Is Scorpio compatible in a romantic tandem with Sagittarius?

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We have a truly unique couple. Many experts believe that these people have little in common, and this opinion is easy to explain. But wait to hang labels. Water is severe and reasonable. Water attracts people with exceptional optimism and good nature. If we talk about the ability to find a common language in tandem, then Water usually seeks to establish a couple first, and Fire puts off intimacy for later. Although, at the same time, such significant differences do not indicate great difficulties in building the union. The two get along quite well despite their seemingly incompatible personalities and values.

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility

These people are nearby. They are pretty capable of friendship if they bite their tongues. Fire people have cheerful characters. They are always ready to give the right advice and come to the rescue. In addition, they show openness in close tandem. Water perfectly complements any qualities of a partner who shows sociability.

These two people are curious, so they strive to learn as much as possible about their partner. Water will go for rapprochement, trying to ask him as many questions as possible about life, hobbies, and preferences in musical styles and art. Water will be interested in the most intriguing moments of a partner's life. He will want to delve into his connections: with whom he lived, why the union broke up, what he is doing now, etc. Water is always interested in quietly discovering something new about his chosen one. They are generally very fond of secrets and espionage.

Predatory Scorpio and straightforward Sagittarius in bed. Unambiguous sexual compatibility of partners

It is worth noting that the intimate life of this union is very harmonious. An ardent, hot temperament distinguishes both partners. Wards of Water are not alien to intimacy. On the contrary, Fire is a fan of new sensations. The first does not accept obsession, and the second does not hesitate to ask his partner for something unique and outstanding. Such couples perfectly realize their wildest fantasies.

Everyone who was born under the person of Water prefers variety in sex. However, not every one of them can cope with the readiness of Water for the most daring experiments. A huge plus is that both are open about their desires and less threatened by guess-it-yourself games and deceived expectations.

Friendship with Sagittarius is a tandem between two invaders. Scorpio's magical communication with a partner for perfect compatibility

Usually, in friendship, there are always less stressful aspects than in closer alliances. Waters are capable of harmonious companies. They are confident and self-sufficient in a love union. They quickly restore friendship even after a long separation. At the same time, both of them have a craving for adventure and new experiences. The centaur will be persistent, inviting a friend to take a walk or attend an exciting event. Water will not stand aside if the partner has any troubles in life. Without passion, the representatives can be great friends, reliable support, and support for each other. The main thing is not to try to remake or enslave a comrade according to your taste.

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

They are an excellent match to be soulmates. Is it about the vengeful Scorpio and the ingenuous Sagittarius?

According to astrologers, it can be difficult for them to build a solid mutual tandem. The reason for this is the differences and directly opposite traits of temperament. But, as you know, antipodes strive for rapprochement, which is why they can easily intermarry with each other. Despite their peculiarities, the couple is adventurous and longs for new experiences. That is why a unique romance distinguishes their love. But both of them prefer to avoid obeying and taking the initiative. Therefore, any moment of their intimate life significantly strengthens the bond.

But the significant disadvantage of such couples can be the jealous nature of Water, who has a heightened sense of ownership of people and things. Such a tendency may not please Water. And then, he can become the initiator of breaking the romantic connection, and after that, restoring the lost will most likely not be possible. In general, representatives are not an example of perfect compatibility. But if they want to understand each other and agree to concessions, their marriage can be long and strong.

Potential problems that need to be solved in a Scorpio relationship if he goes into an alliance with Sagittarius

Everyone has problems with communication, but we are talking about persons that personify Fire and Water, which are antipodes. Moreover, the love tandem between two opposites creates issues. Water often obeys his feelings. Her half is the opposite. The owners of the stinging person prefer calmness and measurement, while the centaur is an example of swiftness and determination.

The first symbolizes constancy, and the second is a lover of change. Such a big difference between these people often creates difficulties. Also, Fire representatives tend to move with the flow, and Water prefers to take independent, decisive action. In addition, the last partner is prudent. They suspect everyone around wanting to interfere with them.

So, the most common stalking difficulties look like this. Often distrustful. The same answers them with disagreement on the desire to be outside the home. But most of all, the problems are created, of course, by jealousy. Often Water is the first to show a need for power and command. This state of affairs rarely suits a partner since he is free and independent. Therefore, these two will be able to communicate only by pacifying their egoism.

What will be the communication of Scorpio in love with Sagittarius?

Speaking of love, one cannot but say about the opposite aspirations of these people. Water prefers to show emotions openly. And therefore, from the very beginning, he wants to establish close ties with his partner. On the other hand, Water is prone to rash acts since they rarely consider other people's feelings. A bright flame may burn here, but it will be up to someone more reasonable in this pair who is ready to take responsibility for maintaining its even, stable Fire.

These people are one of the most explosive couples in the wheel of Samsara. The overbearing Water seeks dominance in a love union with Water, who is straightforward and not used to being put down. The stars themselves sew their conflict. But do not immediately put an end to a romantic tandem. A successful team is possible if both think in the same direction, splashing out aggression on the third. For example, they will have a common enemy, a neighbor with a drill upstairs, or someone else who interferes with peace. They can perfectly support each other, directing the energy of destruction outside the family. It's easy to find a topic for an outpouring that can end in a romantic dinner and passionate adventures in or out of the bedroom.

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