How to know if your girlfriend is cheating - tips and tricks for exposing

Table of contents:

  1. What should I do if there has been adultery?
  2. Tips for reconciliation
  3. How to catch cheating and end a lie
  4. What to say to an unfaithful girl in the end?

Scientifically, it has been found that the human brain, in the process of evolution, does not perceive cheating as something contradictory while having a strong bond with one person and having sex with another. The reason for this is the general liberation and sexual revolution. Insatiability in all spheres of life has influenced the female sex, so they have become more daring in manifesting their desires and following their call.

how to know if your girlfriend is cheating

The leading causes of cheating can be considered availability, genetics, income differential, the proximity of the anniversary of their life together, phases of the menstrual cycle, distrust of the partner, dissatisfaction with sexual energy, disappointment, revenge of treason for treason, new love and the search for new sensations.

Increasingly, relationships are forged between coworkers where the very circumstances are most favorable. That is, the "window of opportunity" is open. Such cases of cheating have a high percentage of probability for those couples who have no familiar friends or acquaintances and have different professions or hobbies. 

Genetic predisposition to infidelity is related to the influence of the pleasure hormone on receptors influenced by specific genes.

Scientists have found that a significant difference in income between partners provokes cheating on the part of the one who brings less money as an intuitive compensation for his inferiority. Yet, strangely enough, the concept of adultery differs for both sexes: the woman is concerned about the emotional aspect of what happened (for her sex is secondary, her man mustn't be romantically attracted to the other partner), while the man is concerned about the physical aspect.

A widespread problem is the growing estrangement of a loving couple because of "incompatibility in bed." Unwillingness and fear of discussing dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere will shortly negate the union of a man and a woman.

To find out if your mate is faithful to you, you should pay attention to the following things: the amount of time spent together has decreased dramatically; calls infrequently and answers dryly; ignores messages; ceased to be the initiator of mutual plans; does not show tenderness and avoids frankness; became noticeably silent and aloof; avoids intimacy; stopped sharing personal life; when you ask her for help and support, she looks for excuses.

The presence of the above circumstances in her behavior is a wrong signal! You should clarify everything without delay and talk frankly. If the girl cheated, it means one of the reasons mentioned above was to blame. It is better to ask her directly to understand whether you gave a reason for this or it was her conscious decision. If you are unsure about the adultery – do not chop without looking; sort everything out calmly and without haste!

What should I do if there has been adultery?

It does not indicate treason if you catch your chosen one communicating with another guy. But for most men, adultery is coquetry and flirting, not to mention intimacy with a rival! So, not to make a mistake and not to accuse the girl in vain, discuss the situation. Get your position to agree. Unsuccessful – it's better to stay friends. There is a desire to stay together – make it for her to be more enjoyable with you than with others. Conquer with your intelligence!

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Analyze the reason for your girlfriend's desire to be seen by men. It often happens that subconsciously, having received a childhood psychological trauma, a person commits acts not peculiar to him. So for the female half of humanity, it is not uncommon to have long-standing problems with the father carried over into adulthood. Trying to compensate for this, there are men whose appreciation and attention are necessary. As her chosen one, you should recognize the root cause of this behavior and come to your beloved to help! Change your attitude to such a craving for communication with the opposite sex, and perhaps you are also to blame for all of this. Remember how you behave with your girlfriends: do you discuss frank topics with them, hug them, go to their Internet page, etc.? The infidelity in question may be revenge on you personally. If yes – do not be surprised; start with yourself, change, think about the feelings of loved ones, and then they will be your mooring and support for years!

Don't be tormented by speculation! Only a meaningful and frank conversation will set the record straight.

When the reason for cheating is a conscious choice of the girl, then let her go, don't waste time, realize the lesson, and move on. Instead, find the strength to part in a civilized way – without insults and offenses, whatever it was, and keep respect for each other.

In those cases where you caught your beloved cheating, and not from the words of third parties, find the strength to contain the agony, to leave without proceedings! It will help to keep your dignity and not do anything stupid. In such circumstances, you will not be able to talk or hear. Only after the storm of emotions has subsided, demand an explanation and decide about the future and whether it will be together. Perhaps your chosen one does not love you more or dare to say so. Stay calm, and do not blame what happened; it can not be fixed. Think about whether to forgive, give a second chance, or can protect yourself from the condemnation of the one with whom you plan a family. Take a break in the relationship to determine whether feelings are alive and what to do next. Answer yourself the question: what is the likelihood that this case will be a smooth process on the way to mutual understanding in the future? If you feel that you are not ready to carry such a burden – do not try to start all over again; let go, beloved, if both do not have the strength to correct mistakes. Let the past be a lesson to build a happy future with the person who will appreciate you!

If your girlfriend cheats, there is almost no chance of keeping the love. Men are possessive, and they are not capable of forgetting such a transgression. Therefore, most couples collapse at this stage. However, it is necessary to break up correctly so that both sides learn the lesson. Express your feelings so that your guilty half realizes the reason for what happened and cannot shift the blame and responsibility for the breakup on you.

Read the continuation if you want to turn things around and forget about the betrayal!

Tips for reconciliation

If you get cheated on, it's not a reason to give up on the relationship. Here are some tips aimed at reconciliation and recognizing mistakes made. First, don't be too harsh; give yourself time to think about what to do next. Second, you can find out how the one you cheated on feels (this is a chance for those who still love). Third, discuss your relationship and the betrayal itself (it is worth discovering the reasons that prompted it). Third, try to restore the former passion (let feelings take over and prove your love in action). Finally, agree to be faithful to each other.

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It is necessary to sincerely let your partner know how valuable your relationship is, and do not be afraid to discuss what is unsatisfactory. It will help dispel doubts and trust each other more than before. However, to rehabilitate, repentance alone is not enough! What matters is not good intentions but the desire and ability to restrain themselves from the possibility of finding themselves in an ambiguous situation. In most cases, the other half can support and help resist the temptation to cross the line. The joint overcoming of obstacles on the way to a happy and healthy relationship will strengthen the lovers' bond for real.

How to catch cheating and end a lie

Are you troubled by doubts about the transparency of your relationship with your beloved? Intuition, like a worm, is sharpening your heart, hinting at betrayal.

Pay attention to the girl's behavior if she doesn't let her phone out of her hands, clears her browsing history after using the computer, or secretly corresponds with someone from you. You need to make sure that you are being lied to.

It is necessary to perform the following actions to gather evidence of lies. First, you can install a location app on her phone anytime. Then, discreetly add your fingerprint in the settings to access the correspondence. After working on a computer or other device, look in the trash folder or cloud storage, which can tell you the user's actions. Next, install hidden cameras and other recording devices where the suspect is present. Finally, set up surveillance yourself or through a private investigator. It is not the whole list of possibilities to expose the dishonesty of your girlfriend. However, it would be best if you remembered that such methods are an extreme measure when a frank conversation cannot be arranged and confusion remains.

What to say to an unfaithful girl in the end?

After breaking off such a relationship with a partner, wish all the best with words. Do not despair: focus on self-development, learn new things, take vacations, make acquaintances with interesting people, and change jobs. Remember that new romantic feeling that will eventually arise will undoubtedly help you create a strong family, thanks to the experience you have gained!

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