How to Know Your Date Is Marriage Material

When you date a woman, deep down you hope that she can become the one. However, most guys get so overwhelmed by their feelings that they don’t see obvious things but believe that this relationship is going somewhere. A good way to understand that your girlfriend is your potential wife is to analyze her attitude to you and your relationship. A perfect spouse can be detected by several criteria, mainly, her personality and the way she makes you feel. Take a closer look at your woman, analyze your relationship and you’ll realize whether she is wife material.


Her Personality

There are some personal qualities that identify a good wife. If your girlfriend has the following traits, think about bringing your relationship to the new level.

Kind. Kindness is the trait that men value the most in women. A kind woman radiates positive energy that attracts men. She creates harmony in a relationship and makes her partner kinder. She realizes that nobody is perfect and tries to find only positive features in each person instead of criticizing them. She constantly shows her kindness and charges her partner with it.

Tolerant. A woman ready for a serious relationship realizes that her future husband can’t be perfect. Living together means being patient and turning a blind eye to each other’s flaws. If your girlfriend is tolerant to your habits and never tries to humiliate you for your imperfections, she is a kind and tolerant person woman.

Unselfish. Selfishness of partners usually leads to the breakup of their relationship. Of course, each of the partners should have their interests and aspirations but they also should be able to support each other. A woman who is marriage material has her own passions but she respects her partner’s interests, encourages him, and is genuinely happy for his achievements.

Gentle. Men and women are different because they complete each other. Men’s rigidity, confidence, and persistence are complemented with women’s kindness and tenderness. A gentle woman melts the heart of her man and creates a comfortable atmosphere of a relationship.

Intelligent. It’s very important that you and your partner have common subjects for conversations. A long-term relationship is not all about sex. What partners do even more often is that they communicate. That’s why your woman should be an interesting interlocutor.

Optimistic. It’s been known that women can influence their men and make them change for the better or for the worse. A woman can be called a perfect potential wife if she always looks on the bright side and tries to find beautiful in everyday life. She believes in herself, in her partner, and in their relationship. She will not give up so easily on the things she cherishes.

The Way She Makes You Feel

Pay attention to how you feel when your girlfriend is around and what you think about your couple.

She lets you be yourself. You feel comfortable with her because you know she accepts you for who you are. With every next date you felt that your nervousness and fear gradually faded away and now you totally trust her and behave naturally. She is that person in front of whom you can be sincere.

You can’t picture your future without her. There is a quick test that will help you understand how serious you’re about her. Think about your nearest future and your life in 10 years. If you picture her standing next to you, she already plays an important part in your life. If you’ve had a conversation about the place you plan to live and how many children you want to have and your views coincide, you two are moving towards marriage.

She challenges you at times. A sign of unhealthy relationship is the dependency of one partner on the other one. If your woman is always compliant and submissive, you’ll gradually get bored with her. A long-term relationship is a union of two independent personalities who live together because they love each other and want to make each other happy but not at the expense of their own happiness. If your girlfriend not only supports you and agrees with you but also has her opinion and challenges you sometimes, she’s wife material.

She is your lover and your friend. It’s extremely important to be physically and intellectually compatible with your partner. You should be compatible in bed but sex shouldn’t play the leading role in your relationship. The things important for a healthy relationship are similar priorities, shared views on life, and common interests. One of the signs that your girlfriend might be your potential wife is that she is your lover and, at the same time, your loyal friend.

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