Do you think the vulnerable Cancer and the free-spirited Aquarius are compatible in a union? This forecast will tell you exactly

We are often interested in things that are not like us. But, you see, just such a case. Finding a common language takes work for these two. But when meeting, no doubt, there is a specific "chemistry." Sometimes overwhelmed with emotions and experiences, Water hardly understands the freedom-loving clever Air. And this is not surprising because the first belongs to active Water, and the second, in turn, to stable Air, from which the values and principles in their lives differ markedly.

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility

In the circle between them, there are five more representatives. From the point of view of astrologers, it can be difficult for a couple to understand. Therefore, they will need more time to find a common language. And although the partners are similar, like black and white, the tandem and even some attraction between them is possible. But they are unlikely to have a loving couple. And bringing their feeling to a qualitatively new level is almost impossible.

Water is caring and always happy to be of service to its partner. Even if his partner did not ask him about it, he quickly accepts changes and new beginnings and treats others well. He is the initiator of the union. As for the focused and determined Air, this person values stability and independence, doesn't ask for help unless asked, and won't jump into a love union like a whirlpool. For some time, the Air will look closely at the partner, and only after weighing all the pros and cons will it begin to act. But he is more comfortable alone, while the Water takes a strong family with a permanent partner as its goal. This feature is their fundamental difference.

Compatibility in bed: Get to know Cancer and Aquarius sexual perspectives

In the intimate sphere, these people are not an ideal combination, and they do not try to become one, but they can spontaneously feel mutual attraction to each other. As opposites attract, they will always be able to complement and be surprised by a partner's dissimilarity. Air is inherently active and inventive as a lover, while Water is sensual and emotional. Therefore, in the bedroom, there can be a short-lived firework of passions and a sea of pleasures.

Water needs a slow romantic intimacy with immersion in feelings, creating a trusting environment. But she is ready to give in and go on bold experiments to bring joy to his partner. In sex, the erotic component is essential for Air. Otherwise, the Air will lose interest and go looking for other options for sexual entertainment.

Compatibility of friendship between Active Aquarius and pensive Cancer and average: the difference in values

In a friendly feeling, tandem members are good not together but separately. We can observe their best qualities in interaction with other people. They are equally warm to those they have chosen but have different ideas about maintaining a friendship. Water is accustomed to patronizing, surrounded with attention, and is ready for a lot for the sake of the love union. And for Air, independence is above all, and they often do not consider a partner's interests. For example, he can turn off his phone for the whole day, and friends will not be able to reach him to ask for help. Therefore, astrologers do not believe in a long, strong friendship between these two. But, as we know, there are always exceptions to the rule. In the end, you can look for more understanding friends among other representatives. Water prefers to avoid trading in small things, but sometimes this is the only way to find like-minded people.

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Are soft Cancer and original Aquarius an excellent match to become soulmates?

It is known from science that these people do not communicate well with representatives of other elements. But, of course, no one will dare to predict a complete failure for them only according to the stars' forecasts. But for success, they will have to put more effort into building and strengthening the union. Whether they want to do it is the question. To feel the kinship of souls, Water should become more practical and easier to relate to his partner, loosen control and not take all independent manifestations of the Air to heart. Listen to your feelings, open your heart, and consider other people's interests. If they succeed, then anything is possible.

Potential problems: how to avoid tense relationships in situations where you are Aquarius and Cancer

It is the beginning of a romantic story that can become the main problem in the union of these people. After the first meeting, they may disperse and not even want to call to find out how things are going. To move on, they must understand that the partner has the right to be original and get used to his behavior. What else matters? The Water should learn from time to time to switch to some of their affairs when Air needs privacy and space for reflection. And the Air needs to get used to the mood swings of the Water partner. Not an easy task, but solving puzzles is one of those passions inherent in Air.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius reach Emotional agreement

Creating a strong bond, in this case, is a difficult moment. Air and water partners seem to be beating their heads against the wall. The first is aloof and seemingly indifferent, while the second is hypersensitive and highly emotional. However, Water is well aware of their feelings and expresses them without hesitation, and he is ready to share his experiences with a partner. And he believes that this is the basis for a long, comfortable interaction in a couple.

On the other hand, Aquarians have a more challenging time sharing their feelings. The Air needs absolute trust in the person to whom he will open his soul. In a critical situation, emotional Water sobs and throws tantrums. While the partner, restrained by the nature of the person of Air, is more likely to hide personal feelings away, soberly assess the situation, and find the right solution without taking into account the opinions of others. And then suspicious Water may be afraid that the partner does not give a damn, but in reality, everything is far from it. If partners are willing to learn from each other, they can have a successful tandem.

Compatibility in work: finally, a good forecast for Aquarius and Cancer

There is excellent news! Of all the spheres of life, the union has good harmony only in business. And it's understandable why. Both the pair are creative individuals with rich imaginations. And if the idea captivates them, then the creation of an exciting business project can be a reasonably successful undertaking. But, of course, the main thing is calculating financial risks and relying on something other than the incendiary idea itself.

Air will bring peace and discipline to him, sort everything out and help Water descend from heaven. But if the Air uses only intellect, the water partner can feel intuitively and deeply. Premonitions rarely deceive him. Therefore, Airs highly values such companions and helps them succeed, no matter how bold the project is. If Water is initially set up only for love affairs, then Air can trick it into working for itself, using it for its purposes. And while the representative of Water serves the air partner faithfully, he can be given hope and promised mountains of gold. Most of the time, this works, although it could be fairer.

They should communicate at a level of intelligence without getting close. Then, profit they will be able to share and multiply. But regaining trust will be much more complicated if the partner has already disappointed. Therefore, much depends on the people themselves, but it is better to consider the differences.

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