Charming Scorpio and unsurpassed Gemini. What is their compatibility in a love tandem?

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It isn't straightforward to imagine harmony between representatives of entirely different elements. Therefore, people should expect something other than absolute peace from the couple in question. It will be good if they agree after the initial flurry of tender feelings begins to wane. Of course, such a development of events is joint, but it is still a goal that takes time to achieve. 

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility

Water likes to have power over his partner, which is why they will try to tame him in every possible way. But, on the other hand, his chosen one is a part of the windy element. He loves and values his freedom and will not give up positions, surrendering at the mercy of the other half. So it is worth understanding that even though Scorpios are cruel, gentle manipulations by their airy chosen ones can make them kind and obedient partners. Although for this, they will have to strain all their strength.

The sexual energy of Scorpio in bed with a partner. How big is their compatibility with Gemini?

Our heroes do not need to worry about the intimate sphere since it is one of the best combinations. The Water element is a very ardent person ready for any experiments. He is not shy to offer his partner to try something new. Of course, sometimes, this character trait leads to easy perversions. Still, his airy chosen one is also happy to dive into love games under cover of the night. As in all other joint matters, Scorpios try to take the leading position and dictate terms to their partner. By and large, there is nothing wrong with that. Many happy hours in bed are guaranteed if the parties discuss all the points. 

How will Scorpio behave if he makes friends with Gemini? What will be the compatibility of partners?

It is safe to say that friendship between these two is possible. The aquatic partner is an excellent listener, and his chosen one does not imagine his life without constant conversations. As a result, a very comfortable couple forms, which is always attractive to each other. However, they should not hope for a solid friendship. If there are no shared goals or hobbies at the first stages of communication, it isn't easy to imagine a frequent connection between the parties. Water will be fatigued by excessive talkativeness. And it will seem to the Air that his partner is too dull. However, friendship is possible if they find common ground or communicate gradually.

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility percentage

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility percentage

Will a Scorpio make a good love match? How can he become soul mates with Gemini?

After the first interest, our heroes quickly cease to be fascinated by each other. After that, a long period of lapping, which is very similar to the actual fighting, comes. And if the parties pass this stage and do not separate, a spiritual connection is possible. However, it is still impossible to avoid all kinds of scandalous situations related to jealousy of the first and freedom-loving of the second. 

Moreover, water signs generally do not get along well with someone opposite. Confession with a rational approach and a calm attitude to the appearance of various conflict situations can help achieve compatibility. If the Air can cope with attempts to control the water, and her partner will not overreact to excessive inquisitiveness, everything will be fine. 

How likely are potential problems in a relationship with a Scorpio? How will the Gemini react?

It is the union of two prickly personalities, capable of both kindnesses to their partner and excessive prickliness. And both are ready to make remarks to each other, even concerning seemingly minor events. But, for them, frequent reproaches and barbs are a norm of life and a must. And the big question is whether they can last long in such a toxic environment. 

It is also worth understanding that both sides are sure to invent their life scenarios and will follow them rigorously. Therefore, it is challenging to compromise or be flexible for the partner's sake. Naturally, this causes various conflict situations. If, in the course of a scandal, not to cross red lines, everything ends well. However, grudges, in this case, are not forgotten and can remind of themselves even after many years. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this and choose words carefully during a quarrel.

Marriage of convenience or collapse of compatibility? How will the secretive Scorpio and fickle Gemini get along?

One can hardly argue with the statement that the decision to legalize their union is the result of long deliberation and evaluation of pros and cons. However, suppose the couple did decide to marry officially. In that case, it means that they recognized all the character traits of the chosen one and reconciled with the peculiarities and personal flaws. At the same time, this couple's marriage is getting stronger over time. 

However, to get a positive result, the water partner must take a natural leadership position, which allows them to influence the couple's destiny directly. The air element must generate warmth and kindness if they want to create a certain balance. Here, success now depends on the desire and involvement of the lovers. Otherwise, one of the partners may seek solace on the side.

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