Western concepts was quite different. But thanks to a number of historical events, like WWII, Western beauty standards have been adopted, at least partly, by Asian culture. So, aside from their natural beauty, it is the mix of beauty standards that makes hot Asian girls so beautiful for western men.

How to Impress an Asian Woman?

With that beauty, it comes as no surprise why sexy Asian girls are so popular on and other dating sites. Thanks to online dating, you may gullible enough to think that it's not that hard to win an Asian girl's heart. Things indeed seem quite simple, chat with Asian girls and you end up dating one of them. But, while the relationship with Asian women is no rocket science, you need to know a thing or two about impressing them. Otherwise, your relationship with your Asian beauty will start and end on some Asian girls chat.

While there are no special rules of impressing Asian women, there are a few things you should do before you start looking for love on Asian girls web sites. We've got you covered, as we've collected four simple things that will help you impress Asian women. And we offer you to check out those things without any further ado.

1. Learn more about their culture

Most likely you are here, on romance compass, reading an article about how to lure Asian girls for a reason. After all, it would be strange to go in for the live chat Asian women. Most likely, you are a fan of K-pop, anime, or Wong Kar-wai movies. That's why we tell you to learn more about their culture. Yes, songs, movies, and literature can shed some light on a foreign culture, but you need to have a comprehensive approach to learning it. Not that you need to be an expert on Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and cultures of other Asian counties, but you need to be passionate about learning it. Understanding culture is the cornerstone of building a successful relationship.

2. Visit their homeland

Text chat with an Asian woman is fine, but you must remember that romance-compass isn't your final destination but just a stop in your love journey. If a serious relationship is something that you want, then you need to be ready for travelling. As to know each other better you need to see the country of each other. You are already winning if you have been to her country once or twice, even just as a tourist. As you can already understand the way of life in the country of your prospective significant other. Moreover, certain online dating services offer to organize the trip to the country of the girl you are dating online.

3. Embrace their traditions and values

One of the main reasons, aside from the beauty, why you may be interested in dating an Asian woman is their traditions and values. But that's why we advise having a deeper understanding of their culture, as what may seem cool in books/films/songs may turn out not as cool in real life. And you need to have a clear picture of it to be able to embrace it. You need to understand that their values are part of them, thus embracing their values will show that you are open to accept them and love them for who they are. Moreover, it will make it easier for her to embrace your values as well.

4. Respect the ways they're accustomed to

Traditions may differ, and you should remember that. And when you are into luring women of a different culture, you need to be ready to play according to their rules. While you may want everything to be as fast as possible, you need to follow the rules of your prospective mate's culture. Thus, even if it takes time, you need to be ready for that. But, if you have pure intentions and you really feel the connection with her, unlikely you are thinking of your romance as of game, try opting for this variant, as it makes things much easier.

5. Pay attention to some small detail and give a compliment 

Don’t say that a girl is just beautiful, it is better to find something special in her and focus on it. For example, you might say that she looks good in this dress, or that this hair color suits her very well. This will give your words honesty and the impression that you are not giving such compliments to every girl. Feel free to exaggerate things a little. Simple compliments like “I love your hair” can be perceived as a show of politeness. Therefore, exaggerate things to let the girl know that you are giving a compliment. For example, if she wears high heels, tell her that those heels really lengthen her legs.

6. Express your admiration for her country 

If you don’t know anything about her culture, be sure to memorize a few facts, and use them in your attempts to conquer an Asian woman. Admiring the history or culture of her homeland will certainly make the girl smile. Or if you already live in Asia, tell her that you want to settle here and ask her to help you learn more about local life.

7. Focus on her personality

Focus on the personality traits of Asian women. Try to find out what she does and what kind of education she has. Show her how smart you think she is, and even if she mistakes or says something stupid, be sure to tell her that it’s very cute. Asian girls are all nice, and they will do anything to appear that way.

8. Start learning her language 

Asian women are crazy about foreigners who speak their language well. If you flirt with a girl in her own language, you can become a living legend, especially if you are in a small town.

9. Try to avoid ready-made flirting schemes

The problem with all banal flirting schemes is that they never work. Someone invented them 100 years ago and some men are sure that they still work. It is more than senseless and ridiculous to use these schemes with women of another culture, as they will find it even more ridiculous. In general, avoid ready-made flirting schemes, jokes, and sarcasm. Asian women are not used to this kind of communication and, most likely, will not understand you.

10. Avoid talking about past relationships

When she asks how many girls you had before her, lie. Usually, Asian women are not looking for a partner for a frivolous relationship, they are looking for a husband. Even what may seem like an insignificant date to you will be an opportunity for her to evaluate you and see if you are a good partner for a long-term relationship. If you are also looking for a wife, tell her that you want to start a family and would be happy to have a couple of kids someday. It will definitely melt her heart.

Why Are Asian Women the Best Wives?

Most likely, you've already heard about it somewhere. Asian women make the best wives. It could be mentioned in other articles on romancecompass site and some dating blogs you might have been reading. There are a lot of things that we can mention here, and to make a thorough analysis we need to dig deep into the cultural peculiarities of Asian countries. But that's something that you can do on your own. Especially, if you follow our advice mentioned above. But we won't leave you with no information at all, and in order not to write a giant thesis on what makes Asian women the best wives, we've managed to cut it all to three main points that we offer you to check out without any further ado.

1.She's a devoted mother and housewife

When you wonder whether she will choose career or family, 99% that she will choose family. Asian women are greatly devoted to family and children, so it's absolutely okay for them to let you build a career while she will be working hard to become a perfect mother and housewife. So, if that is your picture of the ideal wife, then you should opt for that. But mind that everything is individual, and you may easily end up with an Asian woman who is much more into building her own career, rather than sitting at home with kids. So, don't trust statistics that blindly. Besides, if you are in love, you are, most likely, to accept your significant other the way she is, so why even bothering?

2. She will protect your reputation

The worst thing that one can imagine when it comes to being in a relationship is your partner complaining about you to others. If you are dating an Asian woman, you may rest assured that she will never do anything like that. For an Asian woman, the reputation of her boyfriend or husband is extremely important. She won't complain to others about you, rather she would talk directly with you about things she doesn't like. Aside from not complaining to others about you, she will come to your defense if she hears someone gossiping about you. So, you are gaining a sufficient partner when you are dating an Asian woman.

3.You will learn new culture and new language

While it may not seem to you as an obvious advantage, it actually is – she will introduce you to (or deepen your knowledge of) new culture and a new language. This will broaden your outlook and help you find solutions in many different cases that you might not even expect it will. Understanding of a different culture will deepen your understanding of your own culture as well. So, while it may seem like something of less importance when it comes to romantic relationships, it's a gift far more important than you might have expected.

Do Asian Women Look So Great in Reality?

Now comes the question that bugs you the most if you are an appearance-focused person, whether Asian women look that great in reality? We can understand your concern. Considering their popularity on the online dating services, you may get the feeling that they are a little bit overrated and everywhere you see photoshopped photos that make them look that great. Well, conspiracy theories aside, Asian women look just as great as you think they are. Simply because they possess natural looks. But aside from that, most of them know how to emphasize their beauty with clothes and makeup. But what makes them stand out is that they don't look unrecognizable without makeup. Although, the reason for that may lie in the fact that for western eye Asian women are exotic. But mind that the beauty lies in the lover's eyes, so your partner will always look beautiful for you.

Peculiar Facts About Asian Women

When you see that kind of title you, most likely, expect a story about Chinese foot binding...wait, you didn't know about that? Well, in a brief, from the 10th Century there was a tradition in China – young girls used tight binding to change the size and shape of their feet. The feet changed by that sort of binding were called lotus feet. If you don't want to get traumatized, don't google it. Well, ten centuries later, in the early 20th century, this savage tradition was abandoned. But we are not going to talk about that. We also not going to talk about sexless teen prostitution in Japan. Well, it wasn't exactly prostitution, but in the second half of the 20th century, older men were paying teenage girls simply to have lunch with them. No sex, just lunch, and conversations.

Of course, you can surprise your Asian girlfriend with your deep knowledge of that, but, actually, it doesn't have any practical value when it comes to the relationship. So, let's talk about certain facts that may be helpful when you are dating an Asian girl.

1. More of boomer than of millennial

Yes, Western media is all about the differences between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Millennials are blaming Boomers for destroying the future, and Boomers are calling Millennials the bunch of lazy whiners. It turns out that it's only true for the Western world, as things in Asia are a little bit different. Now, let's face certain facts about Millennials and Boomers. Generally, Boomers started working at an early age, left their parents, and most of them preferred to settle down and buy a house. The majority of Millennials, on the other hand, continue living with their parents until the late twenties or even early thirties. They don't have stable work, and when it comes to having their own place, they live quite a nomadic way of life, as they would rather rent a flat than purchasing it.

In Asia, Millennials are more resembling Boomers rather than their Western generation counterparts, especially women. They start working early, get wealthier early, and unlike their parents, they have a quite optimistic view of the future. So, if you are a Millennial, you must be prepared for two things, your prospective Asian girlfriend may be more successful than you are and have more in common with your parents than you do.

2. They are all about empowerment

If you are looking for a meek girl who is going to follow your orders, you are probably looking in the wrong direction. The equal rights discourse is rather new for the majority of Asian countries. So, if you are an anti-feminist fundamentalist, you should probably change your attention to Russian women, who are way more into patriarchy. But, if you are absolutely new to feminism and want to know more about it and want your acquaintance to be less radical, then Asian women are your perfect choice, as they are actually valuing equal rights between men and women.

3. They are not the same

It easy to jump to a conclusion and think that all Asian women are the same, but they are not. They differ vastly in their customs and traditions. And you should avoid mixing them, as unlikely a Chinese girl would appreciate you confusing her for a Japanese one. Wonder why? Well, look at what Japan did to China during WWII. There's also a Hong Kong historical horror film "Men Behind the Sun" (1988), which can kinda give you a hint on what was going on there. Once again, if you don't want to get traumatized, you should avoid watching this movie. There is also a difference when it comes to views on religion. Some of them are Buddhist, some of them are Christian, while Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country.

4. Crafted beauty

Despite the fact that women in Asia are known for their natural beauty, there is a belief common for the majority of Asian countries that beauty is something that can be crafted. Well, not in the sadistic way of foot binding. But Asian women have developed thousands of ways to look even more beautiful than they already are – they work out, they apply makeup, some even go in for the plastic surgery. So, not that the concept of natural beauty is absent from Asian countries, they just think that there's always space for perfection.

Many Surprises Await When Dating Asian Women

And that was just a peak of an iceberg of the surprises and peculiarities that await for you when dating and an Asian girl. You will go through an actual journey of learning her culture, and you will help her understand your culture better. You will be surprised by how those women manage to be successful both at work and at home, and how they seemingly never get tired. You will also be surprised by how they will back you when you are going through some personal crisis. So, all in all, you are going to get much more than just a beautiful girl. There's much more to it than it can be expressed in one article. But you've got your dating advice, and now you can feel more or less prepared for what is waiting for you in a relationship with an Asian woman. But as we've clarified – there's much more to it than that.

Where to find a Chinese bride?

Many Asian women are very positive (even with some degree of enthusiasm) about meeting and marriage with a representative of another nationality. Many of them dream of meeting a tall, blue-eyed guy. Well, what guy doesn’t want to have a relationship with a petite and fragile girl who will be distinguished by loyalty and sensuality? So, let’s figure out where to meet an Asian woman for marriage on the Internet? This question will arise in the head of almost every man who has decided to connect his fate with an Asian woman. It should be noted right away that it will be quite difficult to do this without knowing English or Asian languages since a very small percentage of Asian women speak other languages. And a boyfriend who is fluent in foreign languages will look much more attractive. And you can meet these beautiful ladies on the website. After all, the site is known all over the world. So, with the help of it, you can easily find your life partner by setting the status: “I want to get acquainted with an Asian woman for a serious relationship.” It is quite possible that after a while, you will be able to exchange contacts in order to move to the next level, conquering the Asian woman with your European appearance.