Is it possible to say that the pragmatic Virgo and windy Gemini are compatible?

Representatives of two opposite characters are entirely different. They have different views on everything: life, love, sex, friendship, and the world. They set other goals, priorities, and different ways of achieving them. The Earth is rational, calm, and practical, and the Air is emotional, windy, communicative, and open-minded. The first seeks to create a home and concentrates on building a stable and lasting union with his mate. And he chooses her most often out of self-interest, usually marrying on the account. The second person is constantly hovering in the clouds because he is creative, above the everyday mundane life with its routine and household chores.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility

Astrologers are sure that a miracle must happen that can motivate these people to be together. The only thing they have in common is that they are both under the patronage of Mercury. Their intellects are excellently developed, so the representatives may even challenge them to see who has the better ability. They make a very harmonious couple as both communicators. Each can tell the other that he does not know, allowing them to add new facts to their piggy bank of knowledge. However, they rarely interact well and are seldom on the same page.

The sexual life of the Virgo in a couple. The influence of Gemini on compatibility in bed

The chances that the lovers will get absolute pleasure from physical intimacy are unbelievably slim. All dissimilarity affects in bed as well. Air prefers variety and drive; he wants new excitement, experiment, and try new places and positions. Due to its down-to-earth nature, the Earth likes to go with the flow and is reluctant to do any experiments. The people will experience intense emotions only during a short-term union. Still, one should only count on that.

There is one thing both men agree on, though. They do not exalt sex, which is not their priority area. The other thing is highly intellectual conversations, during which you can show off your intelligence and erudition. In this couple, very proud people have converged. They are waiting for their soulmate's invitation to privacy in the bedroom. They rarely ever make the first move.

Virgo's behavior in friendship. How big is compatibility if her partner is Gemini?

Again we are reminded that these personalities have many dissimilarities, look at the world differently, and have their own adamant opinions on most things. Maybe they will get together in some interesting conversation, but that's not how a friendship creates. It requires that people have at least some standard reference points. They will be friends for as long as they have some personal gain. Mercury's wards are meticulous and irritable, the shortcomings of others piss them off, and indeed, such people will not tolerate each other for a long time.

Tandem in work matters can bring positive results. They are leaders who are used to dominating and subordinating others. Together they can build a happy union. Gemini pours a stream of creative ideas and approaches everything creatively, and Virgo has enough resources to implement it all. In addition, the latter is meticulous and conscientious; they will calculate every detail to avoid possible losses and profit from the project.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility percentage

Virgo and Gemini compatibility percentage

Can Gemini make a good match for Virgo? Or will they not be able to be soulmates?

In the beginning, there is a kind of idyll. Guys are interested in getting to know their partners, getting to the bottom of things, and looking for flaws. There is competition between them in intellectual development. As a result, the romance only lasts for a while. As soon as they get played and get what they want, or vice versa, they disperse in different directions. Gemini is too superficial and windy for the deep and meticulous Virgo.

The Air values its freedom too much; it is in search of adventure and excitement and is in the mood for new acquaintances' acquisition of valuable connections. The Earth is not interested in this; it directs its energy to create a home environment and build a strong family. It is essential for the Earth to feel secure and safe; she needs a strong partner whom she can rely on. Unfortunately, Air is not able to give it.

Can Virgo have potential problems with Gemini? Will they save the relationship, or is it a failure?

When disagreements arise, and they will, it is only a matter of time; no one wants to get to the bottom of the true causes of conflict. The main difficulty in this union is the mismatch of emotional spheres. Air representatives are inconsistent, and with constantly changing moods, they can easily pass by the resentment and vulnerability of a loved one. Of course, the Air will be in the right place, and they will try to find the reason for their changed attitude. He will prove his case to the last, persuade that there is no reason to worry, and even find the words the other half will want to hear. But this will have a temporary effect. Virgo subjects everyone and everything to analysis, criticizes and gets to the bottom of the matter, which irritates the air element. She hates being under a microscope.

Virgo's behavior in love with Gemini. Collapse or perfect compatibility? 

At first, a semblance of harmony reigns, but illusions disappear quickly. Then, finally, the Air knows the truth. His chosen one is not exciting but is mediocre, boring, and dull. She doesn't want to go out in public, visit a noisy party, or go to a club to rock out on the dance floor. Earth will see its partner as an easygoing, unassembled chatterbox who can only talk and not do. If people see each other as unique people in the first place, they will be carried away, but not for long. The alliance is short-lived. There is a chance of a short stormy romance. The couple will learn a lesson from this, then break up, going their separate ways.

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