Are the compatibility of a calm Cancer with an energetic Sagittarius - harmony in a relationship or survival?

To describe this tandem, you need only one word - "complex." These two people are so different that it's hard to imagine them together. Contradictions arise due to differences in characters and their location on the map. Five other representatives separate them in a circle. In addition, there is also a gap between them because they belong to different elements. For example, the first partner is one of the brightest representatives of the water element, who likes to spend time in a comfortable environment without strangers. But, on the other hand, his partner tends to make impulsive decisions and change plans at the snap of his fingers.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

Their love story is sometimes rocky. A couple can experience both ups and downs, which of the listed reasons will depend more on the intensity of the manifestation of the partner's features. Building a solid connection will require efforts from partners. Often you will have to turn a blind eye to the mischievous behavior of your soul mate. It will be possible to save anyone only if the first one relaxes and continues communicating with his partner. The second will need to take responsibility for the feelings of his soul mate. He also needs to begin to reckon with the opinion of his couple.

Emotionality versus romance in bed - sexual compatibility of the union of Cancer and Sagittarius

The physical closeness of the first partner means the presence of trust and confidence in the partner's feelings. Only in this case the second half will be able to enjoy the process and continue the development of feelings sexually. So one needs a setting and romantic music that allows them to tune in. On the other hand, the partner is not worried about the environment. He acts on the occasion of his instantly flashing feelings and emotions.

To conquer the fire element, you need to be like her. You should follow a few rules to connect your life with a calm person. First, ensure that your partner can spend time alone and not be distracted by other people, even if they are nearby. The second representative of the couple cannot understand the importance of reflection and the value of solitude. However, he tends to be in a big company and will accept such a pastime. Different views on spending free time can cause quarrels and scandals. This isn't easy to avoid. The second partner quickly forgets the reason for the conflict, and the first does not agree that his feelings have faded into the background. Finding a compromise and maintaining the connection is possible only if both partners are ready to work and correct their mistakes.

Friendship as it is - the compatibility of the opposite Cancer and Sagittarius

The friendship between them will be complicated. Their differences in behavior are repulsive, so often, there are difficulties even when establishing contact. The first partner does not consider it necessary to tie the bonds of companionship with a representative of the fire element. You will not see a second partner in the company of a water representative. The fiery element leaves an imprint on the character, so the partner does not know what constancy or stability is. It is challenging to deal with such manifestations of personality, so the first one will not do it.

A shared hobby will help build friendships. Hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities will allow partners to pay attention to each other. However, the further development of history depends on the perseverance of the former. The latter still decides whether to tie themselves with ties at a partner's request. Most of all, they value freedom and the ability to act unpredictably. The first needs to understand this behavior. Therefore, he would instead refuse further communication than try to get closer to the second. Emotionality and sensitivity do not allow him to relax in the company of the second half. The fleeting thoughts of a representative of the element of Fire often seem misunderstood and overlooked by a water sign. Thus, the partner tries to keep his world intact and protected.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Are Cancer and Sagittarius right for each other? Will they be soulmates?

A happy union is impossible in this regard. And all because they speak different languages ​​and do not understand each other. Since neither of them is ready to make concessions, creating a pair depends on external conditions and the intensity of communication. Constant contact between these two incompatible people will require preparation. For example, a common hobby, favorite sport, or other communication activities can bring people together. However, it is impossible to bring them together by force. A self-willed representative of the fire element changes his mind too often and may agree to meet with a partner. However, it will only go up to one date. The second meeting will be in doubt because they want to avoid stepping over themselves.

Communication Cancer  and opposites. Tandem with Sagittarius

In this regard, they may fail. Therefore, it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions and maintain the distance separating them. In addition, communication initiated by a third party will not bring results: these two signs are too different. You will have to think too many things for the first partner to continue communicating with the second. For example, shared interests and hobbies play a significant role in bringing together representatives of the elements of Water and Fire. In another case, it will take quite a long time to get used to the features of its opposite. To be close to the representative of Fire means to give up the usual comfort and enjoy visiting various places. But, on the other hand, this person may agree with the desire for the opposite element only in moments of high fatigue.

What do we end up with?

This couple is not able to compromise. They are used to putting their interests at stake and going all the way. Thus, we can discuss frequent conflicts and regular quarrels within the union. Eliminating discomfort is simple; you need to talk about what does not suit both partners and listen to the opinion of the second half.

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