From nervous to confident: how to act on a first date with grace

Table of contents:

  1. Uninhibited behavior
  2. You may be nervous
  3. Place to meet
  4. Comfortable clothes
  5. Flowers: old-fashioned or stylish?
  6. Cool macho behavior
  7. The presence of common interests
  8. Less thinking
  9. Topics of conversation
  10. Telling your story
  11. The pleasure of the first meeting
  12. Who pays for the banquet?
  13. Lack of attraction
  14. Not ready to start a new relationship
  15. Kissing on the first date
  16. Possibility of a second date

So, this is the exciting moment: you have made an appointment for a charming person on a first date. And a lot of questions immediately arise in your mind. Where should it take place? What is the best way to look - friendly and disposable, like your boyfriend, or respectable, to earn respect from the first minutes? Do you need to continue the walk with dinner, and what is appropriate to order? How do you behave to leave a good impression? Will there be a second date afterward?

how to act on a first date

Before you go to a long-awaited meeting, we recommend reading the presented material. Our tips will bring you good luck!

Uninhibited behavior

You've probably heard more than once that being yourself is the right thing to do. This is the most crucial recommendation; it depends on the likelihood of continuing your relationship. Do not try to play with the other person, so if you mislead the girl, she will make the wrong impression about you. And not necessarily in your favor. Just be yourself and allow your partner to look into your inner world. And already on the first date, it will become clear whether the relationship is worth further development.

You may be nervous

This is a perfectly normal reaction. You are meeting this person for the first time; you want to like them. You're afraid of making a stupid joke or responding inappropriately. There's no need to get upset. Take a few deep breaths and exhale. And set yourself up that this is just a date, not a contract for your life. You're meeting to have a great time and to get to know each other.

Place to meet

Where is the best place to meet? There are many options. It largely depends on your and your partner's preferences. If an active lifestyle unites you - invite her to a rock climbing wall, a golf club, or tennis. Just remember to warn about the form of clothing. Undoubtedly, after the physical activity, you will feel a sense of hunger, and your feet will take you to a cafe; you should be prepared for this. It is not recommended to invite the lady to your home. First, it can scare her. Secondly, if you do not know what the companion is, it may not be safe.

Comfortable clothes

Are you going through your closet, doubting what to wear? Take this advice: wear clothes that are comfortable for you. Of course, this does not mean you can go to the restaurant in a tracksuit. The main thing is that the chosen style should be focused on communicating with your chosen one. Once you have identified the place for the date, start selecting the clothes. For a walk in the park, suit a T-shirt and jeans; for a more formal event, choose a classic combination.

Flowers: old-fashioned or stylish?

Do I give my girlfriend flowers on the first date? Now it is believed that this is old-fashioned. But if you buy a modest bouquet, it will create a romantic atmosphere. You do not need to buy a luxurious set; a simple sign of attention will suffice. In addition, the girl should be comfortable walking around with flowers.

Cool macho behavior

how to act on a first date with a girlThis is one of the most common mistakes on a first date. Do you want to wow the lady and act like a tough guy? You don't want to do that. Instead, behave naturally - this will help you relax quickly and enjoy the conversation. Don't doubt; your lady will also be more comfortable with a calm and balanced person. You don't want to disappoint her the first time you meet her.

The presence of common interests

You must have had some communication before the date: on the phone or online. You may have run into each other in familiar companies. It is good to specify mutual expectations before the date tactfully. It is optional to ask what you want directly, but unpleasant surprises will need to be put in the right place. For example, you want to have fun, and your chosen one is considering a father for his future children. It will look rather strange.

Less thinking

Of course, on the first date, you will try to weigh every word for fear of offending the lady. Please don't overdo it. As you start a conversation with a nice person, try to be genuine and sincere. In other words, you should relax and be yourself. The tension associated with the fear of saying the wrong thing may seem suspicious to the lady. She may question your feelings. The two of you will not enjoy communicating.

Topics of conversation

How to start an engaging conversation? The most important thing is not to be nervous. Your task is to get to know each other. But this does not mean you must shower your chosen one with questions. Instead, relax and start a casual conversation. Do not insert a word or joke immediately if there is a pause. Try to avoid controversial topics. If you feel in your element, the subject of conversation will arise by itself. Is this your lady's first time in your city? Show her the sights, tell her a story. She'll be interested. You can ask her to tell you about her family, her profession, and her hobbies. During the narration, you will form an opinion about her character.

Telling your story

One of the biggest misconceptions is your fear of giving away information about yourself. Feel free to talk about your hobbies. If you're too reserved, your chosen one may think she doesn't like you. She also wants to know as much about you as possible. Tell her what you prefer to do if you're into soccer - invite her to a match. Try to find joint passions; perhaps you want to go somewhere together, watch a movie or visit the zoo. Do you like extreme sports? Tell your date about it; you'll immediately see her attitude. Are you a fan of books? Ask what the last book she read was and what her impressions were. Try to avoid religious questions, mainly if you belong to different faiths.

The pleasure of the first meeting

With all the excitement and worries, your main goal is still to get satisfaction from a pleasant time. In the communication process, you will realize how suitable you are for each other—no need to worry in advance. Just have a fun time. At a minimum, you will have a pleasant day. At best, you'll be able to continue communicating with the lady.

Informal communication will give you much more enjoyable moments than trying to pass yourself off as someone else. Many people, not just you, wonder how to behave on a first date. The most popular ones are presented below.

Who pays for the banquet?

It's hard to give an answer that's acceptable to everyone. Many factors influence this: your culture, surroundings, and so on. If you prefer to pay the bill yourself, that's a great solution. If splitting the cost in half - warn your date so that an unpleasant situation doesn't arise. Maybe the lady herself will want to pay her part, in which case you don't need to discourage her.

Lack of attraction

how to act on a first date with a womanIt can happen on a first date, too! You saw your life partner and didn't feel anything? Do not be upset. You may become good buddies. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of spending a beautiful day in a new society. A new acquaintance is sure to bring you a lot of pleasant impressions.

Not ready to start a new relationship

This is a normal state. It's impossible to always be in the mood for tumultuous romances. But, honestly, tell the companion so as not to give her false hopes. She will decide what to do: to wait until you change your mind or to look for a new relationship.

Kissing on the first date

Do you want to kiss a lady but are afraid of how she will take it? Of course, during the date, you will be able to feel whether you should do it that way. There is no single answer. It depends on the culture, religious affiliation, age, etc. Try to touch the chosen one as if, by chance, checking her reaction. After that, you can understand whether the first kiss is necessary.

Possibility of a second date

Did you have a great time and want to do it again? Don't hesitate to ask the lady to meet again. On a second date, the behavior will be more relaxed, and more topics will be discussed. If the first meeting did not impress you, no one would forcibly make you repeat it. 

We hope you have read the article to the end and decided to remember some tips to try out in practice. It's not as scary as it may seem because you have already passed the university admission committee and were hired after the interview. Indeed, you should have a positive experience in the selection before the other candidates. Let this fact give you courage. Remember that the most important thing for you is to have an exciting day at your new company. Share positive emotions, unobtrusively give your companion a good mood. And who knows, it will bring you a new relationship that will be happy!

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