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In the footsteps of a girl with green eyes

Her gaze is hypnotic and magical, but she isn't a witch or mermaid. You could be staring at her for hours, but she isn't an exhibit in a majestic museum, either. This lady captivates people from all over the globe with her emerald eyes. Who’s she? A green-eyed girl! It’d seem only the eyes color, but how deep is it upon a closer look? Nature has rewarded these women with an incredible tool for conquering hearts. So who are these adorable cuties? What’s their nature? How to get the key to their hearts? Let's figure it out.

An incredible fact is that only 2% of the world's population is born with green eyes. That’s why emerald-eyed women are so rare now. Charming owners of this eye color are of Scandinavian origin (their ancestors were harsh Vikings). Perhaps, that’s why they perfectly combine natural aesthetics with a moderately free-roaming character. Since the ancestors of the green-eyed girls have shunned the civilized world, their descendants are few. That's why a lady of this kind is priceless.

The emerald eyes are the icing on the cake for any female appearance! Their gaze turns your head and also melts the heart of anyone. Imagine a green-eyed brunette riding her Harley-Davidson down the night highway or a sweet blonde making your favorite pie. Or visualize a red-haired chick, sex with whom isn't possible without eye contact. What unites these cuties besides an eccentric temperament, genuine love for their partner, and a passion for adventure? Exactly, it's a mysterious gaze.

What does science say about green eye color?

World scientists have proven that green eyes are more common in women — this physical feature is 6% more frequent in the weaker sex than in males. Dry statistics show that people with emerald eyes are more likely than others to succeed in their careers. If you were lucky enough to be born with a green stare, you are most likely a CEO or some other respectable individual of a kind. You achieve your goals because you are incredibly urgent and demanding of yourself and the people around you.

green eyed girlsPsychologists are scientists of our souls, that’s why they have scrutinized the green-eyed mentality. They concluded that such a green-eyed character is ideal for creating a family. First of all, women with emerald eyes appreciate love. They are consummate advisers because they know how to sympathize and support. There’s also a little drawback in the form of natural obstinacy. 

Where can you find the descendants of the Scandinavian princesses? What’s it crucial to know when meeting a green-eyed cutie? Find out in this article.

Women with green eyes: main features

The direct descendant of the first green-eyed woman is an Eastern European girl. The modern Slavs appeared in the process of settlement of ancient Scandinavians, some of whom moved from north to south in search of new lands. Let's look at the main advantages of emerald-eyed heirs:

  • A mystery woman. At first sight, it may seem that she is too bashful, but don’t rush to write her down on the list of timid ones. She knows how to listen, so she keeps silent when she does. Two cannot speak simultaneously, so your beloved one is respectful. Don’t rush to conclusions. Enjoy slow conversation with a green-eyed angel.
  • Jealousy as a motor of self-improvement. It’s a paradoxical case but extremely interesting. Jealousy doesn't cause a feeling of apathy in emerald-eyed females. On the contrary, they’ll work hard on themselves. For instance, a jealous lady will immediately join her hubby in a gym when she finds out he pays attention to some hot treadmill runner.
  • Bookworm. A girl with green eyes enjoys reading as much as she enjoys relationships with her partner. She can spend her funds on an education course instead of expensive clothes. She loves clever guys who know what they want. Want to make this babe want you badly? Take her on a date to an art gallery or a planetarium. When you don't worry about your miss who can get into some stupid situation is priceless. Seize the moment to train your brain in the company of a green-eyed smartie.
  • Priestess of love. Oh yes, the hottest Ukrainian women are waiting for you! Some of those could successfully contribute to an encyclopedia of sexual relationships. In return, everything she‘ll ask is, to be honest with her. Sincerity is her favorite pheromone, don't forget that.
  • Chief mate. As mentioned earlier, emerald-eyed cuties are natural leaders. They can unite many people around them, and their natural charisma guarantees an outstanding career and a lot of domestic victories. Knowing that their example earns their leadership is essential, and followers learn from their steps. The green-eyed leaders are always in the spotlight. They make the hottest speeches at parties; they are most wanted at luxurious events. Those sweethearts are glamorous rock stars and wonderful mentors.
  • Miss arty. What’s uniting Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, and Audrey Hepburn? Of course, a green eye color. Our heroes have long overwhelmed the world of art. Fine art or sculpture, cinema or theater, emerald-eyed are likely to be successful no matter where they are. They paint the gray world in the brightest colors. Thanks to the natural leadership abilities mentioned earlier and creativity, the green-eyed cuties could make talented interior designers. By the way, they are good housewives, that’s why Slavic women are perfect for making brides.

Girls with green eyes: first from the end in the healthy list

Unfortunately, it's a scientific fact that humans with emerald eyes are more prone to various diseases than others. Perhaps this’s such a price for unique physical and mental characteristics? Who knows. Their main sickness is most often associated with the eyes. 

Generally, the green color doesn't have enough brown pigment, which is responsible for protecting the cornea and skin. Green-eyed women, especially red-haired beauties, were considered witches in medieval times. It's no surprise because their pale skin is especially vulnerable to solar radiation during summertime.

Woman with green eyes: more interesting facts

People have been encouraged by the magical nature of the green-eyed since ancient times. What humanity knows today:

  • People aren’t born with green eyes. It's impressive, but no one has yet been born with an emerald gaze. Newborns usually have blue, dark gray, or brown iris. Only over time does the color change, acquiring other shades of green.
  • Green eyes don't exist. Scientists have proven that there’re no green pigments in the iris of this type. But there are yellow and brown pigments, and due to the refraction of light, the shade becomes green exactly.
  • There’re many celebrities among the emerald-eyed individuals. Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone, Channing Tatum, and Daniel-Day Lewis are just a few of the green-eyed movie stars. What does it mean? The owners of this physical feature are incredibly talented people and inspiring opinion leaders too.
  • All races on the planet have their representatives owing green eyes. The emerald ogle is inherent to white people with fair or red hair and some other humans. Ethnographers have proven that people of various races possess green color, including Asian and African people.
  • Love is a life goal for many green-eyed singles who can be excellent wives and brides. They are caring, attentive, loyal, and always ready to help. That's why such a woman never forgives betrayal.
  • Among the Slavic countries, chicks with green corneas are most often Ukraine, Belarus, or Russian residents. Their perfect combination of external attractiveness, inner beauty, and emerald ogle attracts millions of men from all over the globe. Actual Russian brides and Ukrainian cuties are waiting for you on our website.

How to start a conversation with a green-eyed girl?

Let's be honest — if you’re ready to accept a green-eyed sweetheart with an active lifestyle into your life, you are predisposed to her vibes, too. Before setting up the first date with her, have a chat online. To get to know her better, ask about the girl's favorite hobbies, books, and movies. Have the first impression about the lady, then invite her to a video chat. 

Invite an emerald-eyed beauty into your life, and leave behind the loneliness and repetitive daily routine. You want to be happy, don't you? This baby will be equally excited to spend a date in a hot air balloon or on a quiet lakeside. She’ll happily jump with a parachute or watch a romance movie together at home. The green-eyed sweetheart will be happy next to you under any conditions, as long as you are honest with her. Don’t cheat on her; feel loved and give love in return!